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Occam McChib
Hoaxtead has always threatened and bullied people and it doesn’t matter how much Karen plays the big boy did it and ran away thing, its the very fact they pointblank refuse to take steps against those who do that on their behalf and in their name even when they know exactly who is responsible. Years back one of them was reported to the police for saying they would go to the cops and make up a rape threat against a guy, well the guy in question was a real pro journo not a wannabe like their lot and called their bluff and took the whole shebang to the cops. Did Karen or Scarlet distance themself from any of that? Did they call it out and shout it down? No! they just swept it under the carpet and the person in question still stayed central to the group still is AFAIK. Hoaxtead is just part of the scam industry its like when you see a boxing match promoted and they put both sides to snarl at each other and wind the crowd up. Without two sides there is no drama and drama is all its about. If they wanted to minimise harm to the kids why start regurgitating all the gory detail umpteen times? Going over it once is maybe acceptable then refer back to what you’ve put on record but that’s not what they’re doing. time and time and time gain it repeated for the entertainment of their audience, they’re no different from the perves Abe Christie was aiming his videos at in the first place as the judge said its the sort of thing certain types of perverts enjoy, little kids talking dirty. Its one way pedos get round the law on making images of child abuse. And now we have it all repeated and gored over on video as Karen tries to big herself up playing the Agatha Christie mrs investigator role. You do know she was once a crime writer 20 odd years ago and all this smells of self promotion to me too much of her trying to pretend she’s a real life detective type. Same with the pretend journalists and psychologists and other codfish kidons that make up the Hoaxtead mob. They’re not interested in getting to the truth of anything either. Happy to use the likes of Disney (evil cow) and push mad mental wasted Neelu closer and closer to the edge. But FFS don’t try and draw attention to how they link together from the old days, where McKenzie fits in and how they link to other know crims and other hoaxes and scams some going back 30 odd years. The original hampstead hoax was ‘kin ludicrous and fooled only the most brain dead of loonies because that’s who Christie was targeting his scam at. The thing that has and still does keep it going is Karen Irvine, her bunch of merry chancers and wannabes and her self promoting blog!

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