‘Cinderella’ ABUSED

‘Cinderella’ schoolgirl, 13, who hanged herself after running away from home had to wash every pot in the house and was banned from celebrating her birthday, inquest hears

Schoolgirl, 13, who hanged herself after fleeing home was 'lively' in lessons

Amber Peat (top) ran away from her home in Nottingham when she was ordered to clean out a cool box after returning from a family holiday to Cornwall. An inquest into her death heard she was ordered to ‘wash every pot in the house’ and that she had previously run away but her parents had been too busy to look for her as their ‘dog was in labour’. Amber had also made to sit in the corner and not speak to anyone when the family visited her stepfather’s mother, the court was told. The inquest at Nottingham Coroner’s Court has previously been told Amber’s mother Kelly (bottom left) and stepfather Daniel (bottom right) did not report her missing for almost eight hours.

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