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Convicted murderer is granted bail

 Friday 16 August 2013

THREE Scottish judges have granted bail to an Albanian citizen who was convicted of murder in his homeland in his absence.

Lord Menzies, Lord Glennie and Lady Dorrian allowed Fatjon Kapri, 33, to be released from custody at Edinburgh’s Court of Criminal Appeal yesterday.

Kapri is fighting extradition to Albania over his June 2010 conviction there for murder. He alleges he did not receive a fair trial as he was not present to contest the charges. He also claims the legal system is corrupt.  Source

Can you believe that?
A murderer given bail whilst the government are trying to extradite the cunt – who doesn’t want to go… Moreover, to make sure that he doesn’t do a runner he has to present himself at the local nick ONCE a fucking week… Or put another way, a potential 7 day headstart.
Course, there was no rush for him to have it on his toes… If he decides to obviously.
I mean, its nice to be with your family at Christmas and lets face it, he’s had from august last year to sometime this month to make all the arrangements if he wanted to do a runner with a SEVEN day head fucking start… You know, to sort a nice safe house and all that.
They must be very trusting and sympathetic those Scottish judges, that all I can say.
And then there is this:

Doorman Ian Grant murder: Cambridge man bailed

Ian Grant
PHOTO: Ian Grant
A man arrested on suspicion of the murder of a doorman who was shot in the back of the head in 1995, has been released on bail. The body of Ian Grant, 24, of Cherry Hinton, Cambridgeshire, was found on wasteland near Fulbourn Hospital.
Police re-opened the inquiry last week after forensic evidence described as a “significant breakthrough” came to light. A 49-year-old arrested in Cambridge on Monday has been bailed until 18 March.
Mr Grant’s body was found shortly after midnight on 15 November 1995.  Source
And the cunt isn’t in court until March of this year?
This can’t be the norm surely?
“Oh yeah, quite normal these days mate. Check this one from last month”.
Ello Voicey… I’m fucking speechless mate.

Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Bosham Murder Granted Bail

A 22-YEAR-OLD man who was arrested on suspicion of murdering an artist in a waterside mansion has been released on bail.
As previously reported, he was arrested on Tuesday after Valerie Graves, 55, was found dead at the £1.6m property in Smugglers Lane, Bosham, on Monday, December 30.
She and other members of her family had been house sitting while the owners were away over Christmas.
The man has been given conditional bail until Tuesday, February, 17.  Source
Course, you just know that if say for instance an old wrinkly was up on a murder charge, he would be put on remand in somewhere like Jean Marsh Belmarsh until his trial date came up… You know I’m fucking right Voicey, fuck me, even if it was an old bird, she’d still be having Porridge for breakfast.
Its all fucking wro…
“Don’t talk like a cunt Spiv… Check this one out”:

Grandmother granted bail by judge in Deighton attempted murder case

29 Nov 2013 11:00

Joanne Bray, 44, faces the charge along with her son Steven Evans, 20, of the attempted murder of Andrew Yates, 43, at her address in Keldregate, Deighton

Mind you, they gave that nice Winston Silcott bail whilst he was awaiting his third murder trial – that is to say they did  until he got caught up in that Broadwater Farm riot thingy and in the aftermath he was accused of stabbing that plod squad bod, Keith Blakelock.
“Yeah, well there is a limit Spiv”.
Is there Voicey?
I mean that fella whose currently up in court now and again for the murder of Blakelock is still walking the streets in between the odd court appearance here and there.
And then there are the nonces.
Everyone knows that they always give predatory paedophiles bail before sending them to prison and you know what they say about child rapists Voicey… Once a paedo always a paedo.
I mean in all honesty they really actually do let these nonce fuckers out on bail, Voicey!
“As was the case with Graham Ovenden, Rofl Harris, the cast of Coronation Street and Stuart ‘fuck‘ Hall, Spiv!”
Exactly… And thats if they send them to prison at all Voicey… I mean you know how they always get off.
“Yes on kids Spiv, hence they are called paedophiles”.
Bad taste mate. Bad fucking taste.
Mind you, I must admit that you have some fucking front you.
Course, I’m fucked if I know how you get away with it… I certainly couldn’t!
Is it the law, Voicy?… Is it? Because if it is then its just the law being a girl!
“Look Spiv. Click on the link HERE . It goes to a legal site which tells you all about bail”.
Thanks… I’ll read it later.
But it seems to me to be a case of no cunt getting remanded in Prison anymore Voicey.
“Course they do you bald headed twat”!
As if they do… Go on then – name me one… Just one?
“Robert Green”.
Huh? I thought they said yesterday that he would just be “detained” for 12 hours.
You know, like they do in all proper Police States these days… What the fuck did he do though; murder that Angelo Panini or whatever the fuck his name is?
“Fuck no Spiv… Robert wouldn’t kill him or any one else for that matter… He’s a good man is Robert, a very brave man of honour… Kill Angelo Dundee? Or Aberdeen or wherever he is being held… You fucking crack me up Spiv, you really do”.
Thanks… I think. So tell me? “Mild mannered” Robert? Sixty four years old isn’t he?
“Is he Spiv? Or is he 68?”
Could well be.
I mean you know its pointless asking me Voicey. I’ve lost track of how old I am never mind anyone else… Think I’m 42 next.
“Course ya did ya vain twat”!
“HUH, what did you say then”?
“Dog forbid, mah rain hat… I forgot to bring it and it looks like rain. Why what do you think I said Spiv”?
It doesn’t matter, c’mon lets go get it… So, what are they charging Robert with Voicey?
“Telling the truth as far as I’m aware”.
“Thought so. They treating him well?
“Oh the usual, y’know… as far as I’m aware”.
So, that will be no solicitor, solitary confinement, and not allowed to speak to anyone from his family… That kind of thing?
“I don’t fucking know! Why don’t cha read that article down there”?
I might do… Where did it come from?
Prajna Pranab Spiv”.
Top man he is, I will read it right now… Off you fuck Voicey.
Justice for Hollie Greig

Update on Robert Green Arrest and Remand Perth

For immediate release and wide distribution to all free media and mainstream media worldwide
Robert green appeared in Aberdeen Sheriffs Court late afternoon yesterday and has been remanded in custody in Perth Prison until a new hearing takes place on 21st February 2014 – again at Aberdeen Sheriffs Court. It is understood that Bail was strongly opposed by the Procurator Fiscal’s Scotland Office under the leadership of Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland QC. Mulholland is the successor to Elish Angiolini who is believed to be the principal party in the case against Robert Green’s campaign for justice for abuse victim Hollie Greig.
Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland is the ministerial head of COPFS the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, leading the system of criminal prosecutions and the investigation of deaths. He is the senior of the two Law Officers, along with the Solicitor General for Scotland. Both are appointed by the Queen on the recommendation of the First Minister, with the agreement of the Scottish Parliament.
COPFS claims to play a pivotal part in the justice system, working with others to make Scotland safe from crime, disorder and danger. “The public interest is at the heart of all we do as independent prosecutors. We take into account the diverse needs of victims, witnesses, communities and the rights of those accused of crime. We support the Strategy for Justice in Scotland and, in particular, its priorities of: Reducing crime, particularly violent and serious organised crime, Tackling hate crime and sectarianism, Supporting victims and witnesses, and Increasing public confidence and reducing fear of crime.”
These claims appear to fly in the face of the key point of Robert Green’s campaign for justice for abuse victim Hollie Grieg; that Scottish police failed to investigate abusers named by Hollie to family members and during her own police interview. Yet Hollie was declared a reliable and trustworthy witness by both professionals and Scottish police.
Having been denied a lawyer sourced by his family it is understood that a Scottish Panel lawyer Peter Keen attended Robert as his defence lawyer. Keen replaced a Michael Allen who was first nominated from the Panel. It is not know if Allen either stood down or was taken off the case. Family members received no information from the Scottish Justice Department regarding the timing of the case nor did they receive satisfactory information from Aberdeen Sheriffs Court about the exact timing of Robert’s hearing. No family members attended and it is not known if any members of the public or press were present. It appears highly unlikely that any members of the public would have been aware of the case and equally unlikely they could have attended in time. The Robert Green case would therefore appear to have been heard within another secret Scottish Justice hearing within the very Aberdeen Court system that is itself linked to historic aspects of the Hollie Greig abuse case.
Sheriff McDonald presided over this latest case against Robert. Sources close to the case allege that McDonald was specially drafted in from Dundee as Aberdeen Sheriffs refused to be involved with the trial. The UKColum is awaiting further information concerning the reluctance of Aberdeen Sheriffs to be involved with this high profile case.
Robert has recently released new information on his blog concerning the failure of the Scottish Legal system, together with an expose of activities and professional standing of members of the Scottish based ‘Violate’ S&M club, and he has consistently alleged that former Procurator Fiscal Elish Angiolini and other key figures failed to take proper action within the Hollie Grieg case. Robert has also been highly critical of the BBC which originally examined evidence, agreed that Hollie’s case was valid and serious, but then pulled a documentary on her abuse. Such action appears to fit the BBC cover-up which has now been exposed in relation to prolific paedophile Jimmy Savile. BBC reporters also withdrew from investigations into the sexual and physical abuse of youngsters at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College, having failed to meet victims in person and see witness statements first hand.
Sources close to the Robert Green case believe it was Robert’s latest blog posts that resulted in his arrest and the searching of his family home under charges of breaching a Non-Harassment Order. It appears personal belongings such as computers and mobile phone were taken by the police during his arrest. Computers and phones taken from Robert’s Cheshire home by Scottish Police in previous raids have never been returned – contrary to the law. The seizures denied Robert material for his defence and evidence to support his accusations of a cover-up. It now appears that the authorities are again desperate to find sufficient ‘evidence’ to silence Robert in his campaign to expose child abuse and the failing of the Scottish Justice system to protect youngsters.
Robert can be held on remand for a maximum of 150 days.
Members of the public who are concerned at the failure of the Scottish Legal System and Scottish Police to fully investigate the Hollie Greig abuse case, and are concerned for Robert Green’s treatment, safety and well-being should contact the relevant authorities. Already of great public interest, we would also encourage the public to spread details of Robert’s case a widely as possible.
As always we encourage that all approaches to the relevant authorities are suitably robust in content and concerns, but also polite, calm and reasonable.
The UK Column is grateful for all and any information relating to Robert Green’s case and the cover-up of child abuse within the UK.
Contact details are:
Police Scotland – +44 1786 289 070 (International callers) or 01786 289 070
Perth Prison – Address: 3 Edinburgh Rd, Perth PH2 8AT – Phone:01738 622293″


  1. teerev
    Feb 15, 2014 @ 21:57:02
    You missed one..
    A HAYLE man has been accused of raping a girl when he was aged between 12 and 15.
    Anthony Bennett, 20, of Penmare Terrace, faces 13 charges of raping a girl or girls aged under 13 between September 2006 and August 2009.
    At Truro Magistrates Court on Thursday, he entered no pleas and the case was sent to Truro Crown Court for a preliminary hearing on March 11.
    Bennett was granted unconditional bail.
    Read more:
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    • teerev
      Feb 15, 2014 @ 22:09:58
      Not everything is reported in the main msn rags,so i think if we share the important things that we come across in our local rags which can give us some golden nuggets of info,we can build a bigger picture of what goes on!
      Regards and much love
      Teerev x
  2. Paul
    Feb 15, 2014 @ 23:16:38
    The Hollie Hoax mob did a very professional job in destroying the Hollie Demands Justice campaign by sewing innumerable seeds of well-aimed doubt in supporters minds. Hardly surprising if the judiciary pick off Green and other surviving protagonists at their leisure knowing that any chance at mass support has been lost due to the MI6 hoax campaign, which drew in many internet profiled erstwhile supporters, HPANWO as an example

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