Dear Jim

Dear Jim

Chris Spivey

Below is a copy of the email that I have sent to my MP James Duddridge. The contents of which are self explanatory.
Dear James,
My name is Christopher Spivey and it is with a degree of bemusement that I find myself writing to you in your capacity as my MP. I do however, see little point in dwelling on what I do and why I am contacting you since I feel it safe to assume that you will already know the answer to both.

You see, I have today been informed by many of my readers that they have now had a response from your Ms Hannah Brown addressing the concerns my readers have in regard to the totally unacceptable harassment, provocation, intimidation and barely concealed threats that I have been subjected to by officers from the Southend police force along with social workers from Castle Point District Council.
I do have to say however, that I am somewhat disappointed to note that those who took the time and trouble to write to you have all received the same automated, limp response given mind to the very serious nature of their concerns – indeed, even more so when you take into consideration that it has taken nearly a month for your office to finally get around to responding to those decent, moral-minded, tax paying citizens who took the time to write to you.
I will remind you that Ms Brown’s woeful response was as follows:

Thank you for your email regarding Chris Spivey.
I am afraid that due to Data Protection James is unable to correspond with anyone other than Mr Spivey regarding his situation, without written authority from Mr Spivey himself. James is yet to receive direct correspondence from Mr Spivey regarding this situation but has contacted Essex Police for an update.
Thank you once again for your email.

And therein lies the source of my bemusement.
You see despite living in your constituency for well over 30 years, you – or your office on your orders – steadfastly refuse to even acknowledge receipt of my e-mails, let alone furnish me with a response to them, despite the fact that I could in no way be considered to be a ‘nuisance’ or ‘pest’ who contacts you with trivialities on a weekly basis.
I therefore found it rather amusing that Ms Browns response to my readers mentions the fact that I have not so far contacted “James”.
Indeed James – under the circumstances – I feel the need to say that I find your obvious disinterest in my case a gross dereliction of duty.
Now, I can fully understand your reasons for not liking me and indeed the feeling is somewhat mutual which is why I did not and would not vote for you.
Never the less, you are still my MP and as such it is your duty to act on my behalf.
And at the end of the day, your dislike for me can only be borne out of my abhorrence for the political system of which you are a part and my scathing criticism of the country’s MP’s, of which you are one – despite that abhorrence of mine being based on solid foundation.
For example, I find your adoration of Margaret Thatcher a gross insult to victims of CSA, when you consider her extreme closeness to Jimmy Savile and the shocking stories now breaking in the MSM about the Thatcher Cabinet, that has in reality been common knowledge amongst people like myself for years.
And whilst it is easy for ‘gatekeepers’ such as David Mellor – a man whose well publicized past exploits qualify him as anything other than The Right honorable – to dismiss these stories as being “tittle-tattle about the dead”, I would personally publicly denounce the obnoxious man for such crass, dismissive, sweeping statements.
After all, there is no denying that the police knew all about Jimmy Savile’s obscene activities as far back as the 1950’s. Likewise, there is no denying that Sir Peter Morrison was a ‘wrong-un’ as testified to by Edwina Currie, a ‘wrong-un’ in herself for putting her career before the safety of children – as evidenced by her failure to publicly denounce Morrison until after his death.
Moreover, you have to ask yourself who gave Jimmy savile the keys to Broadmoor Hospital. Or are you going to try and tell me that the security services were not aware of the perverted necrophiliacs indiscretions? And that’s not to mention Derek Laud and Alistair McAlpine, both of whom declined to sue Scallywag magazine over allegations of paedophilia.
And then there is Leon Brittan and Harvey Proctor, both of whom were still very much alive last time I looked.
Indeed, even Thomas Simmons, the policeman who protected Thatcher – and is still alive today as far as I know – was/is a paedophile.
Therefore, I am far from inclined to dismiss articles such as the one that appeared in the Daily Mail in July of this year as being anything other than “tittle tattle”:

Senior Tory politicians took part in drink and drug-fuelled sex parties with underage boys during seaside conferences, it was claimed today.
Former activist Anthony Gilberthorpe says he was handed cash and told to ‘fetch entertainment’ – code for young boys – by members of Margaret Thatcher’s government. Read More
Yet the reality of the situation is that any attempt on the governments behalf to investigate such allegations – of which the above only scratch the surface – fall down before any such investigation even begins, due to your party members deliberately, and quite blatantly attempting to have the investigation whitewashed by first appointing the likes of Baroness Butler-Sloss and then replacing her with Fiona Woolf.
Indeed, returning to Margaret Thatcher we can now link her sell off of the country’s council housing stock to the chronic shortage in social housing available today, which has resulted in a record number of children now living in temporary housing and classed as homeless.
Moreover, Thatcher single-handedly crushed the Unions, an act that has now led to people having to work more hours than ever before just to earn enough money to keep their heads above water. Indeed, millions of these people have no job security whatsoever due to the introduction of zero hour contracts… Hardly my idea of a great leader and hardly my idea of progress.
And then there are the unemployed.
Indeed, I see from your tweets James that you are proud of the fact that unemployment is falling in your Rochford & Southend East constituency.
However, I would suggest to you that this is not the case at all.
Indeed, the draconian – not to mention questionably legal – tightening of the rules surrounding qualification for JSA and ESA, brought in by the clearly ‘unhinged’, Iain Duncan Smith has led to the fall in these figures via stealth, which has in turn led to thousands of ‘food banks’ cropping up throughout the country on a seemingly weekly basis, needed in order to stop people from starving to death.
Indeed, with that in mind James, I would be interested to hear why you support and actively partake in the outrageous expenses afforded to the country’s politicians which allows you to claim for such things as TV Licenses, home decoration and indeed the payment of your second mortgages. Indeed, you MP’s can hardly claim to deserve such privilege when we have a record number of children without a house to call home, let alone two, of which the second one is paid for by the public.
I would venture further still by saying that an MP whose Council cannot afford to have the street lights on all night, cannot afford to empty the dustbins more than once a fortnight, and cannot afford to fix huge craters in the roads such as the one that almost burst my cars tire yesterday afternoon points to anything other than a job well done… Where has the money gone James?
Likewise, I am disturbed by your active participation in perpetuating the hysteria surrounding the Ebola fraud in light of such damming headlines found outside of the controlled MSM, such as:

From Ghana: Ebola is not real and the only people who have gotten sick are those who got shots from the red cross Source
We’re Not Ghana Take It Source

CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS in Ebola scare. Source

The five biggest lies about Ebola being pushed by government and mass media Source

Again, that is just scratching the surface in regard to the thousands of articles reporting the true facts on Ebola.
And it is indeed because of all of the above facts (amongst others), along with the lack of help afforded to me by yourself on past matters, along with your office now refusing to so much as acknowledge my communications to you, that are the reasons that I have not contacted you personally about this most recent, extremely serious matter of mine.
Never the less, in view of Ms Browns lack-luster response to this gross violation of my human rights – of which I also note that you support the Dishonorable Prime Ministers campaign to abolish these basic laws, which offer a smidgen of protection to a nations population from an oppressive government – I am now corresponding with you directly, whilst at the same time giving you my written consent for you to respond to inquiries from any concerned supporters of mine writing to you in the future.
The facts then are as follows in regard to the appalling, undeserved, insidious violation of my human rights:
(1) My website has been targeted by the security services since September 2013. In June 2014, following the release of my damming evidence surrounding the Lee Rigby ‘murder’, the DOS attacks directed at my website rose to 4 Million per week making it impossible for anyone to access the irrefutable proof that I have put forward, making a mockery of the official narrative. The only solution to thwart these attacks was for me to upgrade to my own server at a cost of £270 per month. This effectively put a stop to the attacks.
(2) Unable to now stop people accessing my website, I was then falsely portrayed as being a “vile web troll” by the SUN Newspaper, who claimed that I was waging a hate campaign against the Rigby family. Tellingly, the smear made no mention of me being a respected journalist with a huge following, and gave no links to my website thus denying their readers the opportunity to read my evidence and make up their own minds… However, in the event the ploy backfired and indeed increased my support further.
(3) With the benefit of hindsight, I should not then have been surprised about the events that took place in the very early hours of the 31st of July 2014, where following a loud knock on my door at 1.30 AM in the morning, I found myself face to face with 4 extremely aggressive Police Officers who told me that they wanted to search my property and confiscate my computers, following an allegation made against me of Harassment.
That the police came 4 handed, without arrest or search warrant at the ridiculous time of 1.30 AM whilst knowing full well that my then 13 month old grandson and my 18-year-old daughter were on the premises was a gross violation of our human rights and an affront to the country’s legal system. You may also like to take note that:
(A)Harassment is a misdemeanor which requires two formal warnings to desist, issued by the police before more serious action can be taken. I received no such warnings.
(B) Police rules state that all searches should be carried out at a reasonable hour.
(C) Search warrants can be obtained in less than 6 hours.
(D) I have never ever contacted the Rigby’s or asked anyone to do so on my behalf.
(E) As an investigative Journalist, in pursuit of truth and justice, I have a more than adequate defence to any harassment allegation.
(F) Why did the police need to confiscate my computers? Surely if someone alleges harassment then the police need to have evidence of such to act on the complaint? However, I have not been ordered to take anything down from my website or my Facebook page. Therefore, there cannot have been any harassment as to not remove the offending articles would make me guilty of continued harassment and as such, the police were acting on a complaint with no collaborating evidence.
(4) When it became clear that the police officers had neither arrest or search warrant, I told them that they couldn’t come in. One of the officers then abused the PACE Act by arresting me under section 32. The other 3 officers then took advantage of my illegal arrest by barging past me into my home. Initially, they refused to show me a copy of Section 32, and whilst I was insisting on them doing so, one of the officers – against my expressed wishes – began a finger tip search of my daughter’s bedroom where my Grandson was asleep in his cot.  My daughter was at this stage nearly hysterical.
(5) After finally being allowed to see a copy of section 32 I immediately picked up on the fact that the police only have the authority to search an arrested persons house if that person has been arrested for an indictable offence. Harassment is not an indictable offence. Yet despite my protests, the 3 officers joined the 4th officer in the finger tip search of my daughters bedroom where my grandson was asleep in his cot.
(6) By way of comparison, I know for a fact that you James are aware that the police attended Essex Deputy Headmaster, Martin Goldsmith’s home on the 9th of September 2014 following a tip-off from the Canadian Police that Goldsmith had been caught buying child pornography. The Daily Mail had the following to say about the police visit:
The blunders were compounded when officers failed in a bid to get a search warrant from a magistrate.
So they simply visited the paedophile’s home, just over a mile from the school, and politely asked if they could examine his computer. He refused and the officers left without arresting him.
Now, unlike the misdemeanor crime of harassment, Goldsmith’s crime was an indictable offence, yet instead of using section 32 of PACE, the attending officers politely asked to look at Goldsmiths computers and when he refused they simply left, allowing Goldsmith time to try to destroy the evidence. Moreover, Goldsmith – who lived alone – did not find himself confronted by 4 extremely rude and aggressive police officers at 1.30 AM in the morning.
The facts are straight forward and as such, I demand an explanation as to why I was treated so unjustly different to someone who had committed a far more serious offence than the one that I am ‘suspected’ of having committed.
Indeed, the only conclusion that I can come to for the police’s inexcusable actions i.e. illegal arrest, trespass and STEALING of my property, which still hasn’t been returned to me, is that no magistrate would have granted the police a search warrant on the basis of an allegation of a misdemeanor, backed by no evidence whatsoever, given mind to the fact that the police had not followed due process.
(7) I was then held prisoner in my daughters bedroom by one of the officers whilst the other 3 officers searched my living room for at least 90 minutes. Neither myself nor my daughter were allowed to witness this search, once again contravening the rules of searches taking place under section 32 of PACE.
(8) Exactly what they were doing in my living room for an hour and a half is a mystery since they certainly were not searching it, being as they neglected to find a laptop computer under a coffee table on the other side of my small living room. Likewise, they didn’t find the computer hard-drive in a cupboard on the opposite side of the room to the coffee table, or the half-dozen or so memory cards in the drawer above the cupboard.
(9) Therefore, you can only conclude that 3 police officers took an incredible one and a half hours to unplug 2 computers, which were taken away in unsealed bags along with a broken printer, a mobile phone that I never use, a keyboard and a mouse, whilst leaving behind the keyboard and mouse to the other computer.
(10) After conducting a finger tip search of my daughter & grandsons bedroom, which involved emptying all of her drawers, going through her purse & handbags, etc, etc, followed by the corrupt officers spending 90 minutes in my living room, doing god knows what, I was taken away by the 4 officers, who unbelievably didn’t search MY BEDROOM, the hallway walk-in cupboard, the bathroom or the kitchen.
(11) I was then locked in a cell from about 5AM until 10.20AM when I was forced to see a doctor due to me being a diabetic. The doctor told me that the hold up was because there was some confusion as to whether the Greater Manchester Police (who had requested my arrest) or the Essex Police were going to conduct the interview. When I was finally interviewed (around 1PM although that is a guess as I had no watch) the interview was conducted by 2 CID officers from Essex Police – for a misdemeanor.  I co-operated fully with the officers and without requesting a solicitor since I had nothing to hide. I was then locked in my cell again until 6.30PM – after which I was bailed and left to make my own way home. Therefore the total time that I was detained was nearly 19 hours.
(12) Before I left the police station I lodged a complaint, which I later received written confirmation of. However, the totally incompetent police officer dealing with the complaint, appears frighteningly unable to grasp the most basic of facts i.e. He thought that I had been charged and was due in court on the 19th of November. Moreover, he has stated that he cannot act on the complaint until the investigation is over and any subsequent court proceedings are out-of-the-way since to do so would “compromise the on-going police investigation”.
However, my complaint against the police is for far more serious charges than the police suspicion of harassment case against me and were my complaint to be upheld, then the police investigation would be stopped dead in its tracks. Moreover, I apparently have a TEAM of detectives investigating this misdemeanor, at vast cost to the tax-payer.
(13) There is no crime or suspicion of crime mentioned on my bail sheet whatsoever. Despite this, there are bail conditions that forbid me from contacting the Rigbys and two of their associates, despite me never having done so before. However the two associates have in the past both contacted me, and indeed one of them did so again to gloat over my arrest before I had even got home from the police station.
(14) To this day I have not been told who made the complaint – without evidence – although according to the SUN newspaper it was Lyn Rigby. This begs the question; why have the Rigby’s not sued me if I am wrong in what I  have written about them? After all, I have between 10,000 – 20,000 people read my website every day of the week and to date the site has received over eight and a quarter million views despite being less than 3 years old, so with such wide exposure, their reluctance to take me to court for libel makes little sense. It is also worth pointing out that the average age of my readership is 35 years plus and to my knowledge include, a leading vet, a barrister, serving and ex police officers, serving and ex military personnel, school teachers, highly qualified social workers, a former Councillor, city brokers and IT experts – and they are just the ones that I know about.
(15) I was then once again vilified in most of the national newspapers, which included the SUN, the Daily Mail and the STAR, all of whom made me out to be a troll. The Police were very keen to supply them all with information and again, none of the rags mentioned that I am a respected journalist with a huge following. Needless to say that they all neglected to add a link to my website… However, once again the smear campaign backfired leading to a whole new legion of support coming my way as a specific consequence of the treatment that me and my family are being subjected to.
It is also interesting to note that no policeman to date has been interested in my Woolwich evidence, that amongst many, many, other things has conclusive evidence that the national press is deliberately misleading the public in regard to the Rigby family dynamics and the suspect nature of the Ltd Company set up by the Rigby’s and presented to the public as being a charity, launched on April 11th. The ‘charity’ was then forced to stop fundraising following the release of my evidence which included the fact that the Ltd Company had not even applied for charity status and to date has not been relaunched.

Other conclusive, indisputable evidence includes the fact that Aimee west, the fiancee of Lee McClure/Rigby is actually a cadet instructor holding the rank of Sargent, and has never been an RMP despite still being presented as such in the national press. You therefore have to question why Aimee West turned up at McClure’s funeral wearing full RMP dress uniform – I will remind you that the funeral was also attended by the Prime Minister and the Mayor of London. This in turn begs the question as to how Lee Rigby could be in photographs with Aimee whilst she is fraudulently dressed as an RMP, when he must have known her true status.

Moreover, I have identified and named a number of alleged bystanders present at the hoax who are cadet instructors known to Aimee West – a bit more than coincidence wouldn’t you say?  I have also exposed the Rigby family Liaison officer, Detective Inspector Peter Sparks as having known Aimee West and Lee Rigby’s friends a long time prior to the events of May the 22nd 2013. Indeed, with that being the case it would be inconceivable that Sparks would not have known Lee Rigby also, given mind to Aimee West’s constant mantra that they were inseparable as a couple.
(16) In the days following my arrest we had a number of visits from social workers following the 4 police officers filing a malicious, totally without foundation, report to the social services. The report was indeed found to be baseless and my daughter received a letter from Castle Point Social Services stating that no further action would be taken… The fact that officers of the law would stoop so low as to use such underhand tactics borne out of blatant lies is indeed beyond contempt and the four officers in question should be at the very least, dismissed. The excuse of “just following orders” does not hold water.
(17) On September 6th, the day that I was due to answer my bail at 10 AM, two police officers tried to barge into my home at 9 AM and were indeed only prevented from doing so by the fact that my door chain was on. One of them then rudely pushed an extended bail sheet – same bail conditions – through the gap in my door informing me that I now had to answer bail on the 19th of November… Very strange since they should have already had evidence of any harassment, without the need to look at my computers in the first place.
(18) On the 6th of October, 3 plain clothes police officers knocked on my door which I answered, whilst making sure to keep the safety latch on. One of the officers asked me if they could come in to TALK TO ME and search the property.  I asked him if he had a search warrant, to which he replied that he hadn’t. I therefore told him that he couldn’t come in and shut the door making sure to lock it in the process.
What followed is all caught on film and is a terrifying ordeal by any standards, especially for my daughter and grandson. Two of the policemen used a battering ram to break down my front door (thus proving that they had come prepared, so why no warrants), whilst the third kicked down my garden gate and quite unnecessarily smashed my bedroom window, despite the fact that the two officers had already gained access via my smashed front door.
Luckily enough, the noise had alerted my neighbours who continued to film my ordeal – much to the disgust of the 3 policemen. Indeed, one of them called my neighbour a “fucking moron” for doing so.
(19) Having gained entry I was handcuffed but not cautioned. Indeed, the officer is clearly caught on camera stating that he had arrested me under section 32 of PACE, yet the paperwork clearly states that I was arrested under section 17.  It transpires that the reason for my arrest was that indecent images had been found on my computers TWO MONTHS AFTER THE POLICE HAD STOLEN THEM.
Moreover, I am computer illiterate, hence I have a full-time Tech-Guy keeping my site up and running. Therefore, there was no encryption in place on the computers to explain this long delay in finding these “indecent images”.
(20) A week or so later I was contacted by someone who was arrested by the same 3 policemen. Once in the car (the same car as I was taken away in) one of the officers began to strangle this man whilst telling him that he was going to kill him. The other two officers then attempted to conceal this assault with their bodies in order to unsuccessfully stop the attack being filmed. This assault is now subject to an IPCC investigation. You can find all of the film footage (my arrest and the other fella being assaulted) by clicking HERE
(21) I was then taken to Southend Central Police Station in an unmarked police car. However, to add insult to injury, before doing so I was asked to sign a form which stated that the Police had caused NO DAMAGE – which I obviously refused to do so. The search itself was carried out by just one of the officers and involved a quick look in my bedroom and a quick look in my daughters bedroom. In total, the search lasted a lot less than 5 minutes and nothing was seized. Yet a month later I am still without a front door which is boarded up with a sheet of ply as is my bedroom window. Moreover, my daughter was told by one of the policemen to expect a visit from the social services before carting me off to the station.
(22) I will at this juncture point out that I have brought my daughter up TOTALLY ALONE, since she was a 6 month old baby (she is nearly 19 now). In that time, there has been countless little boys and girls visit our home to play with my daughter which often resulted in a sleepover – without there ever being a suggestion of me acting inappropriately towards them. Moreover, in the 18 ½ years that my daughter – the youngest of my 5 children – has lived with me, she has never had a social worker, been suspended from school, or been in trouble with the police – the same is also true for my 4 older children.
(23) My Grandson has lived here with me and my daughter since his birth 17 months ago, in which time I have looked after him alone, twice a week whilst my daughter attended college and overnight on the odd occasions that my daughter went out. My grandson absolutely idolizes me and I adore him. Indeed, when he was born, my daughter’s health visitor signed her off early specifically because she could see that my daughter had my my full support.
(24) Furthermore, another health visitor conducted my grandsons 9 month assessment (2 months late) at our home in May of this year and had no concerns whatsoever about my grandsons development and living conditions.
(25) And as I stated earlier, my grandson was seen by a social worker following that malicious report filed by the 4 policemen after my arrest in July.
(26) Quite rightly so,NONE of the above had any concerns for my grandson whatsoever. Indeed, he is a healthy happy little boy who has only attended the doctors once since his birth after becoming constipated at around the age of 3 or 4 months.
(27) It should also be noted that before becoming a writer, I was a tattoo artist, a job that does not bring you into contact with children and since changing my career to that of a writer – which also does not bring me into contact with children – I have written well in excess of a hundred articles denouncing paedophiles and indeed I made the front page of the Daily Mirror on the 21st of December 2012, having played a role in the taking down of a huge number of Child Pornography sites.
(28) Once down the station, I was seen almost straight away by another 2 CID officers from Essex Police. I had intended to give a “no comment” interview, being as it was obvious to me – and everyone else for that matter – that I was being stitched up by the police. I did however point out to the two officers that the arresting officer had neglected to read me a caution.
(29) However, to my surprise not to mention disbelief, one of the officers began showing me images taken off of my computer desktop of LEGAL photos which I had used in articles and which are still on my website today. These included a photo of the album cover to Led Zeppelins 1973 LP record “Houses of the Holy”, which as far as I am aware is still readily available for purchase from all good WH SMITH stores. Indeed, the detective – and I use the term loosely – failed to understand my mirth and continued to ask me probing questions such as “how do I feel when I see photos like that”, to which I replied that his time would be better spent asking Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page why he was involved in a sexual relationship, in the 1970’s, whilst in his 30’s, with 14-year-old Lori Maddox… As was David Bowie before him.
(30) Another photo that the intrepid CID officer was accusing me of possessing as illegal child pornography was one of the vilest pieces of filth classed as being art that I have ever had the misfortune to see. Indeed, my disgust at the photo was all too clear for the detective to see since the photo caption that I used along with the photo in my article “Celebrity Paedophiles” was still attached. You see, the photo, which had been displayed in a Newcastle art gallery and had been declared legal by the crown prosecution service was owned by Sir Elton John… Facts that the incompetent detectives obviously hadn’t sought out. However, in the event I don’t ever remember father to two young boys, Elton John’s front door ever being kicked down for owning the filth, yet mine was for exposing him as the owner – despite myself having the good grace to censor the photo first before including it in my article.
(31) The highly paid, highly trained CID detective then showed me 4 or 5 photos SENT TO ME by two of my ex-girlfriends. None of the photo’s were explicit and indeed both of the women are over the age of 21 and mothers in their own right. Stranger still, one of the two ladies did not have her head in the photos, meaning that for all the detectives knew she could have been 70 years old.
(32) The film show continued with some photos of paintings done by the jailed paedophile artist Graham Ovenden, which I used in the half-dozen or so articles that I have written on the vile scumbag. All of the photos are perfectly legal and coincidentally enough, once owned by Sir Alistair McAlpine… I do not recall him ever having his front door kicked down either.
(33) And then the detective – who has no right to be in the job – cut to the chase and produced some thumb nail photos of little boys having sex which were apparently in a HIDDEN FILE which was created at 3.30 AM on the 30th of July 2014 – EXACTLY 24 hours prior to the 4 police officers conducting their search and seizure of my computers – which neither myself nor my daughter was allowed to witness.
Strangely enough, as the detective went to click on these photos, I asked him why his hand was shaking (all evidenced on the recorded interview) to which he replied “it isn’t”, whilst holding out his other hand for me to see. However, the defective gave himself away when I angrily told him that the photos had been planted on my computer, and indeed I would not know how to create a hidden file let alone find it again, to which he asked me how the police could possibly have planted them on there. Indeed, if the corrupt officer genuinely does not know how child porn is planted, along with the frequency that it is planted on the computers of those that the police or security services wish to ‘stitch up’, then I suggest that he is given a radar gun and stuck by the side of the road somewhere.
(34) The fact that an attempted stitch up was occurring became all the more obvious by the fact that the 2nd detective hardly said a word after that and by the quickness that the other idiot skipped over the images, having spent much longer questioning me over the photos of Led Zeppelin album covers and the art work of Graham Ovenden.
(35) Indeed, I know enough about child porn, having spent the last 3 years exposing the filth to know that you cannot just type into Google: “little boys having sex”, to produce a list of websites to choose from. Indeed, these sites are well protected and you need trusted passwords and a credit card to access such filth… In other words, a trail, of which one wasn’t mentioned at all by this disgusting example of a British policeman who was trying to frame me for photos that I knew nothing about, allegedly found on computers stolen from me two months earlier.
And since this” little boy porn hidden file” was the only hidden file mentioned, I will presume that it was the only one to be found, which was fantastically, coincidentally downloaded exactly 24 hours to the Police stealing the computers to search for evidence of a misdemeanor.
(36) My tech-guy tells me that he has clones of my hard-drives proving that I was not responsible for the hidden file. However, the fact that these hard-core photos were of little boys did not escape my notice. You see, obviously my grandson is a little boy, thus making me a great danger to him – a fact that has since been pushed by social workers acting in collusion with corrupt police officers who have been set a mandate to split my family up – SOP of the British security services, I have been reliably informed.
(37) The film show continued with some images of Japanese Manga cartoon characters having sex, and ended with some photos of bestiality, apparently dating back to June 2011 – a date when I am not even sure that I owned the second-hand computer and which if I did, at least 20 other people spring to mind who have had unsupervised access to it in that time.
More bizarrely still, the two detectives were unsure as to whether or not these bestiality photos were even downloaded directly onto the computer or if they were unintentionally, covertly downloaded whilst downloading something else was in progress.
(38) It is now quite obvious that I was questioned about the LEGAL photos in order to give credibility to this one hidden file of little boys having hard-core sex. Moreover, the reason for the hidden file containing photos of little boys was so as to split my family up. For that, a major, major review and investigation into the wholly corrupt Essex police force needs to be carried out.
(39) I was then bailed shortly afterwards (for the same date as the harassment bail), AND GIVEN A LIFT HOME… Total time detained: Just under 6 hours… Yet that apparently warranted my door being kicked down and my window needlessly smashed. Moreover, there are bizarrely no bail conditions whatsoever attached to the bail sheet – quite unbelievable considering the fact that my grandson lives with me and one of the detectives took great delight in informing me that the Social Services would be round mine “first thing in the morning”.
(40) In the event, the social services did not show up until 48 hours later, their excuse being that they were short-staffed. Thus far, I have had every single meeting with the social workers video taped – three in total – as their intention is quite obvious. The first tape shows the social workers leaving mine in disgrace, once it had transpired that they had no idea as to what the images in question consisted of, prompting me to ask them how they could possibly contemplate making a potentially life changing assessment on my grandson when not in possession of the full facts. A meeting was then scheduled for two days later which the Social Worker, Nicole Miles later cancelled, meaning another week passed where my grandson was not harmed in any way shape or form.
(41) Prior to the second meeting, such was the backlash towards the social services from my readers – who are quite rightly outraged by the harassment being dished out to me for doing nothing other than printing the truth on my own website – that Nicole Miles was forced to attend the meeting accompanied by a senior social worker. At this meeting (filmed in its entirety), I can be seen and heard confronting Nicole Miles as to why she had point-blank lied to me at our previous meeting on at least two issues. Miles had in fact tried to tell me that the reason for no further action being taken over the malicious report filed by the 4 police officers was because they (the social services) could not get a policeman to accompany them to my home… I trust that I do not need to spell out the implications of such a lie.
(42) The second lie Miles told me was that the reason that I had not been given any bail conditions was because I had not been charged. Which kinda makes you wonder why I have bail conditions on the harassment nonsense, of which I have not been charged over either. I do indeed find it totally abhorrent that a social worker, charged with the task of making a decision that could devastate a little boys life is prepared to blatantly lie and indeed would have proceeded to make her assessment whilst not having a clue as to the facts surrounding the case, had I not pulled her about it… Nothing short of her dismissal will be satisfactory as far as I am concerned.
(43) Those lies and evidenced incompetence are safely stored away on film. However, such was the outcry from my readers that on the morning of the third visit (the senior social worker from meeting two having now been replaced by the head social worker) that the phone lines to Nicole Miles and the head social worker were shut down.
(44) The social workers were again thwarted on this 3rd visit by the presence of a very senior, very experienced registered social worker who had made a 600 mile round trip from Blackpool to make sure that the Castle point social workers did not attempt anything underhand.
(45) Also present at the meeting was an impartial observer who had made the equally long round trip from Cornwall to sit in on the meeting. The fact that I have to put these extreme measures in place in order to protect my healthy, happy much-loved grandson from the corrupt Essex social services and equally corrupt Essex police, working in tandem with each other beggars belief.
Therefore, Mr Duddridge, I am now asking for your intervention in this matter as my elected MP. I trust that you will put aside any personal animosity and act with the honour and integrity that is befitting of your office.
Chris Spivey.

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