Pissing on the Sun

Pissing on the Sun

Christopher Spivey

It really does have to be said that the support that I have had from you over the past week has been phenomenal and way beyond what I ever expected.
Indeed, if I had the time I would thank each and everyone of you personally.
Now, when you consider the ferocity of the attacks and the vast means, resources and ways that this criminal cabal have at their disposal to silence us, then as far as I can see, far from bring us to our knees they are in fact losing the war.
I mean, troll wise this site is an impenetrable fortress and as such the abusive, knuckle dragging trolls rarely waste their time paying us a visit.
Course, there are 2 or 3 who have spent months digging themselves in, smug in the knowledge that they have done so un-noticed… Or so they think.
Unfortunately for them they have wasted their time because their bosses are not the only ones with an all seeing eye.

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