Not the Sunday Spiv

Not the Sunday Spiv

Chris Spivey

Someone come and give me a neck and shoulder massage please.
Indeed it has been a proper fuck off last few days.
Oh and happy Not Weirdy Beardy Man in the Skyday to you all by the way.
Now firstly I must apologise for the lack of posts of late.
There are various reasons for this not least the site attack problems which thankfully are now looking like they are sorted – to a certain degree.
I mean, the fact is that whilst Wolfie has complete AAA to the site and works fucking hard and non stop to keep us up and running it is still my name above the door which means I have to pass messages on to him, pay for bits and pieces that he feels necessary to secure the smooth running of things and we usually have a daily chat on Skype so as I am kept up to date on what is what.
And that all takes time especially when there are many more site matters to be dealt with.
Now, whilst on the subject of Wolfie I am aware of the row that broke out in the comment section on my last post  – which once again was another distraction. However, Dogman has already dealt with the matter so I am not going to dwell on it too long.
What I will say is that like all of my team, wolfie doesn’t suffer fools gladly and with the huge following this site has, a very tight reign has to be kept on the comments to stop those with ulterior motives causing chaos.
None of you are privy to the information that my team are and indeed it takes them seconds to access every single comment made by any given individual.
In other words, what may seem to you to be a fairly reasonable comment can in reality be anything but and in many cases are often just an opening gambit designed to hijack the thread.
Course, whilst I do not get involved in moderating the comments, when incidents like this happen I obviously have to look into them.
And having done so let me make this quite clear: Wolfie retains my complete backing and support and I can promise you that is not a case of me and the team closing ranks.
Moderating comments for a site this busy is an absolute fucking minefield let me tell you.
Moreover, it is easy for the moderators to forget that you are not privy to the information that they are in just the same way that I will write about an ongoing matter and then realise that anyone not up to speed with the subject will not have a scoobie fucking doo what I am on about.
And on this occasion that appears to have been the case.
However, what pissed me off was the way that a few were so quick to pounce on my friend despite not being in full possession of the facts.
Indeed, there are ways and means of doing things and publicly attacking a senior team member who has an unblemished long track record in acting above and beyond the call of duty for good of the site, is certainly not the way to go about it.
Therefore, if you are going to have a knee jerk reaction and  jump down the throat of a man like Wolfie then don’t come bleating to me when he tells you to fuck off… Especially when he has spent a very intense night dealing with the men in G-strings.
Moreover, anyone who believes Wolfie or any of my team members for that matter, to be misogynistic, racist, homophobic, unintelligent or bullies has not spent anywhere near enough time on here to have earned the right to publicly accuse any of them of being such.
Remember, I do not spend every waking hour working my bollocks off just so as some cunt with an ulterior motive can come along and cast aspersions on what I write via means of unsubstantiated sweeping statements… Especially so when 90 percent of their past comments have done exactly the same thing.
Therefore, the only thing Wolfie is guilty of is forgetting that you do not know what we know about those who post comments… Think on that next time.
However, having said that, what I propose to do is open an email account that my team will all have access to and get Wolfie to put the address up in a prominent position so as anyone who has a complaint, suggestion or general inquiry can contact us without having to air it to all and sundry.
Yesterday was also a non productive day since I spent 5 hours just writing to the IPCC in connection to the Sun newspaper article about me – which is all I can say on the matter for now.
And then there are the endless questions that people ask me either by email or on Facebook.
And of course I don’t like to be rude, so I try to answer everybody – even if it is only with a smiley face – which again all takes time.
Mind you, whereas I don’t like to be rude it seems that some message senders have no qualms about being so if I don’t reply to them straight away.
Yet it is true to say that with the sheer volume of messages I get very few people get an immediate reply.
For instance, as it stands at this very moment I have 411 unread and unanswered emails in my inbox, 193 in my junk which have to be checked for stuff that may have found its way there by mistake and 21 unread inbox messages on Facebook.
So, without going on too much you get the general idea I hope.
Now I did in fact read a comment the other day left by someone – I apologise for not remembering who the person was or where it was from – in support of myself who happened to hit the nail bang, square on the fucking head.
You see, the fella said that he felt sure that I would rather be able to spend my time playing with my grandson, Clayton that spending all of my time doing this shit.
How right that man is. My little warrior is a delight to behold who for some reason loves me to fucking death. Indeed, I can’t even have a piss without him following me despite the fact that he must think that the only words I know are: “Come and get Clay, Stacey”.
And then there is Stacey who can talk for England despite me forever telling her that every time she interrupts me when I’m writing I lose my concentration… Which obviously pisses her off although you would have thought that she would have learned by now that I couldn’t give a fuck what shoes her boyfriend is wearing today or what Phil Mitchell is up to in Eastenders.
In fact, come to think of it I am amazed that I ever get time to write anything at all.
Mind you, I was going to give Stacey the following article to read, but I thought better of it:

Being interrupted is so bad for your concentration that even a one minute distraction is enough to completely wipe your short term memory.
A study has found that if you are bothered for 60 seconds while trying to focus on something then you will have to start afresh because you can’t recall what you were doing.
The researchers said that their findings should be a warning to anyone with a smartphone as users check the devices around 125 times a day.

After all, she would have asked me umpteen questions about it had I done so.
Anyway, that is the reason why the site has been lacking in new content for the past two or three days… Just sayin’.
Now, 3 or 4 people posted a video on my Facebook wall the other day of Bill Maloney giving an interview whilst at a demonstration across the road from the Paedo Palace – home to the Westminster Puppet Show.
Moreover, to cut a short story even shorter Bill gave me a proper nice mention in the video – and did the same in another one to boot.
Bill is of course a fucking legend and the fact that he singled me out was truly humbling… Thank you Bill.
Okay, one more bit of site news for those who are interested. I will be talking to Sean Maguire on his radio show for 2 or 3 hours on Wednesday the 30th of July at 9 PM.
Unfortunately I don’t have a link to hand at the moment, but I will post one later.
Righto, let me have a quick word about Robert Green now.
Proof has surfaced that he was unlawfully jailed… Who amongst us didn’t know he was stitched up good and proper anyway?
You can click HERE to find that proof.

I do of course believe Robert to be another man worth backing and he has my full support.
Indeed the Sniffenpissin shower of shite are looking increasingly unsteady on their lofty perches so lets keep up the pressure on the cunts.
Next up, the former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi and I do have to say that I was as surprised when he was convicted of shagging that under age prostitute as I was when Rofl Arris got a guilty verdict recently.
Course, I should have known that the corrupt cunt had a get out clause further up the line.

Silvio Berlusconi has been sensationally cleared of having sex with underage exotic dancer Ruby the Heartstealer at his notorious ‘bunga bunga’ parties.
The former Italian premier, 77, had been sentenced to seven years jail for sex with the Moroccan former nightclub dancer, real name Karima-El Mahroug when she was just 17 and for using his influence to get her released from police cutody.
But in a shock verdict, judges in Milan overturned the conviction on appeal, saying that the facts ‘do not constitute a crime.’


Another smugmug who is running out of time.
Now I had to laugh at an article in the Chimp that appeared over the weekend in connection to the downing of Flight MH17.
You see, the Monkey Boys tried to have a pop at “the tin foil hat brigade” which backfired spectacularly if the readers comments were anything to go by – although they have now no doubt done a bit of tweaking:

As the world continued to search for answers over the downing of Flight MH17, the internet came alive with conspiracy theories today.
The Web has long been a haven for numerologists and conspiracy crackpots peddling their alternative analyses of events that shake the world.
And today was no different as web sleuths across the globe rushed online in a bid to hypothesize over what really happened to the doomed Malaysian Airlines passenger plane

Certainly, the only sense that was being mention came from those that the shit rag was trying to vilify.
I also noted that the Chimp used the word “Crackpots” to describe those not silly enough to take everything the newspapers say at face value. 
Course, I mention that because The Scum Newspaper also referred to me as being a “crackpot”.
Strange really when you consider that the word is so rarely used these days that the vast majority of Stacey’s friends who had seen that Scum article believed it to mean someone addicted to crack.
Course, if I was addicted to crack I wouldn’t wank so much would I. And that fact is common knowledge because there is always someone calling me a wanker… Just sayin’.
Never the less, as to my own thoughts on the downed airliner? Well of course it was a false flag.
The war drums are beating nicely again, yet anyone who believes that those intact bodies that were carted away came from the aeroplane deserves to be nuked.
Moreover, my good friend & site moderator Fuck The State made an excellent observation in a post that he left on my Facebook page.
Indeed, the post is worthy of being published in full.
Theories, theories and theories: Everyone has got a theory about MH17.
Well, once again it is nice to see the ‘International Community’ screaming for blood and retribution in relation to the shooting down of this very unfortunate aircraft over hostile territory.
How could such a situation arise? What are we all to believe? 
From my own perspective we need to look at some facts and we also need to analyze the current propaganda war, which is being relentlessly pursued by the very caring people who rule over us.
Yes, they want justice and they want accountability. In fact, they demand accountability so as to be able to ascertain who is responsible for this heinous crime. We know they have their reasons for wishing this to be resolved, and resolved in their favour.
Who could have done it? Who could have shot down this aircraft?
The wreckage is there for all to see, as its smouldering and charred remains captivate the world that is on the receiving end of the imagery. Without doubt, it is a tragedy of immense importance.
What can we deduce without being fully aware of all the intrigue?
The region is effectively a civil war zone with a high availability and distribution of military grade weaponry available to both sides in the conflict. This begs the question of why would any civil flight be allowed to transit such an area, especially when several high flying aircraft have been shot down in recent weeks?
The region is a war zone in which people who do not wish to be overruled and imposed upon by a revolutionary and junta government are trying to stand up for their national identity and ethnicity. They are also at the centre of a massive power struggle between East and West.
First and foremost, it needs to be appreciated that this struggle is taking place because the West seeks to control them through much subterfuge. They always have felt aligned to Russia and they simply did not want that coercive change. Therefore, it can be stated that force is imposed upon them constantly, in order to effect this undesired change.
For their resistance to this illegal oppression they are called “Rebels and Separatists.” Another location and no doubt Hillary Clinton, O’bama, McCain and Hammond would be calling them patriots. It is simply a matter of opinion as to how they are promoted or tarnished by the media.
Sadly, no matter what people may think or how bad it seems; mistakes do occur during tense military conflicts. Even if the citizens who are fighting against Western backed Ukrainian aggression are responsible, would it be without doubt an act of terror when they have been constantly bombed in built up areas and have witnessed their women and children obliterated in the streets whilst the ‘International Community’ has endorsed that carnage and done nothing to secure their existence?
Would it be unthinkable that some unknown defender of his people thought they may becoming under another attack?
It can be appreciated that many questions will be very difficult to resolve. And in thinking this through I am not attempting to qualify or quantify it in order that I present the definitive conclusion.
That being said, what needs to be noted with regards to this issue is that on 9/11, a far greater number of aircraft were lost within some of the most controlled airspace in the world. They were lost from under the noses of these very people who are outraged in their calls for transparency, and yet they were not even in anything like a war at that time.
On that notorious day, two aircraft supposedly hit the floor – one at Shanksville and one at The Pentagon. Was there any wreckage for all to see as there is in Ukraine? Was there a strewn debris trail and mass of rubble, scorched earth, and visible remains of victims?
Did the rest of the world and in particular the United Kingdom send ‘Expert Police’ and ‘Aircraft Crash Investigators’ to make sure the United States Government carried out a full and proper procedure?
I think you will find the answer to all of the above questions is a rather chilling: Not at all.
Also, let it be borne in mind by anyone wishing to jump to hasty conclusions that in 1988, the most potent military force in the world was guilty of a very similar incident.
A civil Iranian Airbus 300, flight 655, was shot down on its normal and regular flight path from Tehran to Dubai as it was in its own national airspace. It was shot down by one of the most advanced missile destroyers ever built – The U.S.S. Vincennes. The aircraft was shot down because the highly trained crew of this highly advanced war machine mistook it for an F14 Tomcat. The result of this incident was 290 fatalities of several nationalities. At the time the U.S. ship was illegally inside Iranian waters. Their own tracking system also indicated the civilian aircraft to be climbing and not attacking.
So, let the world know that such things can and do happen. And there can be so much ambiguity in such situations that as far as I am aware, it would lead the U.S. to never apologize for anything but the loss of innocent life and to consequently only make some arbitrary financial compensations, even though they still deny any actual wrongdoing to this day. Make sure you know and are aware of this, because if people are not, the situation outlined above could be used to put all of our lives in jeopardy.
Shall we go compare the crash sites?
Yeah, why not.
H’mmm, I’m sure there is a simple explanation… Scrub that, I know that there is a simple explanation.
Okay, the prize for the old fanny of the week must go to the Daily Chimpanzee – Doesn’t it always.
You see, the monkey mag carried a story about a fella who must be about the jammiest git ever to live:

Dutch cyclist Maarten de Jonge is one very lucky man, having cheated death twice in the past four months.
De Jonge was scheduled to fly aboard Flight MH370, which vanished without a trace in March, and he also had a ticket for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, which was downed by a missile this week over the Ukraine – but he changed his travel arrangements at the last minute in both cases.
On Friday, the 29-year-old professional athlete issued a statement on his official site confirming that he was supposed to take the doomed MH17 flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur Thursday, but he pushed back his departure by several days.

'World's luckiest man': Dutch cyclist Maarten de Jonge cheated death twice in the past six months by deciding not to fly aboard Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and MH17
Why do they even bother!
And finally, whilst on the topic of old fanny I see that Esther Rantzen has put her foot in her big fucking mouth again.
I mean, honest to fucking Dog you would have thought that she would have learned to keep it firmly shut by now:

Esther Rantzen has spoken of her revulsion after learning that a former lover has been linked to the child abuse scandal threatening to engulf Westminster.
The broadcaster and Childline founder had an affair with politician Sir Nicholas Fairbairn after they met at a BBC studio in 1966.
But Ms Rantzen has now distanced herself from the late Conservative MP and Solicitor General for Scotland – who died in 1995, aged 61.

Disgusted: Esther Rantzen with youngsters at a Childline event
Yet the Chimps accompanying photo shows the old trout with a bunch of kids in Childline shirts!
I mean fuck me, would you trust a woman who claims to have children’s best interests at heart yet who has admitted to knowing about Jimmy Saviles exploits and saying nothing?
And that fact is just the tip of the iceberg.
You see, the former child actor Ben Fellows alleges that Rantzen was also at a perv’s party where he was plied with drink, drugs and chatted up by paedophiles. Ben further alleges that despite Rantzen knowing that he was only 15 years old at the time, the goofy bitch never intervened.
And then in 1994 a 5yr old girl was molested by an old fella in Rantzen’s swimming pool…  But that was fuck all to do with her either.
She also sued the Sunday Mirror over claims they made about her doing favours for a paedophile headmaster. And although she was successful in winning the case what was revealed was that despite Rantzen having concerns about the headmaster she once again said fuck all.
You can read the full story by clicking HERE
And then after all that, this new story about her shagging about appears. Yet worse still, the fella she was shagging about with was a fucking nonce!
So, all I have to say on the matter is that if she has children’s best interests at heart then we really are well and truly fucked… Just sayin’.

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