Too Late, We Already Know.

Too Late, We Already Know.

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The paedophile Harmen is a cunt for even having the cheek to write this shit. The Daily Mail is a cunt for letting it see the light of day. And you lot are cunts if you just continue to let the cunts get away with it… You really, really couldn’t make this shit up. Lets go to war. Christopher Spivey 16/12/12

It would seem that Harriet Harman, who In February 2013 was assessed as being the 14th most powerful woman in the UK and whom I have written numerous articles about (type her name into the site search bar) is now, finally about to come under investigation by Defectives from Operation Fernbridge.
That is to say, she will be if the British police have the merest smidgin of integrity.
As it stands at the moment, it is the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) with whom Harman has extensive links who are under investigation. however, those links must now – in light of todays Chimp article – surely lead to the Odd Bod Plod Squad turning their attention in her direction.
You can read about the contents of PIE’s periodical MAGPIE by clicking HERE
However, amongst PIE’s many warped claims are: ‘Girls as young as four months can achieve orgasm’, and that four-year-old children ‘can communicate verbally’ their consent to sex.
For an in depth exposé of PIE including information on its members, click HERE
Indeed, Harman  was one of those in favour of legalising child porn:
In 1978, Miss Harman wrote a briefing paper on the Protection of Children Bill, which sought to ban child pornography.
She claimed such a law would ‘increase censorship’ and argued that a pornographic picture of a naked child should not be considered indecent unless it could be proven that the subject had suffered
That fact led me to write the following comment in December 2012:
Anyone who is too fucking  psychopathic to realise that each and every single child who is made to take part in child porn will be hurt every time, not just physically but also emotionally, does not deserve to breath the same air as children.  The fact that she (Harman) still is perfectly illustrates to me what a frightened, spineless, brain dead, country I inhabit.
Haven’t I become much more laid back since then? I must give myself a severe talking to.
Now, along with Harman; her gay husband & whipping boy, the obnoxious Jack ‘oops I somehow erroneously managed to tweet links to gay porn again‘ Dromney and Harman’s cunt of a flat dick, bezzy mate Patricia Hewitt must also now come under police investigation.
On August 16th 2013 I did in fact write an article specifically about Harman & Hewitt called Harry and the Cow Pat.
The following is a segment taken from that article:
Course, it would be hard to deny that both of these looney left-wing slappers appear to have been put in charge of the insidious on-going government agenda to destroy the traditional family unit – They really are, ‘all in it together’.
And fuck me, didn’t the pair of stinking slags go about their warped task with gusto?
Harman’s mantra, stating that there was “no ideal type of household in which to bring up children” is surely not as innocent as it first sounds.
Now, if  you cannot see what Harman was alluding to, then its no wonder we are fucked… Yet if enough of you can see, then this begs the question; how the fuck is this sick twisted cunt able to become the 14th most powerful tart in the country?
Remember, she is an active supporter of paedophilia… Put another way, she is a vile, sick, fucking whore.
Hewitt – an appropriate name for the cunt being as if you say it quick enough it sounds like someone throwing up – in the meantime, went further still:
Hewitt has sparked many controversies, notably her selection of a female job-applicant over a stronger male candidate, and her theory that fathers may not be a useful influence in the upbringing of children.
Sociologist Geoff Dench has stated that Hewitt discourages male involvement in child rearing by questioning “whether we can trust men with children” and she concluded that it would be necessary to adopt the practice of “not leaving men on their own with groups of children”. Dench also criticised Hewitt for suggesting that it requires less intelligence and education to raise children than to be employed. Source: Wikipedia.
Yet unbelievably, both of these evil cows are married with children… Why the fuck are the social services allowed to hound innocent families when the likes of these two dangerous shit bags, who should never be allowed anywhere near children, were allowed to bring up family’s of their own?
Double fucking standards at best.
I mean, c’mon people, these two and the vast majority of our other MP’s are vile, dangerous kiddy fiddlers or supporters. They are out to destroy most of us and create hell on earth for those who are left. Do you understand?
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So with David Icke laying into Harman as far back as 2009, along with myself and others writing extensively about the vile cunts since, the only question can be: What took the Odd Bod Plod Squad so fucking long?
One more observation whilst I’m at it. When you read the following Chimp article you will notice that they are patting themselves on the back and bigging themselves up on the story.
However, if they were worthy of doing so, then why the fuck have they chosen to name this trio of twisted twats whilst keeping quiet about the likes of Leon Brittan?
Just askin’.

The truth about Labour apologists for paedophilia: Police probe child sex group linked to top party officials in wake of Savile

  • Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt linked to vile group
  • They were key figures at National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL)
  • The NCCL was an ‘affiliate’ of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE)
  • PIE members may have abused children on an ‘industrial scale’

PUBLISHED: 23:13, 18 February 2014 | UPDATED: 23:51, 18 February 2014

Key roles: Harriet Harman and husband Jack Dromey. They were leading officials in the NCCL, which was linked to predatory pedophile group PIE


Key roles: Harriet Harman and husband Jack Dromey. They were leading officials in the NCCL, which was linked to predatory pedophile group PIE

The full extent of the shocking links between three senior Labour figures and a vile group that tried to legalise sex with children can be exposed today.
The trio held key roles in a human rights organisation that supported the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange.
Labour’s deputy leader Harriet Harman, her husband, home affairs spokesman Jack Dromey, and former health secretary Patricia Hewitt were all leading officials in the National Council for Civil Liberties.
Astonishingly this Left-wing group granted ‘affiliate’ status to PIE and built close links with it.
The group of predatory paedophiles was calling for the age of consent to be cut to just four.
Police are now investigating PIE as part of Operation Fernbridge, launched in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.
A senior source on the investigation says there is evidence PIE members were abusing children ‘on an industrial scale’.
The Home Office is also probing shocking claims that the Labour government of the 1970s may have helped finance the paedophile group.
Civil servants are trawling through decades of files after an ‘insider’ claimed tens of thousands of pounds were funnelled to PIE in the form of annual grants to the network of child abusers while James Callaghan was in Downing Street.

A Daily Mail investigation has discovered that during the 1970s and 1980s:
* Miss Hewitt described PIE in glowing terms as ‘a campaigning/counselling group for adults attracted to children’;
* The NCCL lobbied Parliament for the age of sexual consent to be cut to ten – if the child consented and ‘understood the nature of the act’.
* It called for incest to be legalised in what one MP dubbed a ‘Lolita’s charter’;
* The NCCL claimed research shows young paedophile victims are often ‘consenting or even the initiators of the sexual acts involved’;
* It filed a submission to Parliament claiming that ‘childhood sexual experiences,   willingly engaged in, with an adult, result in no identifiable damage’.
*  Miss Harman, as NCCL legal officer, tried to water down child pornography laws.
*  NCCL lawyers acted for a PIE member who was quizzed by police over appalling behaviour.
The Mail has repeatedly sent detailed questions to Miss Harman, Miss Hewitt and Mr Dromey about their links to PIE and whether they now regret supporting such a vile group. Neither Miss Hewitt nor Mr Dromey replied.
A spokesman for Miss Harman said: ‘This story is untrue and ridiculous.’

Leading figure: Former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt. She was general secretary of the NCCL from 1974-1983


Patricia Hewitt at the National Council for Civil Liberties. She later went on to become a Labour Party politician


Leading figure: Former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt. She was general secretary of the NCCL from 1974-1983

In December, when the Mail first drew attention to the links between the NCCL and PIE, a public apology was issued by Shami Chakrabarti of Liberty, which is the name the NCCL now goes under.
Miss Chakrabarti, who was born in 1969 and had nothing to do with the sordid affair, said: ‘It is a source of continuing disgust and horror that even the NCCL had to expel paedophiles from its ranks in 1983 after infiltration at some point in the Seventies.
‘The most important lesson learned by Liberty over the subsequent 30 years was to become a well-governed modern human rights movement in which protecting the vulnerable, especially children, will always come first.’
The NCCL was part of the radical Left lobbying for a change in the law to reflect a more ‘enlightened’ attitude to sex between adults and minors and promote the ‘human rights’ of paedophiles.

Harriet Harman, former legal officer at the National Council for Civil Liberties


Harriet Harman, former legal officer at the National Council for Civil Liberties

Miss Hewitt was general secretary of the NCCL from 1974-83. Miss Harman was a newly-qualified solicitor when she became the NCCL’s legal officer in 1978 until 1982, when she entered Parliament. Mr Dromey sat on the NCCL executive committee for almost a decade, from 1970 to 1979.
The extraordinary links between PIE and the NCCL emerge in archives of internal NCCL documents held at the University of Hull and the London School of Economics. PIE’s campaigning in the 1970s caused public outrage.
The group’s members did not present themselves as child abusers but as ‘child lovers’ keen to ‘liberate’ children from sexual ‘repression’.
In 1978, Miss Harman wrote a briefing paper on the Protection of Children Bill, which sought to ban child pornography.
She claimed such a law would ‘increase censorship’ and argued that a pornographic picture of a naked child should not be considered indecent unless it could be proven that the subject had suffered.
In 1976, the NCCL filed a submission to a parliamentary committee claiming a proposed bill to protect children from sex abusers would ‘lead to damaging and absurd prosecutions’.
‘Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in , with an adult result in no identifiable damage,’ it read. ‘The real need is a change in the attitude which assumes that all cases of paedophilia result in lasting damage.’
In 1982, Miss Hewitt published ‘The Police and Civil Liberties’, in which she discussed the jailing of PIE secretary Tom O’Carroll for conspiracy to corrupt public morals.
She wrote: ‘Conspiring to corrupt public morals is an offence incapable of definition or precise proof.’
After the Daily Mail highlighted the connection between the NCCL and PIE in December, a spokesman for Miss Harman said: ‘The very suggestion that Harriet was in any way supportive of the PIE or its aims is untrue and misleading.’
The Metropolitan Police began Operation Fernbridge in January 2013 into allegations that residents of a children’s home in Richmond, West London, were taken to the nearby Elm Guest House in Barnes, where they were abused.
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Labour’s child sex apologists: How three of the party’s most senior figures campaigned for a vile paedophile group now being probed by police for ‘abusing children on an industrial scale’

PUBLISHED: 23:32, 18 February 2014 | UPDATED: 23:57, 18 February 2014
Appearing in the pages of a Left-wing magazine called Rights, it was, by any account, an extraordinary letter.
Written by one Mike Morten, who lived in London and described himself as ‘both a paedophile and gay’, the letter complained that laws forbidding him from having sex with children ‘interfere with my life and civil liberties’.
‘Consensual sex between adults and children is simply people of different age groups being nice to each other,’ it argued.

Harriet Harman: Legal officer of the NCCL, now Labour Deputy Leader


Jack Dromey: Left-wing firebrand, now a shadow minister


Harriet Harman: Legal officer of the NCCL, now Labour Deputy Leader. Right, Jack Dromey, a Left-wing firebrand, now a shadow minister

Morten then criticised recent newspaper articles which had described perpetrators of child sex offences as ‘molesters’.
‘This is a loaded and pejorative term,’ he declared. ‘It’s a totally inaccurate description of us, and a put-down, in much the same way that “pansy” is a put-down of gays and “n*****” a put-down of blacks.’

The letter was dated October 1982, and today his words seem so bizarre, so appalling, that a casual reader could be forgiven for wondering if they are a grotesque spoof.
No magazine, of any political persuasion, would dare to carry material that attempted to portray paedophiles as some sort of oppressed minority.

Patricia Hewitt: General Secretary of the NCCL, later Labour minister


Patricia Hewitt: General Secretary of the NCCL, later Labour minister

Neither would the oxygen of publicity be given to a self-confessed sexual predator who, like Morten, wanted to convince readers that small children might somehow ‘enjoy’ being abused by adults.
The publisher of a printed title which advanced such morally repugnant views, apparently in the name of political correctness, would surely be committing career suicide.
Yet Rights was no knockabout spoof. And the people behind its publication certainly didn’t sink without trace.
Quite the reverse, in fact.
The now dog-eared 1982 magazine, which I have unearthed in archives, was the quarterly journal of the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), the well-known lobby group which is now called Liberty.
Known as a radical campaigning organisation, the NCCL was that year being run by three tub-thumping young Left-wingers who would rise to extremely senior positions in the Labour Party.
One was Patricia Hewitt, who as general secretary of the NCCL from 1974 to 1983 was at the helm of the organisation. She went on to become Tony Blair’s Health Secretary, and nowadays has a lucrative seat as a non-executive director on the board of BT earning £160,000 a year for a part-time job.
Another was Harriet Harman, the current Labour Deputy Leader. She served as its legal officer from 1978 until October 28, 1982, when she won a by-election and entered Parliament as the MP for Camberwell and Peckham.
A third was Jack Dromey, Harman’s husband, who sat on the NCCL’s executive committee for more than a decade.
He would go on to serve as Labour’s party treasurer under Tony Blair, and after standing for Parliament in 2010, now is one of Ed Miliband’s shadow ministers, with responsibility for communities and local government.
The trio cut their political teeth in the NCCL, forging lifelong alliances with liberal activists that have stayed with them to the present day.
Yet as suggested by Mike Morten’s deeply troubling letter — which graced the NCCL’s in-house magazine — some of these alliances are today starting to look very murky indeed.
The reason is the NCCL’s formal relationship — throughout their reign — with the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), a lobby group which was formed in 1975 to advance the ‘human rights’ of predatory paedophiles.
At its height, PIE boasted almost 1,000 members and publicly campaigned for child sex to be legalised, and for the age of consent to be lowered to four.
Its literature, which quoted cod scientists and psychologists, was often sent to Parliamentary committees.

Hewitt's organisation lobbied Parliament for the age of sexual consent to be lowered to ten (if the child consented and 'understood the nature of the act')


Hewitt’s organisation lobbied Parliament for the age of sexual consent to be lowered to ten (if the child consented and ‘understood the nature of the act’)

One such document — a copy of which I have obtained — argued that sexual relationships between adults and children tend to be ‘actually beneficial to the child’.
It made the revolting claim that ‘girls as young as four months can achieve orgasm’, and that four-year-old children ‘can communicate verbally’ their consent to sex.
A leaflet PIE sent to MPs, entitled ‘Paedophilia: some questions and answers’, claimed: ‘Paedophiles are ordinary, decent, sensible human beings, no more sexually depraved than yourself, and with a capacity for loving and helping children which is at present being repressed.’
Over the years, amid widespread controversy, several similarly controversial books were published by PIE.
It wasn’t until 1984, after the organisation’s leaders had been convicted of a string of appalling crimes, that it was eventually disbanded.
Amazingly, during almost all of this morally bankrupt existence, the Paedophile Information Exchange had enjoyed a formal working relationship with the National Council for Civil Liberties.
Their cosy collaboration began in 1975, when PIE was granted official ‘affiliate’ status with the NCCL — then led by Hewitt, with Dromey on its executive — after arguing they shared common goals regarding sexual liberation.
At the time, the gay rights movement was hugely fashionable in liberal circles. PIE successfully aligned itself to that cause, claiming that paedophiles were as much an oppressed minority as homosexuals.

One such document… made the revolting claim that ‘girls as young as four months can achieve orgasm’, and that four-year-old children ‘can communicate verbally’ their consent to sex

The NCCL took this bait. Indeed, over ensuing years, despite the disgusting nature of PIE’s publications and public pronouncements, it worked tirelessly to legitimise many of its political aims.
In 1976, for example, Hewitt’s organisation lobbied Parliament for the age of sexual consent to be lowered to ten (if the child consented and ‘understood the nature of the act’), and, I have discovered, for incest to be legalised.
With Harman as its legal officer, the NCCL in 1978 also attempted to water down child porn laws.
A string of motions were passed at NCCL annual general meetings supporting the ‘human rights’ of paedophiles. The organisation’s staff also provided PIE activists with endless legal support in their battles with police and the Press.
All of which might have been long forgotten, were it not for a rumbling scandal that recently returned PIE to the headlines.
A couple of months ago, the Home Office announced that it had launched a ‘thorough, independent investigation’ into claims that PIE had secretly received public funding while Labour prime minister James Callaghan was in Downing Street.
The inquiry will attempt to establish whether payments to the pro-paedophilia group totalling tens of thousands of pounds were signed off by a civil servant who worked under Labour’s then Home Secretary, Merlyn Rees.
It will also focus attention on the question of how an organisation so obviously malign achieved sufficient respectability in Left-wing circles to be deemed a worthy recipient of public funds.
The NCCL, and its relationship with PIE, lies at the heart of this question.
All of which perhaps explains why, when this newspaper first reported the NCCL’s now very embarrassing links to PIE in December, neither Harman, nor Hewitt, nor Dromey was eager to elaborate on the issue.
Hewitt did not comment at all. A spokesman for Harman claimed: ‘The very suggestion that Harriet was in any way supportive of PIE or its aims is untrue and misleading.’
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  1. Stingrayau
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 05:00:59
    Fuck me mate, dont you ever sleep ?
    John the Pom
    • Dogman
      Feb 19, 2014 @ 06:13:13
      And that in a nutshell sums our political and policing systems up. How long has it taken them to work out they should be investigated?
      No wonder we are referred to as the UK rather than Great Britain.
      Been a long time since we were great at anything other than establishment cover-ups.
      Stingrayau, if you have any news for us, we’d be pleased to have it.
      • wiggins
        Feb 19, 2014 @ 12:55:07
        Notice the difference between this story and Robert Green’s record time arrest and sentencing…..

  2. Johnny D
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 08:06:12
    I’m confused. Why out of all the MSM outlets is it the Chimp exposing these filthy scum?
    If Harman, Hewitt, Hodge etc etc have their collars felt surely the floodgates will open and the paedophile infested House of Commons and House of Lords will be exposed.
    Or am I missing something?
    • Trevor
      Feb 19, 2014 @ 10:14:27
      It’s a smear campaign to stop Harperson from being PM in five or ten years time. No one will be arrested, it’s just to get this information out there so Harperson will know that she’s being knobbled.
      I’m not saying that any of this information is untrue, it’s just that it’s only being released for political purposes. Obviously a Parliament of 600+ peadophiles isn’t going to allow any arrests to be made. Unless someone owes money to their lodge.
      • Wolfie
        Feb 19, 2014 @ 10:22:50
        To true , then again we could lodge a complaint instead of beavering about , POA .

  3. Prajna
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 09:46:34
    So why do we vote for such scum as can be this morally bankrupt? And they all are. Doesn’t it show that the whole political system is entirely fucked. We need a new one that starts with lynch mobs rather than political affiliations, which are, after all, no different than supporting a football team.
    Why was there not the horror, disgust and cries for convictions when these things were first published that are the only sane reaction now? Was nobody awake then?
  4. Laz
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 09:49:16
    I wonder if this lot are actually demonic entities, with holographic human bodies. Goodness it sounds like David Icke has got to me! I just have to say ” evil, pure unadulterated evil ” But NOBODY ( in a powerful position ) is challenging the evil. You have to say that the upper echelons themselves are pure evil, so disclosure will never happen. In my opinion it would take a supernatural intervention. This idea is very much against the grain in the alternative media. No saviour in their future paradigm. Just an awakening that will reach critical mass and usher in the perfect world. I call this the cloud cuckoo land. Sorry these creatures who rule us, are nothing but Satanists. They actually worship the dark force and are led by it. Even when a few snippits of this activity come to light there is outrage maybe, but it’s soon forgotten. My prayers and exhortations are that the evil will be removed by the exact opposite of that which our masters worship. In summary I would postulate that we are in a spiritual war …….. but I am an optimist with absolute certainty that goodness will prevail and I salute Chris Spivey for his wonderful research and gift of writing, and indeed bravery, for exposing these Satanists. Keep up the good work Chris!
    • Trevor
      Feb 19, 2014 @ 10:25:49
      Well said. Unfortunately this mass spititual awakening that we are told about is itself a satanic policy. Every satanic religion promotes the idea of man somehow elevating himself to the next level to attain god-like powers. Whether it’s freemasons, witches or newage thinkers, they are all following the same plan. Many of them have been duped into thinking that they are fighting against satan for mankind when they are doing the opposite.
      I wish that so-called free thinkers who are hoping for this mass awakening would look into Alice Bailey’s Theosophy and wake up to themselves.
      • Trevor
        Feb 19, 2014 @ 10:57:29
        In fact, anyone out there who’s ferevently training their pineal gland to help usher in this mass awakening should have a butcher’s at this for a start:
        ht tp://
      • serena
        Feb 19, 2014 @ 17:55:42
        Trevor, there are those of us who are what we refer to as hereditary Witches who do not align themselves to any of the so called ‘New Age’ philosophies, many of which I believe to be fatally flawed and, in effect, ego driven. In other words no human can elevate themselves to be ‘God like’, The battle between good and evil is taking place right under our noses every day. Right now, though, the dark forces and those who ‘work’ for and with them have the upper hand and if we want to at least attempt to come out on top and forge a world worth living in then it is my belief that we should fight them forgetting the New Age ways of thinking and use the old methods going back hundreds of years. Just my though anyway xxx
      • Trevor
        Feb 19, 2014 @ 23:54:12
        Serena, do you communicate with spirits?
      • serena
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 00:19:45
        Yes Trevor I do although I prefer to say ‘those who have gone home before us’.
      • Trevor
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 09:37:14
        Do any of them like Jesus?
      • Dogman
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 19:46:59
      • serena
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 12:49:12
        Yes Trevor, my second mum and father-in-law do but I will tell you what they said to me after passing over, we are all correct in whatever belief we choose to follow, what is wrong is using that belief as a way to be superior in either wealth or behaviour and many religious figures are in for a nasty shock when their time comes. As for Jesus himself, I’m told he is a healer and a guide and that is from my interpretation of conversations I have had. Many (not all) very senior religious leaders actually follow not Christ but Luciferian ways but there is one heck of a price to pay.
      • Dogman
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 16:06:25
        Serena & Trevor, probably the first documented exorcism is attributed to Jesus, or so I’ve read.
      • serena
        Feb 21, 2014 @ 03:30:09
        Yes, Dogman…you are absolutely right and I believe that several are well documented xx

    • madvic
      Feb 19, 2014 @ 17:47:27
      Hi Laz,
      Check out Mark Passio on youtube. He explains the whole New age non sense and add’s a lot of info on the esoteric.

  5. Edgar Steele
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 10:30:55
    This country will continue to disappear down the shitter until the British people learn to tell the difference between a white politician and an Ashkenazi jew masquerading as a white politician.
  6. lorraine
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 12:27:13
    Wolfie, thanks for sending me the information I asked for…………I will give it my full attention, Lorraine xx
  7. Hercules McGuire
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 12:47:54
    Edgar it’s not “Ashkenazi Jews” or Jews of any kind that are the problem mate, Jews or any other race or nationality are not the problem , it’s THE ELITES OF ALL RACES AND COLOURS. Racism is just another tool used by these bastards to control the “thick masses” as they see us. I know plenty Jews who hate the rotten system as it stands and NEITHER are they Zionists, detesting it as any decent person would. Please don’t allow mindless racism to divide resistance to the corrupt system
    • OldGit
      Feb 19, 2014 @ 20:00:35
      “I know plenty Jews who hate the rotten system as it stands and NEITHER are they Zionists, detesting it as any decent person would.”
      And where are they protesting & speaking out?.Answer,they are not.
      Because if they did they would be shunned by that collective called the “Jewish community”.& they would,bit by bit,lose access to all the ‘goodies’ that come by being a part of that “Jewish community”.Nice try pal,but with those of us who have been following events internationally for many years it doesn’t wash.Now collect your Hasbara money & try another website.
      • Dogman
        Feb 19, 2014 @ 21:16:21
        Old Git, I beg to differ.
        Two websites
        ht tp://
        ht tp://
        “On Sunday, June 1, 2003 at 5th Ave. and 59th St. in Manhattan, NYC a group of anti-Zionist Jews demonstrated against Zionism and the Zionist State celebrated by marchers in the so-called Israel Day Parade.” (Anti-Zionist orthodox Jews protest against Israel ) As improbable as it may seem to the uninformed, a significant number of Jews in the United States, Great Britain, Israel and elsewhere oppose Zionism, Zionist oppression of the Palestinians and, in some instances, even the very existence of the State of Israel itself! We say hidden protest because this tangible opposition has been totally ignored by the news departments of the major television and radio networks, magazines and newspapers (in the last source, some papers, such as The New York Times, may make very brief mention of the protests, but even then they bury articles far from the front page). Jews: Zionism is cause of instability in the world “The Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews will proclaim their loyalty to pure Judaism and their opposition to Zionist heresy, which violates every principle of the Jewish religion. These people believe that the idolatrous Zionist ideology has nothing to do with Orthodox Jews, and that Jews are obligated by Judaism to live in peace and harmony with all other nations throughout the world, including Palestinian natives of course.”
        Proof there are divides in treatment and attitude of other jews
      • Hercules McGuire
        Feb 19, 2014 @ 21:36:12
        Well said Dogman BIG UP FELLA NK are good people. Orthodox Jews and totally ANTI ZIONIST….I suggest OLD GIT finds another site and takes his bigotry there eh?
      • Hercules McGuire
        Feb 19, 2014 @ 21:37:36
        check out Dogman’s links and then why don’t YOU pack up and take your bigotry elsewhere fella?

    Feb 19, 2014 @ 13:30:42
    Well done on getting this story out there long ago.Maybe these twats in the MSM are looking (or copying) your site to get some real news to print?….
  9. Worldgonemad
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 13:33:23
    Guy Fawkes had the right idea and look what happened to that poor sod…
  10. Sue
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 13:38:43
    And why oh why would Oppenheimer /Hodge be given the first ever childrens minister position? Inspite of or because of her covering up the sexual abuse of children in Islington. Her allegiances to child sex abusers was no secret. You’ve got to be one to get on don’t cha know?
  11. kristin carr
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 14:04:14
    This is very old news, why is this only being reported in the mainstream now and not years ago? David Icke exposed these people years ago, proved right again.
    • Terry B
      Feb 20, 2014 @ 10:54:58
      Timing is everything.
      The fact is that this information has been out there in the alt media for a long time and has been ignored by the mainstream. Now I’m guessing someone with an agenda of their own believes the time is right to use this info.
      I doubt anything serious will come of it but hopefully it will shine a light on the filthy corrupt fuckers and enlighten a few more.

  12. fuck the state
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 15:03:03
    And to think cunts like this horrible slut, and her ass bandit Blair pal, bum boy Lord Roberson, glass eye Brown and several hundred others want to control what information you can get your hands on about them. But his whore thinks it’s ok for her paedo pals to be able to indulge ! Is she for fucking real ? These things she has written about need blasting into the mainstream.
  13. lorraine
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 16:01:31
    Hercules Mcguire ‘don’t let racism divide us…….’
    Hercules I agree with every word you have said. Race is a tool that is used to divide and conquer us so that the evil elites can remain in power. I am not Jewish myself but I know plenty of Jews who are as disgusted by the system as everyone else. And you are right: The REAL enemies of the world are the ‘elites’.
    • OldGit
      Feb 19, 2014 @ 20:12:02
      LORRAINE:- I refer you to my very recent comment above in answer to what Hercules posted.There will be many attempts on sites such as this to distract people from finding out who the true enemies of humanity are.They will almost invariably complain about the use of such as words as “racism”,”anti-semitism”,& suggest that we have a common “elite” enemy & should all pull together,but will NEVER EVER suggest just who that enemy is.If you haven’t ‘sussed’ who I’m talking about by now,then I can’t help you any further.
    • Hercules McGuire
      Feb 19, 2014 @ 21:40:39
      thanks Lorraine your a star love ;) Bigotry and racism are disgusting and THE ELITES RELY ON RACISM AND BIGOTRY BIG TIME
      • Hercules McGuire
        Feb 19, 2014 @ 21:46:26

  14. mummifriedchi
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 17:19:27
    Miss Chakrabarti, said: ‘It is a source of continuing disgust and horror that even the NCCL had to expel paedophiles from its ranks in 1983 after infiltration at some point in the Seventies.
    This ‘infiltration’ was a militarily speaking precise word to describe the process by which key Luciferians were put into positions of power in public ionstitutions.
    Very importantly this indoctrinated 60s freelove generation of politicans were hippies who went on to revive the 19th centruy Theosophy and repackage it as New Age..’This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.’
    Practitioners of this essentially Luciferian cult use something in their higher eschalons of power called Sex Magic…point being their rationale is that when they take the energy of a child (Molesting, torturing, or killing)that means to
  15. mummifriedchi
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 17:35:41
    sorry just slipped
    …increase the payment for the power they supposedly receive from the spirits.
    ‘It made the revolting claim that ‘girls as young as four months can achieve orgasm’, and that four-year-old children ‘can communicate verbally’ their consent to sex.’
    This information comes from a deviant called Alfred Kinsey who wrote about male and female sexuality in the 1950s, His research into human sexuality was funded by non other than Rockefeller. He had a section in his book about the sexuality of children and made claims all scientifically researched by paedophiles who were known to him and he in fact gave them tips on how to more scientifically record their abuse of children as young as 4 months old such as stop watches and questionaires. (unbeknown to his readership)
    This man was the so called father of the sexual revolution that followed in the 60s.
    More power to you Mr. Spivey for uncovering this scum.
    Peace to you and yours
  16. pitano1
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 18:12:46
    the jews,are not the problem…its the…ZIONISTS,and that is a religion.
    the majority of everyday folk,that read that article,will bleat on about it,and then do
    what..?..FUCK ALL
    in fact..they will probably be first in line at the polling station to vote the next batch of cunts
    in..when the time comes.
    NOT realising..of course,they are asking some one,they dont fucking know`to re-present
    PSYCHO`S…to speak on your behalf,and basicly…GET AWAY WITH MURDER,and all
    the rest of the crap….ALL BECAUSE…of…DEMOCRACY/MOB RULE.
    democracy,dont exist,by the way…we are in a feudal system.
    so…..whats the answer.
    its…a. few words,that people of the general public,seem to have forgotten.
    i can only imagine,that this is brought about,by fear,or to much telly/propaganda
    general apathy/lazyness e.t.c.
    [the below is for the general public]…and should realy be on
    the public infomation channel]
    pucker up your lips,and we will run through them.
    FUCK OFF.!
    this of course…is universally recognised,by all bureaucrats,and government agency`s,and
    will result in a….lot of huffing,and puffing…from them.
    • wiggins
      Feb 19, 2014 @ 19:41:57
      Zionism isn’t a religion…it is the Politics of the stolen state of Israel….Judaism is a Religion and note…..not a race.
      • OldGit
        Feb 19, 2014 @ 20:18:15
        WIGGINS:- Judaism,Zionism,it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference.THEY BOTH WORK FROM THE TALMUD FOR THEIR ‘HOLY INSTRUCTIONS’.
      • gavster
        Feb 19, 2014 @ 22:30:10
        For anybody left in any doubt;
        “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” – Voltaire.
        Better still ask Dieudonne M’bala M’bala of la quenelle fame or Gilad Atzmon , talented Musician , ex Israeli soldier and Jewish citizen.
      • pitano1
        Feb 19, 2014 @ 22:45:57
        splitting hairs,i know..but.
        Religious Zionism
        Main article: Religious Zionism
        In the 1920s and 1930s Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook (the first Chief Rabbi of Palestine) and his son Rabbi Zevi Judah Kook saw great religious and traditional value in many of Zionism’s ideals, while rejecting its anti-religious undertones. They taught that Orthodox (Torah) Judaism embraces and mandates Zionism’s positive ideals, such as the ingathering of exiles, and political activity to create and maintain a Jewish political entity in the Land of Israel. In this way, Zionism serves as a bridge between Orthodox and secular Jews.
        While other Zionist groups tended to moderate their nationalism over time, the gains from the Six-Day War have led religious Zionism to play a significant role in Israeli political life. Now associated with the National Religious Party and Gush Emunim, religious Zionists have been at the forefront of Jewish settlement in the West Bank and efforts to assert Jewish control over the Old City of Jerusalem.
      • wiggins
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 17:30:24
        You won’t get any argument from me on that account Old Git……….

    • Velma
      Feb 19, 2014 @ 23:03:14
      “the jews,are not the problem…its the…ZIONISTS,and that is a religion”
      It’s not “ZIONISTS” who were expelled from practically every European nation (since 70AD) for their usury and graft, subversion and treason and filthy, racist, Talmud. Zionism is a more recent political ideology founded on a false premise to seize the ‘Promised Land’ from Palestine. Judaism is the religion of “the chosen” however, and inseparable from Zionism. Jews are not a race, but a tribe, traditionally hostile to ‘Gentiles’ and pretending to be ‘Israel’ in their conquest for the Pax Judaica.
      • Dogman
        Feb 19, 2014 @ 23:29:35
        The Black Nobility took control long before terms like Illuminati and Zionism were thought of. We have been force fed religious doctrines that are at odds with occultic worship that has survived for at least 5000 yrs. If it is bollocks, how has it survived so long?
        The Druids influence needs to be considered too.
      • Dogman
        Feb 19, 2014 @ 23:39:04
        Velma mentioned Pax Judaica. Eustace Mullins mentions it when he tells us about this:
        The unchallenged transcript of a speech by Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich was documented as having been delivered before the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12, 1952
      • serena
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 02:56:01
        Yes, the Druids influence most certainly must be considered…especially as one William Roache of Coronation Street ‘fame’ is known to be a Druid and Spiritualist, although I believe he keeps the Druid side quiet. Also a Druid author by the name of Douglas Monroe wrote the 21 lessons of Merlyn (choke!) which many practising Druids claim is a pile of rubbish with much of what Monroe writes about dismissed as pure fantasy, having said that there are a number of Druid organizations such as this one ht tp:// who follow his teachings.
        What is also interesting about Monroe himself is that there have been stories stating that he is a ‘child abuser’ and hiding out in Mexico to avoid The Authorities in The US..where I could find the said article stating he was wanted for child abuse last year it seems to have disappeared even when googled although I found this: ht tp://

  17. Dogman
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 20:21:14
    Most of the organisations that rule us are connected.
    Focus on one and the others will sneak past you.
    Theosophical background:
  18. Dag Verdi
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 22:10:47
    Secrecy has to be outlawed once again, no good oldgit and the newbie arguing. Who the fuck are they to put any kind notice, with any kind of capital letter, into the archives for 100 years!? This is our paid for information and is where we may start to see some semblance of truth, if the fire didn’t get most of it?
  19. Velma
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 22:36:21
    This bitch and her ilk basically want paedophilia legalised, but she’s married to a judge, nuff said… and she was preceded as MP for Leicester West by the vile Baron Greville Janner whose Barnet home was raided by police “as part of a historic child sex investigation dating back many years”. He was President of the Board of British Jews, campaigns for Holocaust victims to receive compensation, he is a member of the Magic Circle and the International Brotherhood of Magicians. A Kabbalistic cunt in the same cult as Savile. Where’s my fucking pitchfork when I need it?
  20. fuck the state
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 23:20:35
    Just thinking out loud. Will i be the only one laughing when Tony Blair and all of his family are assassinated ? Fuck the police guarding them too.
  21. Inferno
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 08:12:37
    Luckily for Harman and Hewitt no one in their right minds would ever want to see them in the buff. Not as children, not as grown-ups. Total stinking twats.
  22. lorraine
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 12:41:48
    OG ‘if you haven’t sussed who I am talking about by now………..’
    OG I assume you are talking about ME when you say that ‘some’ people are trying to divert attention away from who the true enemies are. Well that is fuckin rich coming from you, you old cunt. Who was it who made a joke about child rape a few day ago? You have got some fuckin nerve questioning my credentials in the war against the elites. I recently RISKED MY LIFE to try to help a child I didn’t even know that well. Can YOU say that YOU have ever done that you shagwank! And yes of course I am aware that Jews hold an enormous amount of power in the world but equally as evil is the Catholic church. So what do we do now? Hate everyone who is a Catholic? Old Git I am gonna tell you what I think: I think you are a shill cunt; I think you are using the race card to divide everyone instead of being UNITED which we must be if we are to bring these cunts down. Now fuck off and make a few more sick jokes about hollie greig you old cunt!
    • OldGit
      Feb 20, 2014 @ 18:18:23
      I recently posted this to direct someone to a piece of info that they seemed not to know.This article has been on the net for years now & tells you all you need to know.In brief,the Jewish money power knows that when you have many different races & religions in one country,divisions can easily be stirred up between them & any attempt to unite them can be stymied,especially when the Jewish money power controls what “news” everybody reads.The reason you have so many different races & religions in Britain now is to break up any chance of solidarity among the original white working class.They knew there would be clashes between the various groups & had the first Race Relations act all ready.& now,bit by bit,more & more restrictions have been placed on what you can say about just about anything.Or haven’t you noticed?.Recently someone had to pay 6000 quid compensation to a guy of Irish ancestry who said he was hurt & offended by an Irish joke.Such a thing was unknown in the 50′s,60′s,70′s,80′s,etc,but now?.As for you risking your life to rescue a kid,well I’ve never been in that position,OK?.
      And now the reference:-
      “With respect to the doubt about Jews hating Whites & Christians,
      would you all please bookmark this thread for reference.
      Better still,download it & print out the relevant posting
      as text.And remember,this was the Chief Rabbi of Gt. Britain
      speaking.Apart from this,there are plenty of quotes on
      the net of prominent Jews & rabbis saying much the same
      So now,Lorraine,if you haven’t read it before,read if now.It should clear up any doubts.
      • OldGit
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 18:22:38
        P.S. As for my tasteless offensive jokes,I’ve got stacks of them.I had the good fortune to grow up long before “Political Correctness” was imposed on the people of these islands.
      • Hercules McGuire
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 23:29:48
        Besides what you call “political correctness” “Old Git” some people might just call GOOD MANNERS AND SENSITIVITY fella, not everyone who has manners and is sensitive is some sort of “jew loving race mixing race traitor” there is only ONE RACE……the human race and before you think it, no I’m not black or a jew…I would have fared well under Adolf’s friends being blond and 6ft 5…..racism has no place here

    • Hercules McGuire
      Feb 20, 2014 @ 23:23:34
      The elites LAUGH when we fall for the “jews control the world” SHIT because THAT is what it is Lorraine, well spotted. Zionists I oppose, I am WELL SUSPICIOUS of anyone who pushes any form of RACISM, many many Jews despise Zionism, what do the racists say about them eh? Racists should fuck off from this site
      • Dogman
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 23:39:19
        Joseph Goebbels (Head of Nazi Propaganda Ministry) — Trained at a Jesuit College
        Joseph Stalin (Communist Dictator) — Trained by Jesuit monks at Tiflis Seminary
        Fidel Castro (Communist Dictator) — Trained by Jesuits at Colegio Belen
        Bill Clinton (Former US President) — Trained by Jesuits at Georgetown University
        George Tenet (Former CIA director) — Trained by Jesuits at Georgetown University
        William Casey (Former CIA director) — Trained by Jesuits at Fordham University
        Juan Carlos I (King of Spain) — Trained by Jesuits at the Instituto de San Isidro
        Timothy Leary (Leading Proponent of LSD) — Trained by Jesuits at Holy Cross College
        John Kerry (US Senator) — Trained by Jesuits at Boston College
        Robert Gates (Secretary of Defense) — Trained by Jesuits at Georgetown University
        Robert Baer (Former CIA case officer) — Trained by Jesuits at Georgetown University
        King Abdullah II (King of Jordan) — Trained by Jesuits at Georgetown University
        Jose Barroso (President of the European Commission) — Trained by Jesuits at Georgetown University
        Alexander Haig (White House Chief of Staff, Iran-Contra General) — Trained by Jesuits at St. Joseph’s Preparatory School and Georgetown University
        John Gannon (Former Head of the Homeland Security Department’s Intelligence Unit) — Trained by Jesuits at Holy Cross College
        Vernon Walters (Former Deputy Director of the CIA) – Trained by Jesuits at Stonyhurst College
        Prescott Bush (Former Co-Director of Union Banking Corporation, Dubya’s grandfather) — Trained by Jesuits at Stonyhurst College
        William J. McDonough (Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York) — Trained by Jesuits at Holy Cross College
        James E. Burke (Former CEO of Johnson & Johnson) — Trained by Jesuits at Holy Cross College
        Tom Clancy (Writer) — Trained by Jesuits at Loyola College
        Arthur Conan Doyle (Writer) — Trained by Jesuits at Stonyhurst College
        E. Gerald Corrigan (Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York) — Trained by Jesuits at Fairfield University and Fordham University
        William Daley (Former US Secretary of Commerce) — Trained by Jesuits at Loyola University
        Ruud Lubbers (Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands) — Trained by Jesuits at Canisius College
        Peter Lynch (Wall Street Stock Investor) — Trained by Jesuits at Boston College
        Antoin Scalia (Supreme Court Justice) — Trained by Jesuits at Xavier High School and Georgetown University
        Paul Getty (Wealthy Philanthropist) — Trained by Jesuits at Saint Ignatius High and the University of San Fransisco
        Vincente Fox (Former President of Mexico) — Trained by Jesuits at the Universidad Iberoamericana
        Joseph E. Schmitz (Former DOD Inspector General, Former Blackwater Executive) — Trained by Jesuits at the Georgetown Preparatory School and Georgetown University
        Charles de Gaulle (General of Free French Forces during World War II, First President of the French Fifth Republic) — Trained by Jesuits at College Stanislas
        Peter Pace (Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) — Trained by Jesuits at Georgetown University
        David Petraeus (Commander of US Central Command, Former Top Commander in Iraq) — Trained by Jesuits at Georgetown University
        James Jones (National Security Adviser, Former Supreme Allied Commander of Europe) — Trained by Jesuits at Georgetown University
        George Casey, Jr. (Chief of Staff for the US Army, Former Top US Commander in Iraq) — Trained by Jesuits at Boston College High School and Georgetown University
        Mike Stenson (President of Jerry Bruckheimer Film) — Trained by Jesuits at Boston College High School
        John V. Murphy (President of OppenheimerFunds, Inc.) — Trained by Jesuits at Boston College
        Michael Sullivan (Director of the ATF) — Trained by Jesuits at Boston College
        John J. Ring (Former President of the American Medical Association) — Trained by Jesuits at Georgetown University
        Mark Dybul (Global AIDS Coordinator) — Trained by Jesuits at Georgetown University
        Andrew von Eschenbach (Former FDA Director) — Trained by Jesuits at St. Joseph’s Preparatory School and Georgetown University
        Joseph F. Kilkenny (Commander of Navy Recruiting Command) – Trained by Jesuits at St. Joseph’s Preparatory School
        Michael Powell (Former Chairman of the FCC, Colin Powell’s Son) — Trained by Jesuits at Georgetown University
        David P. Burnham (Former Chairman/CEO of Raytheon) — Trained by Jesuits at Xavier University
        Tim Russert (Former Host of NBC’s “Meet The Press”) — Trained by Jesuits at John Carroll University
        Pierre Trudeau (Former Canadian Prime Minister) — Trained by Jesuits at Jean-de-Brebeuf
        Mark Thompson (Director-General of BBC) — Trained by Jesuits at Stonyhurst College
        William Joyce (Wartime Nazi Propaganda Broadcaster) — Trained by Jesuits at St. Ignatius College
        John M. Loh (Former Chief of Staff for the US Air Force, Former Vice Chief of Staff for the US Air Force) – Trained by Jesuits at Gonzaga College High School
        James E. Rohr (Chairman and CEO of The PNC Financial Services Group) — Trained by Jesuits at St. Ignatius High School
        Francis Rooney (Former US Ambassador to the Vatican) — Trained by the Jesuits at Georgetown University Preparatory School and Georgetown University
        Francis X. Coleman (Partner at Goldman Sachs) — Trained by the Jesuits at Fordham Preparatory School
        Mario Gabelli (CEO of FCB Worldwide) — Trained by the Jesuits at Fordham University
        John Keane (Former Vice Chief of Staff for the US Army) — Trained by Jesuits at Fordham University
        Francis Spellman (Former Archbishop of New York) — Trained by Jesuits at Fordham College
        Ray McGovern (Former CIA agent, Former adviser to Henry Kissinger, “Whistleblower”) — Trained by Jesuits at Fordham University and Georgetown University
        Edward Bennett Williams (Washington superlawyer whose firm defended many high-profile clients involved in suspicious cases such as Iran-Contra and the Reagan Shooting) — Trained by Jesuits at Georgetown University and Holy Cross College
        Gordon Liddy (Chief Operative for the Watergate “Plumbers”) — Trained by Jesuits at Fordham University
        Benjamin Fulford (“Illuminati whistleblower”) — Trained by Jesuits at Sophia University
        John F. McManus (President of the John Birch Society) — Trained by Jesuits at Holy Cross College
        Joe McCarthy (Communist Witchhunter) — Trained by Jesuits at Marquette University
        George Noory (Host of Coast to Coast AM) — Trained by Jesuits at the University of Detroit Mercy
        David Addington (Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff) — Trained by Jesuits at Georgetown University
        Janet Napolitano (Head of the Homeland Security Department) — Trained by Jesuits at Santa Clara University
        Leon Panetta (Head of the CIA) — Trained by Jesuits at Santa Clara University
        Adam Weishaupt (Founder of the Bavarian Illuminati) — Trained by Jesuits at Ingolstadt University
        Thank fuck it is just the Zionists we have to worry about!

  23. cigpapers
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 14:15:13
    Peter Tatchell’s letter to the Guardian, dated 26 June 1997, is reproduced in full below
    Ros Coward (Why Dares to Speak says nothing useful, June 23) thinks it is “shocking” that Gay Men’s Press has published a book, Dares To Speak, which challenges the assumption that all sex involving children and adults is abusive. I think it is courageous.
    The distinguished psychologists and anthropologists cited in this book deserve to be heard. Offering a rational, informed perspective on sexual relations between younger and older people, they document examples of societies where consenting inter-generational sex is considered normal, beneficial and enjoyable by old and young alike.
    Prof Gilbert Herdt points to the Sambia tribe of Papua New Guinea, where all young boys have sex with older warriors as part of their initiation into manhood. Far from being harmed, Prof Herdt says the boys grow up to be happy, well-adjusted husbands and fathers.
    The positive nature of some child-adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy.
    While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.
    Peter Tatchell.
    • Rile_Dup
      Feb 20, 2014 @ 16:17:24
      Yep says it all for me. He’s tried to backtrack from this recently but it was said and it’s very obvious what the cunt meant when he typed it.
    • mummifriedchi
      Feb 22, 2014 @ 10:44:38
      ‘Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy. While it MAY be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.’
      I recently found a 5 minute video debate in the Guardian comments section between Peter Tatchell and Ellie Cumbo. Mr Tatchell is now considered a human rights activist who wants the age of consent lowered in order to protect teenagers from criminal prosecution. Hmmmmm.
      It is my view that this man has consistently used the gay liberation agenda, which he also advocates, to hide the fact that since the beginning of the movement these pederasts/paedos have been given a pass by those in the leadership of the movement, that is Peter Tatchell and the above mentioned Paedo-hags. Thinking himself an unimpeachable gay icon he has again and again slipped up and shown that he is at least sympathetic to pederasts and their proclivities and at worst is an advocate of what he calls inter-generational sex.
      Peter’s same old tired dog eared defence:
      ‘The idea that I advocate paedophilia or sex with children is laughable, sick, untrue and defamatory. Unlike many Catholic clergy, I have never abused anyone. Unlike the Pope, I have never failed to report abusers or covered up their crimes. I do not support sex with children. Full stop.’
      If that were so then why is he advocating the rights of his fellow ‘writer/activists’ using ‘free speech and open debate’ as a liberal basis to promote vileness. They ‘deserve to be heard’ as he says but isn’t this tantamount to advocating for them? From the OED advocate means:
      1 person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy
      2 person who puts a case on someone else’s behalf
      As for his ‘friends’ maybe these ‘gay and straight, male and female (who) had sex with adults from the ages of 9-13 of whom ‘none feel they were abused’…just a thought but could it be possible that they are doing the same thing that was done to them to other 9-13 year olds. Precisely because it ‘gave them great joy’ could it be these individuals therefore see nothing wrong with grown men having sex with 9 year olds and that perhaps an investigation is required.
      ‘…..My Guardian letter did say very clearly that paedophilia is “impossible” to condone – meaning that I don’t condone it.’
      He actually said ‘while it may be impossible to condone paedophilia’ and why is he advocating again for his friends: ‘They have every right for their perspective to be heard. If they say they were not harmed, we should respect that.’
      Really? Should we also respect that he advocates for paedos and promotes the views of those who tell him that child-adult sex did them no harm. Okay then because they are only saying that sex between an adult and a 9 year old was a ‘conscious choice and gave them great joy.’
      This man is as allegedly guilty of promoting the rights of peados as those other ugly bent and decrepit degenerate bulldog bitches featured in Chris’ article. Thanks for highlighting this shit stain.
      Peace to all

  24. fuck the state
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 16:14:58
    All sex regarding children is detrimental to the child’s integrity or emotional development, in one way or another. Hey Peter Twatchell, you are far more paedo than homo. I see people like you are against nature, and it may have escaped your attention that humans don’t usually sexually develop until teenage years. These are then a transient and often, very confusing time for those involved. As such, in any so called, developed society, children deserve to be protected from the prehistoric cave man desires of sexual predators in the same manner that those same cave men abusing predatory paedophiles expect the modern state to protect them from being beaten to death on the streets !
    Yeah, you dirty fucking slimy twat. Imagine looking at your own innocent loved ones and some seedy fucker wanting to get into them against either their physical will, or mental will ! You fucking horrible bent cunt.
  25. fuck the state
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 16:20:12
    p.s. cigpapers. The people of Papua New Guinea are fucking major cannibals too. Does the sick fuck think we should introduce Jeffrey Dahmer or Dennis Nilsen sex education / modern home making classes in schools ? I hate that cunt, he is a real stomach turner. Now i wouldn’t go beating anyone just cos of their sexuality, but i would happily tow him from the back of a car.
    • OldGit
      Feb 20, 2014 @ 20:47:41
      Well now,hold on FTS.Do you realise how much edible meat there is on a full-size pig.Sorry,copper.In times of emergency they could be our food source.
      • fuck the state
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 20:55:39
        Well, i imagine there is more edible meat on a full size pig than there is on a J.D special ! Or a D.N pot roast. Probably taste better too…You will have to enlighten me on the rest of your post, as it was a little cryptic ! Should i be reading something into it ?

  26. Decency
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 17:54:10
    Sexual Abuse of Children is Sick Evil and Perverted and so too is Child Pornography
  27. Velma
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 22:16:02
    Harriet Harman is Ed Milliband’s deputy. Just sayin.’
  28. masonwatcher68
    Feb 21, 2014 @ 00:55:16
    My congratulation’s,on highlighting the JESUITS!
    This military order,controlled by their “Black Pope”,control’s Israel,using JESUIT-TRAINED,
    Shimon Perez,the Druid’s,Church of England,the Queen,EU,USA Presidents,and Army Gen-
    It own’s,The City of London,Washington DC,and Roman Catholic Church,using their controlled “White Pope” Francis!
    These people own everything,and were originally banned,from most of the world,but
    promised to get,their revenge!
    Check out,the book by Edmund Paris,entitled “The Secret History Of The Jesuit’s”.
    Also,check-out,theunhivedmind,and vaticanassassins website’s!
    • Dogman
      Feb 21, 2014 @ 01:28:19
      The Jesuits—like the false “Jews”—have been banned from almost every single country in the world.
      Funny that!
      • OldGit
        Feb 22, 2014 @ 17:30:24
        DOGMAN:- It doesn’t matter how many important & influential people have been educated at Jesuit colleges.THE.JEWS.CONTROL.THE.MONEY!!!.
        Jesuit dogma may be of interest,but CASH IS KING,ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE.
      • Dogman
        Feb 22, 2014 @ 18:52:18
        Please folks remember with this family you’re now dealing with the real power levels of the conspiracy and merchants of the highest levels. Forget the lower down levels that every man and his dog are aware of such as Rothschild. In comparison the Rothschild’s do not even come close to be able to be compared with the Black Nobility Pallavicini family who were funding wars a long time before the Rothschild’s were even accepted by the Cecil family which the Pallavicini controlled with an iron fist.
        You’re not meant to learn about these Fondi families which stay in the shadows and let their puppets take all the limelight instead. They certainly hate it when I shine light on them. Notice how this, Moroello Pallavicini is a controller of the Immobiliare Toscana Agricola which manages the Pallavicini estate. Interesting to see the GWM Group based in Geneva the Canton controlled by the Doria family and the Prince of Naples. All whilst this ITA is based in Lazio, Italy where the old Jesuit war rooms of Villa Farnese were based and the origins of The Pentagon today.
        Make sure you note the connection with the merchant Nattino family who’re on the board of the London Stock Exchange with, Giampietro Nattino. If we take a look at their Bank Finnat you’ll find its based at the location of the Farnese created Pizza del Gesu which houses the most powerful Church in the World run by the Jesuits called the Chiesa del Gesù. Interesting to find a Goldschmidt by the name of Leo working at Sodali with Giampietro Nattino. The Goldschmidt’s are Germanic based and very closely connected with the Rothschild family of a lower level than the Pallavicini, although they’ve now been accepted into the very powerful Aldobrandini family of Persia named after the important occultic bright star, Al-Debaran. The Middleton family who’ve married into the Windsors are Goldschmidts and quite possibly a cross of the Goldschmidt with Rothschild thus a scion of their bloodlines soon to produce an heir to the throne of England via Sforza blooded Prince William.
        -=The Unhived Mind

  29. Decency
    Feb 22, 2014 @ 11:31:17
    It Makes me Sick that such an Organisation Existed which Advocated the
    Sick Excrement that that Organisation did
    Sick Britain Indeed
  30. benny
    Feb 22, 2014 @ 18:41:03
    @oldgit money is just the method of control –
  31. jimbob
    Feb 22, 2014 @ 21:23:44
    So, at its height PIE had nearly one thousand members . . . Someone somewhere must know who they are. There must be a subscription list. Those people should be very worried about their unwise decisions. Though I expect MI5 has the list under lock and key, for “persuasion” when needed. Would explain a LOT of inexplicable events in high office.
  32. Johnjames
    Feb 25, 2014 @ 20:50:41
    Just another angle here. One last thing to add here for what it may be worth. These sick vile scum should get their just deserts and hopefully they will. They also could be used as the perfect excuse for their sick ways to paint a bigger picture here. And that picture is that the public will be so disgusted and let’s face it who would not be and who is not, that when the shit hits the fan and this information becomes more open In the public domain, then there is no going back and these folk go down. ( rightly so ) Politics will then never ever be the same and thus a new world one world government is then brought into the world in a guise to fool the public. Especially of late with the Savile stuff and other celebs. Is this a case of priming the public? After all they do it with film and music and Tv. Just a thought…..?

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