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Children Do Not Need Condoms: Tell NICE to Stop Sexualising Our Children

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The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have recently released new guidelines
– Sexually Transmitted Infections: condom distribution scheme. As part
of this scheme, NICE are recommending increased availability of condoms
to children as young as 13.

There already exist condom distribution schemes through which
children can get free condoms without parental consent. As if this were
not bad enough, NICE are now recommending even greater access to condoms
as a way to prevent further spread of sexually transmitted infections

This method for reducing the spread of STIs is extremely questionable as latest Government reports
show STI rates continuing to increase with “[t]he largest proportional
increases in diagnoses between 2014 and 2015 [being] reported for
syphilis (20%) and gonorrhoea (11%).” In other words, this approach has
been tried and it’s not working.

More importantly however, NICE are encouraging children to break the
law, they are undermining parental authority and they are encouraging
the sexualisation of children with its many known adverse side effects.
(see here and here)

1. NICE are encouraging children to break the law. The age of sexual
consent in the UK is 16 but by recommending the increased distribution
of condoms to 13 years olds, NICE are openly encouraging them to flout
the law which exists for their own safety.

2. NICE are undermining parental authority. Many parents and families
believe that sex should only occur between a married couple, and NICE
are actively subverting this view as it is passed on to the next
generation. This is because it is possible for a child of 13 to obtain
free condoms (as well as other contraception) without the distributor
having to inform their parents.

3. NICE are trying to sexualise children. The adverse effects of the sexualisation of children are well known.
Over 25% of teenage girls (14-17) who are sexually active say that they
are always, usually or often depressed, compared to 7.7% of girls who
are not sexually active. For boys the number is 8.3% compared to 3.3%.
Similarly, teenage girls who are sexually active are 3 times more likely
to attempt suicide then non-sexually active teenage girls. For boys,
the contrast is even greater – sexually active teenage boys are 8 times
more likely to attempt suicide than their non-sexually active

NICE are encouraging an illegal, anti-family and even dangerous activity, and we should not stand for it.

NICE must stop sexualising our children.…………

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Consultation on NICE Guidance – Sexually Transmitted Infections: condom distribution schemes – Children Do Not Need Condoms

For the attention of Christine Carson, programme director of the Centre for Guidelines at NICE,

Dear Ms Carson,

I write to you in regard to NICE’s most recent guidelines ‘Sexually Transmitted Infections: condom distribution schemes’.

In regards to this most recent document, you recommend further condom
distribution especially among young people and, in conjunction with
existing guidelines, you want this new ‘multicomponent’ approach to be
available for children as young as 13.

I ask you stop sexualising children, stop usurping parental authority and cease encouraging children to break the law.

1. I wish to remind you that the age of sexual consent in this country in 16.
If you encourage 13-year-olds to have sex, you should not be surprised
when they do. Rather than supplying condoms, you should encourage to
children to wait until they are older.
3. Many people have very
different views about the meaning and importance of sex and believe that
it should wait until marriage. Through your scheme you are undermining
this view and undermining the authority of parents.
4. The adverse
effects of childhood sexualisation, including increased rates of
depression and suicide, are well known. It is irresponsible and immoral
of NICE to advocate for a scheme which will only lead to more
sexualisation of children.

In light of this, I ask you to obey the law as written and not
distribute or encourage others to distribute condoms to children under
the age of 16.

The spread of STI should end but this will not happen through the sexualisation of children.

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