Deborah Elizabeth Maddison 22 October 21:45
“CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES IS OUT OF CONTROL.” Join us and listen in as we have a Round Table discussion with our guests on the “For Our Kids” show October 23rd at 5pm PST,
Years of research and high profile cases have shown that Child Protective Services is failing our children and it is apparent that their anti-family mindset –parents are wrong and the government is right— bleeds into the courts rubber-stamping of their pre-determined decisions. It has become obvious that this system designed to protect children has become the greatest perpetrator of harm to our children.
Our US guest co-host will be Glen Gibellina from Florida whose tireless efforts on behalf of children and families caught in these destructive systems gives him a unique perspective on what really goes on inside our courts and the damage to children and families as a result. We will also have 2 experts; U.S. Attorney Connie Reguli from Tennessee who started the group, Innocent Families Against Family Law Corruption; and International Forensic Child Abuse expert, Dean Tong from Florida.
We also have our 2 guests Dr. Ruby Dillon from California and Angel Linthicum Cook from Texas highlighting their most egregious cases and the suffering of their children and families due to the failure of Child Protective Services.
For Our Kids | – National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

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