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Simon Harris has links to some of the top people, such as Sir George Young (above) who has links to Sir Jimmy Savile.

Troy (Snowfaked) on Twitter.

Over many years, Simon Harris sexually abused young boys.


Was Simon Harris working for the UK security services?

In the 1980’s, Simon Harris sexually abused boys at Shebbear College, a private boarding school in Devon in the UK.


SHEBBEAR COLLEGE EXPEDITION TO NEPAL 1987. Simon C.D. Harris. Departs July 1, A 240-km trek for 16-18 year olds around the Annapurna Massif and across the Thorung La Pass {5379m}. Medical aid and school exchange projects in Kathmandu. Troy (Snowfaked) on Twitter.

Simon Harris sexually abused boys at Shebbear College but he was not prosecuted by the police.

However, Simon Harris was placed on the sex offenders’ register for life.

And Simon harris was issued with a Foreign Travel Order – which bans sex offenders from travelling abroad.

The UK military’s internment camp in Gilgil.

Between the early 1990s and the spring of 2013, Simon Harris spent six months a year in the Kenyan town of Gilgil.

Gilgil has a large military base.

Gilgil has links to ‘terrorism’.

(Terror unit probes Gilgil private school / A Kenyan School training TERRORISTS)


Simon Harris ran a charity called VAE, which helped arrange teaching placements in Kenya for British gap-year students.

Many charities are fronts for the security services.

In Kenya, Simon Harris raped ‘thousands’ of street children.

Some of the children were threatened by Simon Harris with death.

In 2004, Dan Ndiritu, who runs a Kenyan charity, Restart, reported Harris to the Kenyan police.

In 2013, a street child spoke about Harris’s abuse to Channel 4 documentary-makers who were filming in Gilgil.

The authorities were eventually forced to put Simon Harris on trial in the UK.

One of Harris’s victims, who gave evidence from Kenya via Skype, died in mysterious circumstances during the trial.

Michael Kamondia died on 7 December 2014, just days before the jury retired to consider their verdicts.

In December 2014, Simon Harris was found guilty of the sexual assault of children in Kenya.

Michael Adebolajo in Kenya. Reportedly he was working for MI5/MI6.

Kenya is a place of great interest to MI5 and MI6.


Was Simon Harris working for the UK security services?

How was Harris able to travel freely to Kenya?

Why was Harris unmonitored by West Mercia Police and social services, in spite of being on the sex offenders register?

Read more: http://www.dailymail

“It was 2001. I was just 19 and having elected to take a ‘gap year’ … I’d decided to spend 6 months of it teaching in Kenya.

Harris met us with some of his people and we drove to The Green House in two Landrovers..”

Fish and Chips: Kenya 2001: A Prologue.

Harambee Schools Kenya

Newsletter July 2003

Duke of Richmond [Charles Gordon-Lennox]

Lord Luce
Lord Howell of Guildford
Baroness Cumberlege
Sir George Young
Sir Anthony Evans
Sir John James

David Ashwanden
Rob Breare
Clifford Dann
Simon Harris
Will Snell


Simon Harris buddy Col. Vialou Clark’s Langalanga Scholarship Kenya 

Many thanks to Troy (Snowfaked) on Twitter.


  1. In W W II an employee of marks and spenser flora solomons, who was close to Kim Philbys wife and both were communist agents running messages for the jewish underground,
    Flora told MI5 that Sir Anthony blunt was running bum-boy parties for her boss, she was upset at young boys being used in this way


  2. I bloody knew it!!!! I KNEW there was more to him than meets the eye. Thanks, aangirfan for all you do.



    1. Many thanks!

      – Aangirfan

    4News – 15 July 2013
    Charity chief in court on Kenya child sex charges
    Minutes from Trustees Meeting

    d. HSK Gill, said that a search on Eburru had been done in London and an organization called “Harambee Schools in Kenya” had come up. Gill said that she had contacted Simon Harris who lived in Gilgil and had arranged to meet him on Thursday. Evans said that Mr. Harris had come to see him in 2003 and had suggested that the secondary school was placed in the wrong area. He had not heard from him again.

    VAE Volunteer Teachers Kenya – HSK
    The newsletter for ex-VAEs – August 2007

    As the permanent fundraising element of HSK, Clifford Dann must be the world authority on completing trust applications. His work, in collaboration with the Duke of Richmond, includes
    writing countless letters, organizing functions and events, and short-arming dignitaries to part with their cash. The result is a stream of donations entering HSK’s coffers and allowing school construction to proceed through the ebb and flow of other fundraising projects.


    Clifford Dann is a retired chartered surveyor, and is a past president of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and of the Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economy. His interest in Kenya was started by a visit to Kibera slum in 1996. He has been involved in fundraising for many years, and was appointed MBE in 2005 for services to charity. He brings expertise to HSK on building proposals, bursaries and raising funds, particularly from the corporate world and charitable trusts.

    Simon Harris first visited Gilgil Country Club in 1984 and has been to or in Kenya ever since. He did not want to take Peter King on safari so found him a job in Komothai, where he transformed the school. The Green House is now home to a huge family of waifs and strays as well as a sizeable permanent staff. He spends his time going round schools imparting valuable advice that is rarely heeded, but the influence of VAEs is improving the standards and thought patterns in the schools we work with.

    Peter King (PK) remembers the pre-Kenya days of VAE where men with big beards lost all the children but really enjoyed their time in the pub. He was ‘saved’ by Harris in 1995 and spent a blissful time at Komothai achieving little save the building of random walls. After graduating (just) he joined the Royal Engineers, hoping to build more walls, but spent 7 years in revolting places. He now runs a cycle courier fleet. In Kenya he is called rain god, as his appearance always precedes a downpour.


    Asperger and ASD UK Online Forum – 18 March 2007

    David Matthew Baker
    EDIT: It is a small world. I don’t suppose he knows someone called Ihogo N’Dungu then who works at Lereshwa Secondary or possibly if his relations are the other side an N’droge (not sure on the spelling) who works for a M’zungu called Simon Harris. (Simon Harris is the person who was incharge of the scheme I was voluntary teaching through. Quite a few people around Langa Langa knew me (I was refered to as N’dungu’s M’zungu by a lot of the children). It was 2004 when I was last out there. The teacher live in an old M’zungu built building off towards the left (and top end) of Langa Langa when coming in from Gilgil. He has now moved down to a new building near the road. The scheme I was out with is called VAE Kenya. Though the bit for building schools is know as HSK (Harambee Schools Kenya). There was also another organisation head by Col. Harry Vialou-Clark called the Langa Langa scholarship fund that helped less able students through schools. He also did charitable work to build schools. Ihogo’s family live further along the road from the school so are local too. Met his mum, dad, brothers and one of his sisters when I was out there. I stayed with his sister in Huruma in Nairobi on a few occasions too. (I think that is the right suberb anyway. I know the local taxi drivers didn’t like going there. Was near the edge of one of the slums.) Kenya is a great place though and well worth a visit.
    Derby Telegraph – June 29, 2013
    Students raises £20k for hall at Kenyan school

    Colonel Harry Vialou Clark, a retired Army officer, and his wife, Alison, received a cheque for £19,588 from the school during an assembly.


    VAE Kenya

    Since 1981 VAE has been challenging young people to experience more of the world and to develop themselves. We now live and work in Kenya, where we offer students and graduates (both recent and older) the opportunity to volunteer as teachers in poor, rural schools.


    Leisure, Travel & Tourism

    Privately Held

    Company Size
    1-10 employees


    VAE Kenya posted on CIA front “Action Without Borders” website 2011


    Kenya 2001

    The first day:

    Wow. This place is amazing.

    We got into Nairobi just after 9pm last night. Harris met us with some of his people and we drove to The Green House in two Landrovers (smokers and non-smokers). The roads gradually got worse and worse – the ones from Gilgil to The Green House take the piss.

    Last night was spent getting suitably bladdered on Kenyan lager.

    Today began with football and the realisation of how high up we are! We had lunch followed by Swahili lessons. Lucus, the teacher, was a good laugh, but I couldn’t help wondering whether he’d nick our stuff after.

    It felt so weird going into Gilgil. Everyone just stopped and stared – I felt really vunerable. We soon picked up a gaggle of street kids. These guys are awesome, but I’m really glad we were with one of Harris’ guys.

    We went for a bit of a walk, just now, to try and find the hot-springs. Needless to say we didn’t find the springs but we did find lots of children screaming “‘Ow are you”!! And we also met the drunk school-watchman.



    Harambee Schools Kenya
    Newsletter July 2003

    Duke of Richmond [Charles Gordon-Lennox]

    Lord Luce
    Lord Howell of Guildford
    Baroness Cumberlege
    Sir George Young
    Sir Anthony Evans
    Sir John James

    David Ashwanden
    Rob Breare
    Clifford Dann
    Simon Harris
    Will Snell


    Apr 11 2008
    An epic 6000 mile charity cycle ride to Kenya!

    The ride will raise funds for the charity ‘Harambee Schools Kenya’ (HSK)

    For more information about the rally and details of how to become involved see the website at

    Peter King, an ex-Army officer and coordinator of the rally…

    “Even before the recent troubles, the rally was essential to raise funds and awareness for these deprived schools and their pupils. Now, this money is urgently needed to support thousands of displaced refugees, offering education in overcrowded, but keenly attended, classrooms”.

    Simon Harris, Kenya-based trustee of the HSK says:

    “This ride, with its focus on Kenyan education, could not be more timely- every penny raised will go directly and immediately into the projects. And to have an event like this arriving in Kenya has already caused something of a stir. We look forward to welcoming the riders with a wash and a well-earned drink!”


  9. Whoa. In 15 minutes the newsletter got taken down from site. Talk about getting spied on in real time! Wish I saved it.



    Scanned backup

    Harambee Schools Kenya July 2004 Newsletter
    Editor: Simon Harris



    1. Well done Snowfaked and everyone else!

      – Aangirfan.


    Simon Harris
    Director at VAE Kenya
    Hereford, United KingdomLeisure, Travel & Tourism


    VAE Kenya

    1981 – Present (33 years)

    Social enterprise which provides placements for Volunteer Teachers (gap-year, graduate or older) to poor, rural schools around the town of Gilgil in Kenya.
    Base, offices and accommodation in Kenya.
    Provide support and advice for researchers and academics.
    Unique in having access to all sectors of society.


    Queen’s College, Taunton

    BA, Classics
    1971 – 1977

    University of Cambridge

    University of Southampton

    Ngumo Secondary School BOG
    Gilgil High School BOG
    Chairman of CBO (Gilgil Trust)



    VAE Teachers Kenya 2007

    Contact: Simon CD Harris


    The Geographical Magazine, Volume 59 1987 Page 152

    [S]HEBBEAR COLLEGE EXPEDITION TO MEPAL 1987. Simon C.D. Harris [17]. Departs July 1, A 240-km trek for 16-18 year olds around the Annapurna Massif and across the Thorung La Pass {5379m}. Medical aid and school exchange projects in Kathmandu.

    [Simon Harris was age 27 in 1987, not 17, but this is the same who abused boys at Shebbear College.
    Was this an advertisement to paedophiles?]


  14. You’re most welcome Aangirfan.

    Here’s a complete scan of page from Geographical magazine advertising Simon CD Harris 1987 Shebbear College Nepal Expedition

    The Geographical Magazine Guide to the World of Expeditions





    Simon Harris buddy Col. Vialou Clark’s Langalanga Scholarship Kenya

    Patron: The Earl of Carnarvon

    Vice Patrons:
    The Rt Hon Lord Luce KG GCVO PC DL
    The Rt Hon Lord Howell of Guildford PC
    The Rt Hon Sir George Young Bt MP


    Will Snell – Harambee Schools Kenya
    Jun 03 2007

    Will Snell spent a gap year teaching English in Kenya and went on to co-found a UK charity, Harambee Schools Kenya (HSK), while at university. Since then he has worked in a variety of roles across the voluntary sector and now works for the UK Department for International Development, co-ordinating policy work on reconstruction in Iraq. He plans to set up a social business pairing up large companies in the UK with small businesses in Kenya…

    “From a student in your gap year to chairman of a charity organisation working in Africa: describe your journey”

    I think that setting up HSK was in part a response to a psychological need to retain some kind of link to that experience. The friend that I set it up with had also been teaching at a school in the same part of Kenya, with the same gap year organization (VAE Kenya)…

    …as HSK grew over the following years, we broadened our scope to include fundraising from the general public, both in the UK and the US, as well as people with connections to the area through the VAE gap year scheme. Certainly, the changing attitude of the Kenyan government to education has helped; since 2002 we have enjoyed a much closer relationship, which has helped us a great deal.

    “HSK works in conjunction with the Kenyan government to quote “ensure that our work is aligned to the strategic direction of education policy in Kenya” “

    …In most cases we have been lucky to work with some vary committed and talented people who have done a great deal to help. This includes Members of Parliament, district education officials, and in particular officials within the local communities where the schools are based…


    Back to school for Lizzie
    Saturday, December 29, 2001

    A YOUNG Woodbridge woman is preparing to travel to darkest Africa where she hopes to brighten up the lives of schoolchildren.

    Lizzie Grubb, 18, of Orchard Close, will leave Britain on January 10 to spend six months in Kenya working for a charity which supplies the country’s woefully under-funded education system with volunteer teachers from around Europe.

    The former Farlingaye High School pupil has taken a gap year after finishing her A-levels in the summer and is anxious to help out at the school in a small village called Gilgil, between Nairobi and Mount Kenya.

    She will be joined by 13 other volunteers and will teach many different subjects on behalf of the ****French charity**** VAE Kenya.

    Anyone wanting to donate and help Lizzie make a difference in Kenya can transfer money to her Barclay’s Bank account number 60657816, sort code 209807.

    To contribute to the VAE Kenya charity visit their website at




    Harambee Schools Kenya was founded on 14 May 1999 by Rob Breare and
    Will Snell, two Oxford undergraduates. Both had spent time between
    school and university teaching in impoverished rural schools in the
    central highlands of Kenya with an organisation called VAE Kenya…

    …HSK was thus founded with the intention of raising money in the UK,
    the USA and worldwide…

    … Most importantly, we have a reliable and trusted
    team of staff in Kenya who work for us on a part-time basis when
    projects are in progress. They include a Project Manager, a Site
    Manager, and ***a Photographer***…

    …Our two sister organisations, VAE Kenya and the
    Langalanga Scholarship Fund…

    …We recruit students, ex-VAE volunteer teachers
    and volunteers from around the world to raise funds and awareness of
    our activities.



    Thursday, February 22, 2007

    Teaching in Kenya

    For some time, I’ve been considering returning to Kenya to teach whenever the next opportunity arises. However, having to pay £1000s to a gap-year company (not mentioning any names i-to-i) when none of this money is passed onto the school just seems ridiculous. Especially when said companies ‘services’ are decidedly mediocre. So I’ve been looking around for a different way of finding a teaching placements, and these guys really struck a chord with me:

    VAE Kenya

    So often, companies descriptions of placements are complete fantasies, “fantastic children, warm welcoming teachers etc”. The fact is, if everything was that great, they wouldn’t need volunteers. That’s why it made me so happy to see this description of a school on VAE’s site:

    “Komothai, although the first school we ever sent volunteers to, is still the least well organised, partly due to having had three Headmasters in the past five years, and partially to having a well ensconsed body of teaching staff who are resistant to change…. It is the only school in the area with an operating library. It has been given many books, yet its standards are appalling, and it has been given hundreds of trees and still looks like a building site”

    Thats exactly what my placement was like, except it was a new headteacher EVERY year.

    So it seems to me that this company puts volunteers where they’re really needed, and doesn’t charge you a fortune to finance their new office in ***Islington.*** Nice Work.


    Gilgil Trust

    Stapehill Road

    BH21 7ND Wimborne

    August 4th 2013
    Director of Public Prosecution Keriako Tobiko wants Fr Kizito charged with sodomy

    Father Kizito has defended himself against the accusations saying they were instigated by former employees who want to take over his Koinonia Community Trust, an organisation that helps bright kids from poor families with scholarships.

    Its properties, including a radio station, several children homes, a school and a guesthouse are valued at more than Sh500 million.

    Meanwhile, a Briton who ran a charity mission in Gilgil was charged in the UK with molesting two boys under his care. Simon Harris, 54, was charged with three offences against two children between 2003 and 2013.

    Harris was a director of VAE, a charity which places gap year students and post-graduates from the UK in poor, rural schools. He also ran an organisation called the ***Gilgil Trust***, that helps young street children in Kenya.



    Flora Nichol CV

    I am a very keen photographer and filmmaker. I have solely produced, filmed and edited documentaries and corporate films in the UK and Kenya with my personal filming equipment and editing facilities.

    I am a trustee for The Gilgil Trust, a charity based in Kenya. Along with four others we set this charity up to aid street children in rural Kenya. I took on this responsibility following a six-month period where I taught in a rural Primary school in The Great Rift Valley in 2005. Whilst teaching in Kenya, I was involved in extra curriculum activities and I also set up a library for the benefit of staff, pupils and the local community.


    The Economic Times of India

    What is the role of a social organisation in your business model

    A social organisation is the most important component of our business model and acts as our agent. It can be anybody a non-governmental organization, a microfinance institution, rural technology centers or even contract farming companies. These organizations do a due diligence on the lender and the borrower,after which they enter into a legal agreement. Currently, the organizations with whom we have tied up are SOS childrens village, Centre for Urban and Rural development society (CURD), *****Gilgil Trust***** and Vidyanikethan Trust.


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