Also in the Netherlands evidence has been mounting since the late 1990s that important individuals are involved in child abuse networks. ISGP already did a brief article on reports in Belgian dossiers that concerned the Netherlands. But there is more.

In the late 1990s there was the socalled Rolodex investigation in the Netherlands. A 2004 letter of Hans Laroes, editor in chief of the NOS News (one of the most respected news programs in the Netherlands), to the Council for Journalism, gives a good background.

Anyway, what follows next are the suspects from the Rolodex investigation. Prince Claus apparently was not under investigation by this cell. His named turned up during a case involving Frits Salomonson, which actually caused Salomonson to be put on the suspect list of the Rolodex investigators.

Frits Salomonson Subsidiary subdistrict court judge in Amsterdam. Judicial advisor to Queen Beatrix, the daughter of Prince Bernhard, and Prince Claus 1976-1996. Friend of Beatrix since her student days. “Uncle Frits” to the children of Beatrix and Claus. Member of the Guardianship Council of Prince Willem Alexander, the son of Queen Beatrix, until 1996. On the advisory board of Banque de Suez in the 1980s. Lawyer for Banque de Suez Holland in and around 1992. Long time associate of lawyer Oscar Hammerstein, who has numerous ties to Dutch organized crime. Head of the advisory board of a company named Text Lite 1984-1986, and remained on the advisory until the company collapsed in 1990. The collapse of Text Lite would grow into a scandal by 1994. Partner in the law firm Boekel de Nerée 1991-1995, where Rutger Schimmelpenninck was another partner (since about 1979). Schimmelpenninck became the curator for Text Lite, but eventually withdrew as he did not want to file a claim against Salomonson. Mentioned (but not by name) in the Van Traa Commission papers as a significant money launderer for the Klaas Bruinsma and Etienne Urka empire through the company Text Lite. Withdrew as advisor to Queen Beatrix over this affair. Lives in Belgium these days.

Prince Claus 1926-2002. Husband of Queen Beatrix since 1966. Not a spectacular career. In 1982 there were reports that Claus and Salomonson had been visiting gay bars in New York and that the Americans had taken pictures of their escapades. An unpublished Der Spiegel article over that affair also mentioned sources from Bonn that claimed Claus had been called back from his diplomatic post in Ivory Coast in 1962 because of improper sexual behaviour and because he had an affair with an East-German diplomat (KGB blackmail?). Until this point, there’s no reason to have taken up Claus in this list. That changes when one learns that during Salomonson’s trial a sworn testimony of a couple came to pass in which they claimed to have seen Claus in a brothel in a compromising position with a 12 or 13 year old boy. [11] True or not, there’s enough circumstantial evidence here to not let this go unreported.

Joris Demmink Born in 1947. Since 1982 active in the Justice Department. Secretary-general of Justice since 2002, working directly beneath Attorney General Donner. Child abuse accusations (always homosexual) against Demmink have been mounting since the 1980s.
Henry Hans Holthuis District attorney 1995-2000. Registrar of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia since 2000. The Nieuwe Revu and the Metro newspaper revealed his identity as one of the two district attorney’s in June 2007. [12]

Unknown district attorney Identity unknown, but similar statue as Hans Holthuis. Coincidentally, the most likely candidate ISGP had already come across years ago, because this person, who is gay, was a director of the Dutch branch of the WWF.
Job de Ruiter Born in 1930. Law professor at the Free University of Amsterdam. Attorney General 1977-1982. Secretary of Defense 1982-1986. Prosecuter-General in Amsterdam 1986-1990. His identity in the Rolodex investigation was revealed in a column in the Metro Newspaper on October 24, 2006. [13]

Ger van Roon Professor of political history at the Free University of Amsterdam. A friend of Joris Demmink. Children from eastern Europe who came in from Amsterdam’s central train station often went directly to the apartment of van Roon, where “sinister sex parties” were held, according to police files. Van Roon was in contact with such members of the pedophile underground as Karel Maasdam, “German Willy” (transported children) and Lothar Glandorf. The latter ran an elaborate pedophile brothel in Rotterdam and traded in hundreds of children from England to eastern Europe (Demmink was a client of his brothel).

In this brief article a considerable amount of information has been discussed that at the very least indicates that there is a serious amount of corruption and perversion at the top layer of Dutch and especially Belgian society. And it may not be unreasonable to assume that these things go on in many other western countries as well.

There are several ways to look at this. ISGP at this point is really just interested in understanding to what extend these affairs are going, how they influence the media, and to what extend the people discussed in all the articles on ISGP are being blackmailed – and by whom, of course.

In the Nebula article it was theorized that the worst and controlling aspects of these child abuse networks can be found in the covert operations crowd of the United States and Israel. As for Belgium, it was possible to make a pretty strong case for that. Information from the Netherlands is still a little scarce, although the IRT affair has some incredible parallels to the drug trafficking scandal surrounding Paul van den Boeynants.

We’ll see what comes out in the coming years.…p?q=1267644687

It’s also interesting that whenever (satanic) child abuse and rituals pop up in investigations these ‘royals’ are mentioned, every country, and are just as protected, or even more so, as a person like Demmink. It’s normal to them because they are conditioned from childhood and grow up in this sick, incestuous, degenerated family. Corruption of genes also plays a role + the demonic rituals and possessions. After all this, including the brainwashing, it seems difficult to grow up as a ‘normal’ person and there is little humanity left. It’s some kind of self preserving monster that must be stopped before it swallows more people into it’s trap.

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