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Hi all, I’m writing from WordPress.com blog, which as you will see has nothing on it really except one post. ‘That’ one post, which has sat on my blog since December 2013 that barely got any view (400) suddenly caused quite a stir late Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday and the end result was being kicked off my hosting account and having to look for new hosting and the blog taken offline.
What the fuck for? I hear you ask.
Well, the article UK Establishment Closes Ranks as Organised Child Sex Abuse Network Leads Back to No. 10′ which was reblogged from here suddenly received hit after hit from Facebook. 100 views, 150, 300, 400 views practically within minutes the hits shot up. 1000, 1200, 2000 hits all going to ‘that’ article.
Fabulous! Thinks I. About time people starting taking notice.
Seems too good to be true.
Did you hear that? That was the sound of my bubble being burst.
In the afternoon however, things suddenly changed. The hits were still coming in, 5000. From Facebook. In one day. For one article. Doesn’t happen. Never happened. Not unless you have a high-ranking blog. Which I don’t. Or it was just a fluke.
I began hearing the distant sound of alarm bells, there was something not quite right going on. All those hits didn’t add up. It didn’t seem to make much sense because if truth be told, I’m lucky the main blog gets 10 hits a day from Facebook and that’s a good day.(with the exception of a few articles that managed to get over 200 hits from time to time)  All my traffic comes from elsewhere and which is why I became suspicious. Was Wednesday just a lucky day?
As I watched the hits coming in, the blog began having internal errors. The blog was down, it was up, it was down, it was up! WTF!
I contacted the person who hosts my blog, who wasn’t amused in the slightest and was at school sports day. I was having difficulty accessing the blog to find out what was going on and fix the problem. The ‘host’ contacted me again and said it was a plug-in that was causing the problem and it was removed, so everything should be working ok now.
Another pm from the ‘host’. Apparently it was a script error, coming from ‘that’ article and I had to delete it instantly I was told and the ‘host’ didn’t like ‘that’ article. A christian person who didn’t like what ‘that’ article contained, exposing sexual abuse against children by MP’s and ‘celebrities.’ (Not very christian is it?)
Eh, hang on a second. As I have mentioned, the article was posted in December 2013, never been touched since then, except to add it to a new category. So nothing had changed within the article itself. I managed to get in to it, couldn’t find anything wrong with it. How can an article that had been posted six months before suddenly have an error, for no reason? Can that happen? An internal script error in the template perhaps (which I also never touch)?
The script error was so severe that it caused other blogs being hosted  by the same host to also go offline, became inaccessible, internal errors etc according to the ‘host’. Didn’t make sense to me. I hadn’t posted anything on the blog since the Rolf Harris guilty verdict two days before. I didn’t add anything new to the blog, no plug-ins, no media, nothing was touched. So what could cause this error?
A virus? A hack? I wasn’t aware of any. And still these hits from Facebook continued. I knew something wasn’t right and I also know that I didn’t cause this, I know for a fact I didn’t do this. But the ‘host’ wasn’t impressed. I asked her to look at what was happening on my blog, look at the traffic stats and that there was something else going on here but I had to delete the article.
And it was deleted. 🙁
This is where it gets interesting so please stay with it 🙂
Now deleting the article wouldn’t have stopped the traffic from Facebook, it would tail off eventually and anyone clicking on the url would get: ‘Oops! Page not found!‘ or similar.
Instead of the traffic continuing to ‘that’ article it stopped dead and hit  my homepage. A redirect.  At least that’s how it appeared.
What?!  That can’t be! That doesn’t happen! That can’t happen! Unless……….
So I told the ‘host’ to look at what was happening. By this time though, an entire category was throwing out errors all over the place according to the ‘host’. The ‘paedophile’ category as it happens. The category that exposed MP’s involved in paedo rings, and other sex offences. MP’s who were involved with PIE and wanted the age of consent lowered to 14. Celebrities (if you can call them that) being exposed for the nasty vile scum they really are, and the cover-up’s going on by government, the police and many others.
I was told my blog will be deleted and my account removed. No offer of help, no realisation that something indeed didn’t quite add up. I was more or less accused of doing this on purpose. And because there had been two problems before with plug-ins, which I have no control over and most bloggers use them, and the fact that my blog was being hosted free, as a ‘favour’ was thrown back in my face, I had to go. Again, doesn’t sound very christian to me.  But there you go. All heart.
I was then given until Saturday to find new hosting for the blog. (Yes I’ll just pop along and get hosting no problem, simples. Sorry, the sarcasm is getting the better of me) :/
When I realised that the traffic was being redirected to the main blog home-page, which doesn’t happen unless it’s done on purpose, I told the ‘host’ to then take it offline as I didn’t want to be responsible for other websites to be offline or taken offline if this indeed was the result of a script error or something else. There was no support or help. No understanding and as much as I didn’t want any one else to be shut down, the ‘host’ seemed to miss the point that this was affecting my blog just as much as everyone else’s and this had nothing to do with me.
This is the article on the main blog. I took some screen captures when I realised something was wrong. Check out the Facebook counter at the bottom of the page. 😀 Click on image to enlarge and then zoom, opens in a new window.
UK establishment closes ranks as organised child sex abuse network leads back to No. 10 3
uk establishment closes ranks as organised child sex abuse network leads back to no 10 3 e1404483394225.png  1000×5757

These were the stats in the morning. Not all traffic counters are accurate so give or take a few……click to enlarge, will open in new window.

site stats e280b9 maria muir com e28094 wordpress.png  1053×241 1

When I got back in to the blog  I managed to get another sc after the article was deleted. I wasn’t given any time to figure out what was going on before doing so. Now the link under the Home page/Archive is ‘that’ deleted article.

site stats e280b9 maria muir com e28094 wordpress 6.png  1171×209 1

The last sc before being taken offline. Check out the total views top left. 😀 the traffic from Facebook to the home page and how the traffic stopped dead to ‘that’ article, it’s the same as the stats above. All coincidence?

site stats e280b9 maria muir com e28094 wordpress 5.png  1053×340 1
Do you see what I mean with the Facebook traffic? My homepage stats jumped from 300 (although I don’t have a sc because it jumped unexpectedly) to over 15,000 as soon as the article was deleted. Was this part of a script error?

Wouldn’t it be comical if this traffic was genuine? 😀
If it was a script error, would this justify being kicked off my hosting account?  It’s not as if it was done intentionally on my part, why the hell would I do that ffs?!
Problems can occur even if you are not logged in to your blog, these things can happen…… I think. Never happened to me mind you. And anyone who runs a blog will tell you that they know instantly when they have done something that fucks up their blog, coding was wrong, or deleted something they shouldn’t have or something else. Now I don’t do any sort of coding with plug-ins, scripts or anything else. I install, set settings, write, edit, publish and leave it.
So I would be grateful if any one has an explanation.
Is it all just coincidence?
Could it be a simple script error that got me booted off my hosting account? – would this justify getting booted of a hosting account?
Does it have something to do with ‘that’ article? Was it just chosen at random?
Are the Facebook stats dodgy or has it all been genuine traffic?
Does a link to a deleted article redirect to a homepage?
Does anyone have any idea what the fuck is going on?
Does any of this make any sense?
P.S. The main blog will probably be up again at the end of July when I have some money, so will use this blog in the meantime.
P.P.S In relation to ‘that’ article. Leon Brittan Wednesady 2nd July in the news:

Mystery of missing dossier on VIP child abusers: Tory peer Leon 
‘I did order an investigation into Westminster paedophile dossier 
MP burgled after handing paedophile dossier to Leon Brittan 
Leon Brittan to explain what he knew about paedophile dossier 
Campaigning Labour MP Simon Danczuk slams Leon Brittan for 

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