On 18/11/2008 Adam Curry gave more details on the end of Your Wake Up Call in his English-language podcast called “The Daily Source Code.”
Thursday, July 10, 2008 was Micha Kat hosted by Adam Curry’s Your Wake Up Call.
Curry’s Wake Up Call, while the program itself also Your Wake Up Call called, was between May and September 2008 the morning program of Arrow Classic Rock was hosted by Adam Curry and Alexander Stevens and focused on serious political issues discussed elsewhere be. Some government agencies refused to talk because they would be critical. Them 
In todays July 10 discussed the affair Joris D. which caused great commotion. After the broadcast, there would come a podcast online to our great disappointment, however, came across this online. Adam Curry posted the following message on http://yourwakeupcall.hyves.nl
‘Arrow can for legal reasons, put the podcast this morning online. Tomorrow we will be there of course extensively about it. We are just a small club with limited resources, but we insist! May also nauwwelijks imagine that there is not any arrow heads with some ‘link love’ for those who missed it. “
On Monday, September 1, 2008, the show was completely unexpectedly deleted

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