cathy fox Mother Pimped Out Her Own Children

Mother Pimped Out Her Own Children

Family abuse probably represents about 80% of the abuse that happens according to some estimates. Family abuse brings with it its own set of problems, instead of a loving parent there is a monster.
It is encouraging that more and more victims and survivors are getting the courage and confidence to tell their stories of abuse, and shining the spotlight on the dark world of the perpetrators and the system that allowed the abuse to continue, whether that be Police, Justice System, Media, Crown Prosecution Service, child protection or any other body or people.
If you want to tell your story, you can – write it, record it or film it. Never has there been a better time to do so. I will be glad to publish them. We do however need to bypass the traditional corporate media that has worked with abusers to hide child abuse, and so we more bloggers, more video makers, more radio stations. Please consider doing this.
Here is a very moving story of one girl, who was pimped out by her own mother, let down by the system that should have helped her and has risen to overcome it.
My Story

My earliest memories of this are from 5yrs old, I was the youngest of my siblings. I had a wonderful dad but not the EVIL woman that gave birth to me, she had no right to the title mother. She sold me, my sister and brother to paedophiles, in the 70’s my dad didn’t know.

She was a wrong one, she moved house without telling my dad, luckily he bumped in to my brother on his way home from work, otherwise, he wouldn’t have known.

I attended church and Sunday School with my siblings, my EVIL mother was very very friendly with the Vicar, I was always uncomfortable there and didn’t like going. A few years later that vicar was arrested and sentenced for sexual interference with the choir boys, my brother was a choir boy

A so called friend of my EVIL mother who had a printer’s shop, we used to call him grandad, but he wasn’t, his name Herman Spielman. I remember going to his printers, there were lots of printing machinery and cameras, which I played with, I was shown how they put the letters into the printing blocks.
This same man and my EVIL mother took me, my sister & brother to Amsterdam, Holland, we traveled by boat, I didn’t like the boat journey, my brother and sister told me sharks were circling the boat and going to eat me. I remember being very anxious and fearful even though I was going on holiday or so I thought.
Whilst I was in my cabin I could hear my EVIL mother and this man talking, then making out. I couldn’t sleep, I didn’t know what was going on, I was scared, I just wanted to go home to my dad.
We got to Amsterdam, the buildings were very tall and the sweets came in little jars, I think there was some kind of parade going on, as I remember looking down from the building we were staying in, and seeing army tanks in the road on the streets below, this made me even more fearful, they had to block off the roof edge, as it was a flat roof, and they were concerned I would go near the edge with the ball I was given to play with. The building also has a spiral staircase; which I loved, I played on it until I was told off.
I was taken to a room very bright room with a bed, there were many cameras on stands, lots of lights and lots of people in white coats, I thought they were doctors. I remember being undressed in the room the EVIL woman was there with me, she took me in to the room, my brother and sister was on the bed naked, the people told me to get on the bed and just play around and do inappropriate things with my brother and sister whilst they take pictures and filmed, I looked at the EVIL woman I was horrified, she told me to do as they ask, I freaked out and caused a scene, my mother slapped me across the face and dragged me out of the room. I don’t remember the journey home. I just remember I was in the bad books.
Another man unsure who visited our house to pierce mine and my sister’s ears, I didn’t like this man, he scared me, he was full of tattoos, wearing biker gear, with a scraggly black beard & hair. This man returned to my home a different day, with the blessings of my mother he took me to the shops for sweets, I was put in the sidecar on his motorbike, didn’t know they sold sweets at public toilets before we went in to the toilets, he asked me to call him daddy and tell him I needed a wee when we get in there.
I was scared, It was scary and very smelly inside with cubicles, there were other men in there, just stood waiting with an empty cubical, I was puzzled, motorbike man went in to a cubical and closed the door, I just stood their next to the other men, frozen and terrified, wanting him to hurry up so I could go home. He shouted to me about needing the toilet, I said back “you’re not my dad, I don’t need the toilet” he came out of the cubical grabbed hold of me and took me back in to the cubical with him, there were body parts sticking out of the hole in the dividing wall, he was joining in. I freaked out screaming, I caused so much of a scene he took me back home, handing me back over to the EVIL women who birthed me, shaking his head (not happy) I was relieved to be back home but scared at the same time was I going to be in trouble, she was not happy about it.

Another man visited our home with the man we called grandad, he was very posh, well dressed and had the biggest box of chocolates, a child had ever seen. After my EVIL mother and the two men had a conversation, in a different room, I was told to go upstairs by the EVIL woman with the posh man and his friend, to my parents bedroom, and do as I was told, I was nervous and unsure but was reassured by my so called mother, she didn’t deserve that title.

I remember being in the room with my sister we were both dressed, he exposed himself, he asked me to do things to him, I couldn’t – I refused, I was terrified, I told him in around these words “it was naughty” he sent me downstairs, he told the EVIL woman that I wouldn’t comply, again she was not happy with me.

When my dad came home from work I remember they had an enormous argument over where the chocolates came from. I don’t remember eating those chocolates. She was a hairdresser, said a customer brought them in as a gift for us. My dad was blinded by love.
The police came to my school, to take me away for questioning I was dragged out of school, or so it felt that way, by the detectives in long coats I was hysterical, I was put in to a car, on the back seat (driver side), My sister and brother were in another car in front, the woman detective was trying to calm me down, they suggested to get me some sweets, I freaked out again. I got to the police station, I was put in a room with other adults, the door with a window was on the wall behind me but to my left, in the corner, I could see Spielman asking me not to say anything, waving his finger back and forth across his mouth.
I was coerced into giving my evidence by the woman detective, it was a traumatic experience which I still remember to this day. They made me say words I did not want to, she finally broke me down, got me to say those naughty words, which she then repeated out loud in front of everyone, I cringed for every word repeated and was mortified it felt so wrong, I was so uncomfortable.
I was taken to a Manor Heath care home, the older children would set off the fire alarms which made me hysterical, they saw how scared it made me, so they would do it, even more, it was fun to them. Older children in the care home tried to abuse me sexually, at every opportunity they could, even in the classroom
I was given old keys to play with, I tried every door with every key – some still worked. So when I had a visit from the EVIL women with my dad, before she was locked up, the room they put us one of the keys fitted, I locked us in, but mainly her, the door cold not be opened from the other side, the staff could not coax me to open the door. I wanted her locked up.
Social services spilt me up from my brother and sister after saying they wouldn’t, they moved just me to another care home, as I was too young for this care facility.
The next care home was Greenbank for young disabled children with Down’s syndrome, it was 2 doors away from the other care home. The other children beat me daily, they said I didn’t belong there. I was upset as I was able to see my brother and sister over the garden wall, they used to shout that they would come and rescue me, I remember the party they had for me when I was leaving, cupcakes with cartoon characters images on iced circles (I helped bake them).
I went to court to give evidence or so I thought, I remember being in a wooden room with a large wooden table, I was given paper and pencils to draw with until I was needed. A lady was in charge of looking after me in that room. I remember a conversation about me not being needed, I wasn’t happy about this, I never got my chance to say my piece and put the bad people away, and I told them so. I remember another conversation about me going to see the judge and how he would be de-robed to avoid scaring me – I wasn’t scared, I thought the judge was a good guy, he was going to make me feel safe again, that what his job was, to put naughty people away, even my EVIL mother, I wanted her locked up forever.
I remember being in the judge’s chambers. Justice Forbes told me personally I could not go on the stand because of my age, I was too young and the jury would see it as a story, a made up story! and did I understand that? I nodded my head and said yes, I was so disheartened and upset, I just wanted to go home with my dad.
EVIL MOTHER – 4 years in prison – served only 2.5
I got 5 years in CHILD PRISON – I got a longer sentence
RICHARD BIGHAM – 12mths suspended sentence
(court case behind closed doors, no jury)
HERMAN SPIELMAN – 6 years in prison
Social Sevices forced me to visit my EVIL mother in prison, I didn’t want to go, they made me!!!! they said I would only have to go once if I didn’t like it, I didn’t have to go back, I went just to shut them up! The prison scared me, I hated it. I hated her, I never went back. I moved to foster parents, I had a few uncomfortable moments there, one was having to strip naked for a bath in the kitchen sink, whilst they had family visiting, people passing through the kitchen laughing at me, that still haunts me. I stayed with them for years until I moved back home with my dad at 10, I hated living there, the woman terrified me, the man was ok though. I had a Police Protection Order put on me until I was 16 when I left the foster care to return home.
I was so happy I was going home, but not for too long, The EVIL mother was back on the scene, my dad thought she was innocent, he couldn’t believe that a mother could harm her own children.
The EVIL woman was not staying at the house but coming and going. The neighbours got a bit heated when they realised she was back, I felt scared, I already have a memory of people banging on the front and back door, the dog going nuts when the panel of the front door started to crack, people were trying to break in to get my mum; we had police protection at the house. I’m not sure if this was before or aftercare. I just remember being hysterical I thought the neighbours were coming for me too.
I had a Police Protection Order on me until I was 16 I couldn’t understand WHY?? she was around me – I was 10 years old!
The day I was discharged by Social Services, my Evil Mother, my dad and the social worker were in the kitchen talking, I was called in for a chat, as this was the last day I would be seeing the social worker as I was being discharged “was I ok with that” the social worker asked me; sure I was didn’t want to see the social worker ever again, it made me happy knowing I wouldn’t, I got sent back to the living room, where my dog was very stressed, he bit me on my head and my hand, I was taken to hospital, by my parents and the social worker, the hospital called the police, I was told, because it was a dog bite. After I had a Tetanus, I went back home with my parents, I think the social worker left us at the hospital I remember her saying bye there.
My first day of secondary school, the EVIL woman was talking to the headmaster, informing him I would not be attending this school as we were moving. I would be going elsewhere, I didn’t have a school to go to, the school services found me a place, not my parents. Secondary school (it was a girl’s school) was no fun, I was a problem I asked too many questions, the teachers could not answer, I spent most of my lesson outside the class, I had teachers that were creepy.
The PE teacher used to make us leave our towel on a chair outside the showers, we had to walk past her to get in and out of the showers, I couldn’t do this, it made me feel sick. Which got me in trouble, and sent to the head.
I was allowed to stay off school by my EVIL mother (my dad didn’t know) as long as I cleaned up the house for her. School services got involved, I went to court when I was 14/15, or my mother was taken to court, for me failing to attend school. I was ill, quite a lot with throat infections and viruses, I was at the doctor’s all the time.
The Evil woman signed me up to modeling when I was 11/12, at an agency where the owner, later on, got jailed for being a paedophile and the agency had to shut, it was all over the papers.
She promised me a 13th party in the house for me and my friends, as I never had a birthday party organised by her before. On the day, everyone turned up barring my mother (with the party goods and food), she had arranged nothing and we couldn’t get hold of her on the telephone – everyone went home, I had no party.
I’m sure that Evil old man Spielman was back on the scene, but with a different name, when I was about 12/13 he used to try and touch me when he walked past me, I would just avoid him and stay in my room.
Another time my mum said we were going for a meal to his flat, for T-bone steak, which they knew was my favourite, but we arrived and there was nothing cooking, so we went to the Chinese for a takeaway, me and him in his car. I felt in control and safe, he gave me money to pay for the food I went to get it, while he waited in the car. I got back in the car with the food, and went to give him the change, he said I could keep it, that there was more of that and “I could have anything I wanted” I would just have to sit on his knee every now and then, to give him a little thrill. He would pay me for it, as he does with my sister, I freaked out again, but I was in his car, I couldn’t get away, we pulled up at the flats I got out and ran to the lifts, to try and catch it before him, I was too late, he was in the lift with me. My mum acted innocent when she opened the door and wondered why I was hysterical and wanted to leave, I grabbed my jacket and left without my mum, I couldn’t get in the lift and out of that building fast enough, my EVIL mother followed after a few mins,wasn’t quick enough for me, it felt like forever, she acted as if she didn’t know what was going on, she did, it felt like a set up.
One occasion, at my home after this event, he came upstairs with my mum, (I was lying on my stomach on my parents bed, to keep out of the way), I was around 14/15, I knew he was in the room even though he never spoke, I lifted my legs out of the way just in time to avoid his grasp. I told them to leave me alone.
The EVIL woman was a self declared witch, we had all kinds of strange shit on the walls, crystal balls, and witches brooms as ornaments. She took me to a wizard, I didn’t know he was a wizard until we entered his strange smelling home, he was wearing a cloak with pointy black beard and black wispy tufts by his ears, (which was dyed he should have had grey hair he was old, he looked like an older version of the motorbike man), everything was eerie, me and my sister felt very strange and left after a few mins, I said I would wait in the car, didn’t feel well. My Evil Mother returned to the car after a few mins and we left for home.
She took me to Milton Keynes, I thought I was going to learn about reflexology. People also called themselves white witches, and were very open sexually, having their special fetes, which I avoided like the plague. When I returned one evening, I walked in to the lounge, my EVIL mother was lying on some cushions on the floor with another man, I had a big argument with her, told everyone what she was like, they didn’t care, just carried on as normal, I wanted her dead at this point. I was so naive all the awkward situation she put me in, to corrupt me in to her EVIL ways, she tried her best, but it didn’t work.
I had enough of all this madness, I had no escape from the EVIL, it seemed to be everywhere I went. Who wasn’t a perv, did I have “abuse me” on my head, or is it that there are just so many perverted people?
I took a load of paracetamol one evening, but was saved by my sister who guessed what I had done, I refused to go to hospital I was ashamed and thought I would be in trouble. I think this led to the kidney infection I had at 17, I was in hospitalised.
I was left with no other option, time was running out for my so called Police Protection Order, I was 15, I put myself back in care via the police station, they took me to care home in Moss side, I was there for a week or so, I didn’t like going outside the care home, there were pimps and drug dealers hanging around outside, the staff wouldn’t do anything about it, they said they were powerless and couldn’t move them. My EVIL mother found out where I was. Care workers had a conversation with my mother before I entered the room, then we had a discussion together, the conclusion was I was to return to my EVIL mother. She was going to take me shopping and we were going to go on holiday, that we should try and work it out while we were away. I couldn’t believe what they were saying, they were sending me back home, where was the protection. I hated her I didn’t want to back home, but I had no other choice.
Even though the care workers said my mother only cared for herself, she brings it all back round to her; but they felt helpless. I left the care home the following day, devastated yet again.
My caseworker made a statement to me before I left “as an abused child, you will either become a paedophile or you will be against it” I was then returned to my mother.
I went on holiday, just me and her, it was HELL in HELL we had lots of little arguments, because of me: I couldn’t cope being there with her, she was always trying to pimp me out to men, getting them to ask me for a date – I was 15! There was a group of shady looking men, who my mum got talking with, one of these older men (20- 30) took a shine to me – again I felt in a position of fear and being vulnerable, I made an excuse and avoided them until they were going home, (I still had a few days left there). She made me go to their coach with her, she wanted to say goodbye, I just wanted to be sick! But thank F**K they were going. We later had a big massive row in front of people, they heard way too much! I did turn 16 on holiday and had some fun (with others around my age) on that day I kept away from her. When I returned home I relieved to be back, I felt safer.
Things always seem to get out of hand after we returned – I had enough, I could not cope, at 16 I ended up telling my dad the truth, he couldn’t believe it was true, that the woman that gave birth to me could do that. He kicked her out, she did return a few times drunk to cause trouble, I called the police on one occasion, she was getting violent, she was arrested and locked up for 3 days in the local police station.
I had to get away from my family, I felt that I was surrounded by EVIL people, the only good guy was my dad, but I was his housewife, I did eventually leave, and I moved away to start a new life, I met my future husband two weeks after moving, things were looking good, we got married had children, have children brought made me realise how precious and innocent they are, these were difficult times; how could a mother hurt her children, this stressed me out, made me ill but I re-lived my childhood through them, doing things children should do have fun whilst learning, we used to make so much mess in the house on rainy days – being creative, fun times.
I have always carried the fear of losing my family, instead of enjoying our time growing and learning together. I never had such a good thing, I was so happy, I had everything I could ever want, and I didn’t want to lose it.
I came across a newspaper article about my case when I was 35. I couldn’t believe the position Richard Bigham gained, how everyone gained, barring the victims, over the years I found this was the case for many high ranking officials, they don’t see any wrong it what their doing, it’s normal for them, no empathy – it’s been going on forever, they have been getting away with it forever. I had a breakdown, my health was going downhill fast having struggled with it forever, I’ve been in and out of hospital, at 5 I was, I was taken ill and took to Pendlebury children hospital in an ambulance, due to a bowel condition – Spastic Bowel. I still suffer from this condition to this day.
My health has just got worse over the years, doctors always put everything down to stress and at 41 I was very sick. I was waiting for the illnesses to consume me so I could be at peace, I thought this was it, but the thought of not being here seeing my children grow up made me worry even more. I ended up in hospital and When I came home I begged and pleaded for help; never believed in God, too much EVIL in the world for there to be a God, and I felt if there really was a God, now is the time to prove it to me, I felt this was my last hope, I was so desperate, I didn’t know if my body could hold up, I was so week, but I awoke with a new horizon and a niggling thought in my head “reversed God to Dog, we live a dog’s life”. My husband thought I was crazy, so did I, it didn’t make sense, until I researched, know itall makes perfect sence.
I realised our bodies could heal and that we were trapped in an EVIL satanic system.
With all the news about people coming forward, abusers denying their guilty, government officials blaming Survivors – The stress was overwhelming and has been ever since because I knew differently, god works in strange ways, showed me the evidence to reveal the truth about our system to the people. Morally I felt I needed to do something but I was suffering too much and not strong enough, I was incapable, First I had to heal myself, seven years later and now no medication taken, I do not drink or do drugs, I’m not suicidal, I’m stronger than ever mentally, but the stress of the world, the way it is, what still goes on and that we are all suffering in some way or another.
Everywhere was EVIL again, symbolism in my face everywhere I went and so much hate and madness in the world, I can’t go out, I can’t watch TV. I can’t read the news or anything, I knew of the evils going on in this world, seeing them or reading about them was far too distressing, I couldn’t focus on daily things, I stressed my family out over watching tv, being on games or their mobiles, I thought I was going mad, why couldn’t they see what I saw. The stress had a major effect on my life it became unbearable I couldn’t see a future, I just saw more suffering, I knew this couldn’t go on, I was underweight and dissolving away with worry – The only way I can heal the PTSD is to face head on, confront it, so I called the doctors for help, told him a quick story (reported to my doctor in July) who contacted the mental health department, I have been assessed several times now, and eventually passed on to the right department, and after finally seeing the psychologists, months after reporting it, who by the way, were lovely human beings and very understanding – I poured my heart out told them everything I could think off, they have told me I’m not delusional, I didn’t realise how much I needed to hear this from professionals.They also stated as a child I have been failed every which way I could have been by the system, I have shown them the newspaper clippings I have.
I have contacted everyone I found, who says they out the truth, the only replies I have had; Justice Denied, IICSA and Field McConnell a retired USA vet who outs child abuse in the system, he put on his website a newspaper article I gave him, he didn’t mention any names on his youtube channel, just a lady from England and about Richard Bigham looking like buddy holly, I also joined twitter to put it out there, I had enough no one was really interested, Boris Johnson doesn’t care, I saw a recent video of him talking about historic child abuse, the money spent on police investigation was being wasted ‘all this malarkey’ were his words. I ashamed he’s our prime minister, I ashamed of our Government & establishment, they run things for their benefit not for the people, they created the chaos, another freemason motto ‘order out of chaos’.
I have taken part in The IICSA ‘The Truth Project’. They have been amazing I can’t thank them enough for giving me a platform, feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and respect to cathyfox blog, amazing work, I thank you from the bottom of my heart – much love x [Thankyou!]
I have lived with knowing the system doesn’t put bad people away they just protect them. They took me away from my dad who was innocent, locked me up in child prison for 5 years, he had to fight tooth and nail to get me out. I always asked the social workers when I am going home to my dad, “soon” I was always told and I always got upset and cried.
The posh man was Richard Bigham 4th Viscount of Mersey, 13th Lord of Nairne and in 1979 under Margeret Thatchers Government he was appointed to the House of Lords: Head of Film, Media and Photography, a paedophiles dream job? He admitted he liked child porn, he was also a filmmaker. Why give a paedophile this position? We all know the answer.
A few years later Justice Forbes was knighted on appointment to the Queen’s bench division, later on to the Inner temple where they create our STATUE LAWS. Freemasons run our system you only get to high positions if you’re a freemason, My consultant at the hospital is a mason, I don’t trust masons, they look after each other, no matter what they do. I don’t even want to live in a brick house anymore as they put blood in cement, theirs even a patent on it.
The system is set up to protect the paedophiles, it’s a normal way of life for them they don’t see any wrong in it, children are used for business and pleasure; commodities – that all children are to the EVIL ones, all the evidence gets buried/destroyed or survivors forced to change their story, I can’t sleep at night knowing what they get away with it’s heartbreaking.
How many paedophiles have been in government positions, how many accused paedophiles were in high up positions, in care of our country, education, health and well being of the people. They are supposed to care about us but I don’t see any benefit for the people only for the establishment, The world is crazy, in chaos but they live the high life, making us live a fearful one. One world for them another for us, and the guilty ones, they know who they are (Karma’s waiting) claiming for compensation, despicable – abusing the public yet again.
Survivors are attacked, made to look insane, get ill with stress, suicidal, drug addicts or turned in to a criminal and locked up in prison.
My case went to court My EVIL mother pleaded not guilt – she was so guilty – her alibi LIED – she was in the house at the time, she was given money and we were told not to tell my dad.
They were only charged for 1 daughter, not for me or my brother, who was made to change his statement by my EVIL mother. There were 3 victims, 3 statements but only one victim and one statement went to court. This is our justice system. [Appeal
Richard Maurice Clive Bigham 4th Viscount of Mersey 13th Lord of Nairne his court case was behind closed doors with no jury in 1978. He wasn’t dishonoured as the newspaper article said, he was a paedophile, he liked little girls, he gave many speeches in the house of commons that affected our way of life – House of Lords from 1979. His family’s history was judges and politicians, Richard Bigham’s great grandad Sir John Charles Bigham,1st Viscount of Mersey, was the presiding judge on the 1912 British inquiry in to the sinking of the Titanic.
I have never been allowed to take this further with a solicitor, just get shut down, but as the system is run by freemasons – I know no why – I couldn’t sue the EVIL mother – was told no, maybe because Bigham was still alive, I tried again a few years ago I was told no again, theirs nothing I could do – this was from a solicitor who dealt with Jimmy Savile, I thought he knew best, or he didn’t want me to cause a scene with the system. I WAS a Victim but NOT any more – I am a Survivor.
In my experience I have had TOTAL SYSTEM FAILURE:
Judicial Services – FAILURE
Social Services – FAILURE
Police Services – FAILURE
Police Protection Services – FAILURE
Education Services – FAILURE
Health – NHS – FAILURE
Apart from my family I seem to be surrounded by EVIL again, everything is against my wishes, my rights as a Child, as a Wife and as a Mother have been taken away from me, the world is going more insane every day and it’s the government or their cronies pushing all the EVIL – I need to escape yet again! I grow plants to eat, I like fixing things, I like making things but most of all I like helping people. I hate mobile phones and what they have done to society, no one talks to each other anymore, my children’s friends could be over, sitting next to each other but having a conversation through their phones – madness!
 Everything happens for a reason, it has made me what I am today, I don’t regret anything, I have learned so much – if I can make changes for the better for the benefit of my families health, they may not like it, but they look healthier and they enjoy life a lot more!
They have come to realise the methods behind my madness is all for the goodness of Humanity! I can’t work for the system anymore, but any chance I get to help people I do with love from my heart and not for money (it’s not worth the paper it’s written one), I hate money.
 My world is totally different from my family’s, I can’t carry on in a materialistic world, I’m happiest with animals and nature, doing things for myself – I am amazed by life and how we are all connected in some way. I am now at a point where I need to live in a log cabin in the middle of nature surrounded by animals, only then will I be at peace away from this EVIL, out of their EVIL SYSTEM, but my family still lives the chaotic world so I’m trapped, we all participate in their EVIL ways without realising it.
I didn’t want to come forward but morally I do, to highlight that the government put paedophiles positions of power that help their cause and that mothers can and be that EVIL. The only way for it to stop is for people to really know what the government do, my case just proves it.
Even though I have been tested I’m not mad – my husband is still not convinced 😉
I survived because there is always someone worse of than me. I was very lucky, others have gone through a lot more.
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ; )


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