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Latest from Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry Released Dec 3 2014

It is an improvement that the consultations are moving around the country and also that the latest news is actually on the front page of the csa webpage instead of hidden within it. [1]  It might also help if they tweeted the information. See also my previous article on csa inquiry [2]

Latest News

Wednesday December 3 2014
The series of listening meetings being held by members of the Panel and the Secretariat continues with the next two events to be held in Bristol and Manchester.
The first is on Friday December 5 in Bristol from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (venue to be confirmed as part of the joining instructions)
The second is on Friday December 12 in Manchester from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (again, venue to be confirmed as part of joining instructions)
The purpose of the meetings is:

  • To provide information on the Panel, terms of reference and feedback received so far
  • To seek views on how those attending, particularly victims, survivors and representative groups, would like the Panel to engage with them
  • To ask those attending what they would like the Panel to include in their considerations

The findings will be collated as part of the Inquiry’s listening and engagement programme and fed back to the full panel.
Travel expenses will be paid, so please retain tickets.
Support will also be available on the day with a separate quiet room set aside.
If you wish to attend one of these meetings, please register your interest via this website –
Do not be concerned if you cannot make either of these meetings – we will be holding more in the New Year.
[1] CSA Inquiry website
[2] 2014 Nov 13 Cathy Fox Fortnight in the life of the Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry (many links)

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