Tavistock: the best kept secret in America

Good article from 2001 by Byron T Weeks on Tavistock, home of mind control


tavistock collage

Preface from John Quinn, NewsHawk Inc
This forwarded article
was received from Byron Weeks; who in our opinion really has a good firm
handle on exactly WHAT is up on many levels with the extraordinarily
extensive “control trips” currently being directed against the peoples
of the world by elements of the global shadow government.

Weeks, whom I quoted at length in the
book PHOENIX UNDEAD, has sent us this compelling look at a
globally-active British institute which has had it’s hands in just about
every social and political/governmental movement of note throughout
much of the world for the past 50 years.
For example, ever wonder who and what is
“behind”, let’s say, the CIA? Well, they don’t swear allegiance to
America, that’s for certain. Try the British royal family.
This report is the real stuff–solidly researched…
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artmanjosephgrech says:
Taking my mind off from being suspended
from Labour Party for playing mind games on Twitter I first read with
interest but a large dollop of salt the Cathy Fox article reblog on the
alleged role and power of the Tavistock Institute and Clinic in London
on the USA. The role of the Tavistock in Social Work is an important
issue just as the role of the Anglo American Universities of Sir Cyril
Taylor in terms of education. Sir Cyril who hosted the first formal
meeting of the UK People Tribunal, a group which merits public scrutiny
along with the Tom Watson group which included Dr Liz Davies (not to be
confused with the Barrister now leading the Legal opposition to limit
those able to vote in the labour Leadership contest) and Peter McKelvie
who we have not heard further since leaving the Justice Goddard era
advisory panel.
By another coincidence the Needle Blog published further comment about
the use of Drugs in young offender institutions and children in
residential care and the subsequent community Homes. The original
article was on the publication of one report on one establishment but a
couple of us have pointed out the use of substance drugs in relation to
behaviour control and treatment was and is much wider both in relation
to ages, types of situation and people, substances, periods of
experimentation and purpose or objectives.
It will be appreciated that the use of drugs is only one aspect of the
systems to break down personality, reinvent and control, including the
use of triggers. The Cathy Fox reblog refers to the use of LSD and I
have on several occasions and places mentioned that the Kahans held
an event in Oxfordshire in the mid 1960’s for Councillors Magistrates
and social workers in the County, the City and neighbouring authorities
at which Dr Milner( Staffordshire County Hospital) promoted the use of a
form of LSD as part of regression therapy and personality rebuilding
based on basic Freud ideas re death and sex and where I was asked to
undertake one case of a schoolboy which worked which profound outcome
for the boy and his parents.
It will be appreciated that many psychiatrists first used the substances
on themselves in controlled conditions although I am not sure to what
extent this has also applied to the medical/psychiatric/psychologists
involved with security services, the military and adult offenders. I
have not come across any references to pharmaceutical companies hiring
subjects for experimentation although it would be surprising if not the

One aspect which has not been given the attention it deserves is the
use of TV, the Internet and the iphone and the developments in what
previously was described as subliminal. Understandable because of the
national security issues it is rare for any public disclosure although
parliament had looked the unit set up to influence public attitudes and
opinions and more recently the special military unit brought together to
monitor and exercise influence on social media and the internet
It was noteworthy yesterday that attention was given to the attendance
of Nigel Farage at the Trump Election gathering and the
anti-Establishment/ anti power and control existing order appeal of the
two politicians although little attention has been given to the failure
of the Cameron led Establishment use of multimedia to control the
referendum vote, to the failure of the USA Establishment to prevent
Trump gaining Presidential candidacy despite the kind of alleged power
the Tavistock is said to exercise in terms of influencing politicians
and other outcomes in the USA and where it remains to be seen if the
combined forces at work to prevent Jeremy Corbyn remaining Party leader
will be successful.
While I reject random and chaos theories for explaining events there is
coincidence but sometimes the number of coincidences become puzzling. As
I have mentioned to some I attended the LoveLikeJo event in Trafalgar
Square where I was interviewed for Swiss Radio and someone who worked at
Tavistock overheard what I said and commented how much he agreed with
the views expressed, and by one of those great coincidences had lived in
the same street and knew Peter Westland former Director of Social
Services and full time Social Services Officer for the Association
Metropolitan Borough Councils.
Peter represented the Association on the Officer advisory group for the
first Forum involving all the local authority Associations in the UK and
which had been our idea after we had attended a European Conference at
the Hague, (We also attend the Anglo Irish conference in Dublin on Drug
misuse in a joint enterprise between the UK, Irish and the Northern
Ireland Administrations) and which is mentioned to point to the use of
this kind of drug substance, in overseas operations, intelligence and
uncover work and the means of keeping control of the population
dependent as producers, suppliers and consumers of substances.
I did think it was significant that the representative of the County
Councils Association waited until Peter left the pub where we were
having lunch after a meeting of the Officers Advisory group, which I
had chaired, to ask how Brian Roycroft had become the only person then
and since to be appointed a European Commissioner by Margaret Thatcher
who was not a professional politician, given his alleged socialist and
Labour party credentials, as the Cabinet office had asked for Chief
Executives nominations and where three had been put up. (Cathy Fox has
just published one of the investigation which Roycroft was asked to
undertake by his pals at the top of the Department of Health)
I was mindful of the LoveLikeJo meetings (and I am also putting on my
blogs site my letter to all those who contributed to Jo Cox) because as
was mentioned in Tribute special session of the House of Commons. She
had helped someone who wanted to become a Tory MP breaking the same
rule which has led Deputy Party leader Tom Watson and the General
Secretary are using use to prevent some people becoming members and
supporters or remaining members able to vote for Jeremy Corbyn for
being nice to the Greens, to saying that Teresa May was an excellent
result for the Tory leadership or in my case that I have more in common
with Scottish nationalists in Parliament than with a chunk of the PLP
who voted to kill civilians in Syria as they did in Iraq and
Afghanistan and are prepared to annihilate millions more through the
development of a new series of Tridents although my offence in under
the abusive tweets and where I have lost count of the number of times
Owen Smith has indulged in personal offensive abuse of Jeremey Corbyn
and where I am not prepared be silent about those who appear to put
personal interest and ambition over the future of the Party, the Labour
Movement and the UK more generally. How dare they.
(This is also published child care and Protection and Artmanjospehgrech Google Blogger) Colin Smart

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