Carole Ford tells lies..

Can we speak to Livingstone’s victim..

I wonder if Alex Neil knows the ins and outs of this and the potential for exposing the corruption involved in appointing him and what this means..

It would be interesting to ask Sam Poling, ‘Who is blocking this story from being fully aired?’..Could it be the corruptible BBC lawyer Rosalind McInness, who blocked the full effect of the BBC documentary, ‘Lawyers Behaving Badly’ coming out, to protect members of the Law Society of Scotland (Which is the State) from going to jail..

In terms of the bigger picture, this would portray/ expose the BBC as being gate-keepers to protect vested interests..

Isn’t it interesting that Rosalind McInness is on FaceBook friend terms with both Douglas Harvie QC, the qc who was assigned to my legal team, straight lied to me and then followed the Law Society of Scotland’s Instructions to damage my case and to help my opponent Tom Murray, who was blackmailing a senior office bearer of the Law Society of Scotland and Neil Stevenson, the CEO of the SLCC.

Interesting company this gate-keeper keeps..

Carole Ford tells lies..

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