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He was the prime minister who took Britain into the European Community, now the EU, in 1973.

Whip Tim Fortescue admitted that while serving Sir Edward Heath, while in power, paedophilia was covered up to blackmail MP’s


The press has also been full of Heath’s defenders claiming the investigation is a witch hunt against someone who isn’t alive to defend himself, much like the counterclaims about Leon Brittan.

Are they really so concerned about Sir Edward`s reputation, or are  they more worried about protecting their own skins ?  
…it may not be entirely coincidental that the three publications that have attacked me, The Sunday Times, the Daily Mail and Private Eye, are precisely the same ones that have had their journalists named.along with Heath, on the dossier.
With growing evidence of the widespread existence of sexual transgressions at the highest level of the establishment, it is possible that we may be somewhat nearer to the full revelation of the UK`s grimmest secret – the elite`s concealed sexual abuse of children.

Beware of fake news brought to you by Daily Fail Times:

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo
It’s so damned obvious that that rag, The Times, is on a mission to discredit anyone who dares even to consider a British establishment figure could be in the least capable of CSA. This is as far removed from journalism as Edward Heath was from being asexual!
Mike Veale:
Statement from me below following a number of reports in the media about my position at Wiltshire Police.

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo@TimesONeill

Sean, this doesn’t leave you with egg on your face. It leaves you smothered under a mountain of scrambled eggs!
The Veale quitting report was in the Times
How can a rag like  which prides itself on being a quality broadsheet base an article on Mike Veale on hearsay and get it so wrong?
Crafty Muvva @craftymuvva

Two articles – one in The Times, the other in The Fail – but both are so similar (& wrong), the cynic in me suspects they are sharing the same disreputable source! #OpConifer


Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo@Times
Interesting to follow Sean O’Neill these days. Not only is he hell bent on destroying Mike Veale, he takes every opportunity to undermine @InquiryCSA Despite its faults his latest story shows how little homework he does before he defends any attack on the Establishment
One of big scandals will be media collusion. An institution that merits a strand all of its own alongside Westminster, with Dacre and Murdoch at the front of the queue with questions to face!
Vicount Ian Kerr @CGCKerr

Dacre’s dinner was held at Stationers Hall, it’s all very City of London. The Worshipful Co

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