Can’t Grasp The New Reality; SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon’s political fightback completely stalls

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Can’t Grasp The New Reality; SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon’s political fightback completely stalls as she unveils weak and ineffectual Programme for Government, the allegations surrounding Alex Salmond hang over the party like a dark cloud, even the headline-chasing, knee-jerk short-termism strategy can’t pull the SNP out of the ‘Salmond problem’

Dear All

In the wake of the allegations against Alex Salmond which have hit the public domain, the SNP and more importantly Nicola Sturgeon were desperately in need of a good news story to dominate the press.

Nicola Sturgeon tried and failed to regain the political initiative by what even by SNP low standards is a miserably low ambition series of 12 bills in her annual legislative plan. What is incredible that the ‘weak as dishwater’ bills have been hailed only by her and the Nats as ‘really radical’ and as ‘bold steps’ to making Scotland a better nation.

There comes a time when a government has run out of steam; that time has come for Nicola Sturgeon who since taking office as First Minister has only managed a downward spiral of decline.

The nonsense that her bills represent bold steps and will boost the economy seems like most SBNP predications wide of the mark. After destroying the education system through stupidity coupled with outright neglect, doesn’t Scotland deserve a breather from SNP ‘help’?

In a spot of ‘tinkering’ with resources, Nicola Sturgeon also plans to venture in health and justice, areas which also stand as a testimony to SNP incompetence, the removal of ministers being the acid test of how badly they are performing in office. Scotland isn’t moving forward, and the politicians and the public are focused on the issue of sexual misconduct claims against Alex Salmond.

The SNP boat sinking, no competent captain waiting in the wings to be promoted, and ‘everyone hates Nicola’ fan club in the SNP wanting Salmond’s return, and Nicola out, this soap has attracted viewers.

The opposition parties have stated that the dire official statistics just released show Sturgeon’s 11-year-old administration was now “well past its sell-by date”. The only comfort for Sturgeon is that the SNP decline is slow as nationalists don’t have another option other than the SNP, the Scottish Greens aren’t worthy of a vote.

In what must be a personal blow to Nicola Sturgeon as First Minster, Scottish household survey for 2017 reported satisfaction with local health services, schools and public transport was at its lowest level since the SNP took office in 2007. In a previous post I blogged the end of Nicola Sturgeon.

“satisfaction with local health services, schools and public transport was at its lowest level since the SNP took office in 2007”, gollly, it is time for an epic, George Laird right again!

When you look at the nuts and bolts of the problems in Scotland, it is clear that there needs to be a reformed Scottish Government, if you think back years, I commented on the need for deputy ministers in key government departments. The SNP wanted to show a ‘handful of people’ could run the government, they did…….. badly!

What is needed is more people to work on and address more problems, it isn’t rocket science which is why I blogged years ago on the need for Scottish Government reform to create the posts of deputy ministers in key government departments to solve more problems. The SNP were keen to show that they could run government with a handful of people, they did…… badly.

Hardly a success, hardly radical, hardly progressive……. doing things badly and slow.

Sturgeon insisted this year’s PfG would build on and advance the radical measures of last year, can you remember anything of last year’s programme; anything jump out at you?

Last year was a bad year, the year before that was a bad year, Scots are still waiting for a ‘good year’!

Look at this crap, no housing reform (landlords) bill, no real ground breaking legislation, not even a sniff of a Nye Bevan style bill.

Nicola Sturgeon said her Government had a “clear vision of the kind of country we want to be”, the problem is the rest of Scotland don’t want it, they want better, and better cannot be delivered by the SNP, and certainly not by a party in terminal decline who need to realise they are part of the problem, and none of the solution.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson said:

“We are halfway through this parliament and have fewer than 1,000 days to the next Scottish election. If the First Minister wants to make meaningful change, she needs to get a move on. She needs to stop the headline-chasing, knee-jerk short-termism that is the hallmark of her Government. Ms Sturgeon is no longer new in post and is running out of time.”

Scottish LibDem leader Willie Rennie said:

“This Government is showing all the signs of being at the end. I suppose every government runs its natural course. Based on this programme, this Government’s sell-by date is well past.”

One of the highlights of the parliament was the ‘dig’ by Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard who told Sturgeon that she had Labour’s full support in investigating “all allegations of sexual harassment” and in providing care and support to women in all such cases. This prompted some anger by SNP MSPs since revelations against Salmond have become so toxic, and will hang round the neck of the SNP like an Albatross.

Finally, I have said it before and I will say it again, 2021 is the most important election in the history of Holyrood. It could spell the end of the SNP, it could result in a totally hung parliament, it could see Nicola Sturgeon sent packing even, although at present the likelihood is that we are looking at an SNP minority. Even with Green help they might not make it to a majority needed to pass a bill. The rot has set in, the cure in such cases is a change of leader, but given there isn’t quality in the SNP, and Salmond’s reputation is so damaged, the stage is set for a battle royale both inside and outside the party.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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