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✓ WHAT I DO: I help Doctors, and Small to Large Businesses in the health & wellness niche who strugglewith overwhelm, position themselves as leading experts in their space, however, that is just the start…. ….setting up Advanced Layering Systems and Frameworks known to the privileged few for prospects to 

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“Have You Got A Health Membership Site? How To Get 15 Months Retention And Only A 5% Drop Off Rate With Your Health Membership Site”​
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☆ Richard Ford ☆

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“Have You Got A Health Membership Site? How To Get 15 Months Retention And Only A 5% Drop Off Rate With Your Health Membership Site” If you have a health membership site and are struggling to a 15 month retention per client, and have just a 5% drop of rate, while doing over $578,230.97 per year, then watch this video it might help 🙂 “Six Figure Value Trojan Membership Site”…


  • Strategic Supplement Marketing & Online Health & Wellness Marketer

    Company NameHealth & Wellness Marketer | Strategic Supplement Marketing Consultant | Richard Ford Agency

    Dates EmployedSep 2015 – Present

    Employment Duration3 yrs 1 mo

    LocationGreater Los Angeles Area

    Health & Wellness Online Marketer, Strategic Supplement Marketing, Traffic & Conversion Expert,Sales Funnels – Systems, Frames Works & Positioning, Media Buyer Coach for Doctors, small tolarge businesses, and supplement companies (From Super Greens to Weight Loss Products, toCleanses to Super Foods & Health Supplements.

  • Head Consultant

    Company NameConsultant at Superfood Suplements

    Dates EmployedOct 2014 – Aug 2015

    Employment Duration11 mos


    Consulting Marketing Team the implementation of Sales Funnels, Conversion, and effective backend sales with media buying.


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  • Backend Marketing, Stick Strategies, Profit Maximization, and Maximizing Lifetime Customer Value
  • Front-end Marketing & The Science of Customer Acquisition
  • Lead Generation and Conversation Specialist
  • Optimization Specialist
  • Product Launches

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  • Media Buying Mastership
  • NLP Marketing Mastery
  • Sales Funnel Advanced
  • Traffic and Conversion

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  • Consultant for Doctors
  • Media Buyer (Mass Traffic Awards)

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  • Richard Ford Agency & Digital Strategic Marketer
  • Digital Vegan Marketer

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  • English

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  • Super Affiliate – Six Figures Per Month with Media Buying

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  • Growth Hacking for Start Ups

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  • 16 Point Highly Effective Landing Page

Would You Like Me To Design A Custom Marketing Sales Funnel Using Little Known Proven System Based Frameworks That Convert Prospects Into Long Term Customers For You, For Free?

The Desk Of Richard Ford

LA, Ca.

September 01, 2018


“Would you like me to give you a Bespoke Blueprint plan to double your Sales every month for free?”

Dear Friend,

“I’m happy to help you design a custom marketing plan (Sales Funnel) for your market place/niche, identify your perfect target market of prospective buyers, and show you how to have them once coming to you, get more sales and bigger ROI on the front end, by simply streamlining your process for you.”

This way, you’ll be able to get more customers/sales/money…and grow and scale your business, without having to spend more money on advertising.

As you know, an automated system that converts leads into sales predictably, consistently, and profitablyis the holy grail of Internet Marketing.

But there’s a problem.

Two, actually.

Here they are.

First, these types of systems are incredibly complex to figure out.

Second you can’t help but wonder …

Will It Really Work For Your Business?

And if you’re asking yourself that question right now, it means you’re smart.

And I’ll tell you something most “marketing people” won’t:

There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” marketing funnel.

Here’s why: Your business really is different.

You have your own unique message, your own unique market you’re going after, your own unique price points, and your own unique way of selling.

So anybody that tries to blindly tell you that “this is gonna work great!” without taking the time to really understand exactly how your business works is either just trying to make a sale or blindly naive.

And that’s why we’re going to review your business and give you a custom marketing blueprint, free.

Here’s Why I’m Doing This

It’s simple.

I offer this service because I am a consultant specializing exclusively in helping health supplement (vitamins & minerals) companies, doctors with health products, chiropractors,  weight loss/management coaches, Dietitians, Fitness experts, Body Building supplements, and the like, secure more clients/sales.

And there’s a good possibility your market has a large pocket of underserved clients who would be very responsive to the marketing plan I’ll be giving you for free.

I know that a certain percentage of people I do this for in the health and wellness niche will want me to consult and help implementing their marketing systems for them.

But rather than try to convince you of how great that would be, I figured I’d just demonstrate that I can help you by …actually helping you.

For free.

Here’s How We’ll Do It.

I’ve set aside some time to have me personally review your business, your offer, and your current sales process (or your plans for selling a future offer).

Next, I’ll work with you to determine your sales goals, how many leads you want to get, and what you want your lifetime revenue per client to be.

After that it’s time to get to work.

Based on what you tell me …

I’ll Give You A Custom “Blueprint” Of A Complete Series Of Integrated Campaigns Specifically For Your Business, FREE.

And I believe that once we do this for you, one of these three things will happen:

  1. The first possibility is you think the blueprint is no good and that I wasted your time.

Now… This has literally never happened.

  1. The second possibility is you love the blueprint, you immediately see the power and the potential it has for your business, and you decide you want to build the system yourself.

If that’s the case, great! I’m happy I could help and I wish you the best of luck.

  1. The third (and most common) possibility is you love the blueprint and you’ll want myself to actually work with you throughout the entire system for you.

And if that’s the case, we’ll get to work immediately.

Here’s What Happens When We Decide To Work Together

Here’s how that works.

I literally hold you by your hand, step-by-step with absolutely everything.

And it’s all done…Together

Nothing is outsourced, and all work is done by me personally, one on one with you, or your webmaster, (Team). Basically…I go over with you what and how it should be implemented.

….but also I will add some advanced, rarely seen unknown, high end updated marketing methods.


We will also implement a ”3 way multiplier” entry funnel.

And just one of the three is responsible for creating more million dollar online health businesses than anything else that I have ever seen.

But that’s just for starters…

I craft your offer Structure frameworks personally.

I create your marketing hooks and angles frameworks for you, personally.

I review, tweak, and perfect your sales copy frameworks for you.


This includes your opt-in copy.

Your email copy.

Your “content marketing” copy and structure.

Your sales letter framework..

Your order form Layout (less cart abandonment).

Your video structure framework (VSL).

Your offers & Stacking offer(s) structure frameworks.

Your Upsells, streamlined in such a way that generate you more sales. (basically better ROI WITHOUT spending more money)

And the latest in the ALL NEW “Behavioral Dynamic Response Marketing” frameworks.

This latter alone done properly, can add Six – Seven figures to your bottom line without spending any more money on advertising.

And it gets better

I show you this as an evergreen…

Want more sales using evergreen?

This is some of the latest Advanced Systems that You will see your competition doing in 1-2, and even 3 years time.

You get ahead of the curve, ahead of your competition.

Once these latest Advanced (BDRM) frameworks and systems are set up, it is pretty much set and forget.

Also, the 10x10x4 formula that I have through testing billions of ad impressions will allows us to double, triple, and even quadruple the industry standard ctr of 0.1%.

This alone is one of the most powerful and unknown methods to generating an army of clicks while saving thousands.

Let me show you quickly…

Industry standard ctr (click through rate) on a banner ad is 0.1%, and say you are spending $10,000 per month on advertising, and we get 0.2% ctr, that is now like you are spending $20,000 per month.

So, it is like you are getting $10,000 per month free advertising.

(Basically you are doubling your traffic, getting thousands more clicks/visitors/sales for free)

….that’s just at 0.2% ctr.

Even though this may not happen again…

…it will show just what is possible using my 10x10x4 banner ad formula.

All these 10 banners were getting from 1% ctr – 2.6% ctr

(that’s x10 – x26 more clicks that the industry standard) and using the latter explanation….

This would be like you are Now getting $100,000 – $260,000 worth of clicks, if you were spending just $10,000.

It is this method (10x10x4) that had AOL calling me up on my personal cell phone inviting me out to brunch, going to see Elton John in AOL’s private booth, and a lot more perks.

Like I said….

These numbers…This would be like you are Now getting $100,000 – $260,000 worth of clicks, if you were spending just $10,000.

Are rare, but can happen when everything just fits into place, like you having a good product/service/offer/hooks etc


Literally …EVERYTHING in the campaign blueprint is covered and perfected specifically, for you.

And its not just the copy etc.

This also includes all the “tech stuff”.

The opt in forms.

The order forms.

The Timers.

Setting up the auto-responder and follow-up system.

Also, If you opt for choice number 3,I will even work with you on your own “High Level Six Figure Market Entry Blueprint”.

These are the exact same blueprints that other companies have had massive success with, that allows you to know where your competition have been advertising for months and months spending thousands, if not millions of dollars in advertising.

What creatives banners they are using.

How many creatives ads they are using.

What websites they have been advertising on.

The exact placements on those websites they’ve been advertising on.

How long they’ve been advertising on those placements.

Giving you the best start to having you scale to your first 6 figure business, in less time and less money as you would if you did it by yourself.

I consult You on Literally


Now if that’s the path you decide to go down, then you might be wondering about…

The “cost”?

How Much It Costs If You Decide You Want Me To Help Implement Your Free Blueprint With You.

Well that’s…

If you decide you want me to be side by side with you, after your initial free consult.

And if I decide I’m a good fit and am 100% positive that I can help you …

if that’s case…

the service starts at $3150 (depending on how complexed the campaign is.)

Yes, that is a great price.

I’m deliberately keeping it very, very affordable because I know that once you have this, you’ll be a customer for life.

(The majority of my business has always come from repeat customers.)

Anyway – as you can imagine, there is a HUGE DEMAND for this type of service, and at the great price I just mentioned, I’ll hit my capacity very quickly.

So if you’re interested,

Here’s What To Do Next

First, let us give you a “taste” of what it’s like to work together …for free.

And if you like that, then we can talk about accepting you as a client.

The way it works is simple.

To schedule your initial Blueprint session with my office

And if you think I wasted your time, ill give you $200.00

If you’d like a free customized marketing campaign and blueprint, enter your name and email address

below to get started.

Enter your name and email for full details:

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