EUTruth, Greg Lance Watkins and MI5

24-11-2010, 07:38 PM
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EUTruth, Greg Lance Watkins and MI5

How do they connect?

1) EUtruth is run by David Noakes-Fact!
2) David Noakes admits he is a friend of Greg Lance Watkins-Fact!

Quote:Reply to Bob_FM 
I’m very much still a friend of Greg Lance Watkins.…post582042

3) Greg Lance Watkins is suspected of having links with MI5?…674261fa2b

Number three has a question mark by it meaning that there is a level of uncertainty. Here is a typical comment from the numerous links on the subject: –

Quote:Ex Sunday Times reader // Feb 25, 2008 at 10:09 am 

Foggo gets his info from a nasty piece of work called Greg Lance Watkins who does nothing but spread disinformation about UKIP. Norman Tebbit said he had it on good authority Lance Watkins was former MI5.…day-times/

Foggo is an arch critic of the UKIP by the way, who writes evil articles in the Sunday Times. He is a bonafide enemy of the UKIP in the establishment press and probably one of their fiercest critics. Even the Guardian says nicer things about the UKIP than this chap, and for a long time now we have had information leaks in the UKIP. We know for a fact we have traitors inside the party passing out confidential information that always seems to emanate from GLW and someone with the pseudonym ‘Junius’. I’ll leave the reader to make up their own mind on this.

Also Norman Tebbit is on our side and so if this is true that he said this then it is unlikely to be made up.

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