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I have this morning complained to the Attorney General concerning the sentence handed down to the paedophile Nigel Nessling. If anyone else would like to send a similar complaint in their own words, the email address is :


regarding the suspended prison sentence and community service order handed down on 16th November 2017 at Ipswich Crown Court to Mr Nigel Nessling for possessing and making 40,000 child pornographic images, including 804 Category A images of the most serious kind.

I object to this sentence on the following bases.

The non custodial sentence is wholly inappropriate for his offences and other offenders of similar crimes have received considerable sentences including when also dealt with at Ipswich Crown Court.

Nigel Nessling has no conceivable mitigation for his crimes and for presiding judge David Gooding to say to Nessling that “You plainly have it in you to be a decent, responsible member of society.” is not only risible, it is grossly offensive to every other right thinking member of the society that Judge Gooding purports Nessling is fit to belong to.
He is not.

By his actions of downloading images of child pornography for many years, Nessling for his own sexual gratification, was clearly supporting an industry responsible for ruining children’s lives and it is quite possible that some of those children may not have survived the sexual assault.

In not reporting the production of these images to the relevant authorities in order for the perpetrators to be themselves brought to justice, Nessling is I suggest in UK law an accessory to the crime after the fact.

To permit the ridiculously lenient sentence handed down to Nessling to stand, sends a clear message to all other paedophiles that their actions are of less import to society than burglars, casual drug users or those convicted of driving offences who commonly serve jail terms.

I ask you to review Nessling’s sentence and take the appropriate action in sending a clear message to paedophiles like Nigel Nessling, that their crimes have more grave consequences than what in his case and others dealt with by Judge Gooding, merely a slap on the wrist. Justice demands it.


Christopher D Roberts.

I received this auto response. Please note the stated time limit for objections to the sentence.

“Thank you for contacting the Office of the Attorney General regarding the Unduly Lenient Sentence (ULS) Scheme. Your email has been received and will be reviewed in due course. For all the details about this Scheme, please visit

Due to the amount of correspondence we receive we are unable to provide a response to every email. However, if you or a family member are directly involved in a case and we have been informed of this, then you can expect us to email you with an update on your case.

The progress of any referrals made under the ULS Scheme can also be tracked at…/outcome-of-unduly-lenient-sentence-ref…. This page is updated regularly.

Please note that we have 28 days from the date of sentencing in which to consider a sentence. If a referral is received outside of that timeframe, we have no power to send a sentence to the Court of Appeal. If you have referred a sentence for an offence that is not within the ULS Scheme, we won’t be able to consider it.”

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