We Need Your Help !

The Needleteam are now getting a little angry.
We need your help.
You see the more we cross-reference recommended cottaging sites from with sexual assaults on children the more examples we find.
We’d like you to help us because there are too many for us to look at alone.
Here’s another example;

Oldham Town Square Shopping Centre

  • Crowd:All types. Students, Business Men, Builders, Oldies.
  • Directions:- If you are in either Spindles or Town Square Shopping centre find W H Smiths and facing the entrance is a door to the Car Park and also the toilets. If you park in the Town Square Shopping Centre Car Park, its on the floor just before the Shopping Level. So if you are on the shopping level go through the doors and down the set of stairs, you will see the stairs carry on down or you can go through a set of doors, go through there and the toilets are directly facing you.
  • Hours:It’s open the same times as the shops.
    Best times: Best times are week days from about 3pm onwards, but can be busy around dinner. Weekends all day usually quite busy, but not as busy as weekdays.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Go in the cubicle and do the usual stuff to make the guy know why you are there. You can also look under the partition to see if the guy is moving his feet closer to you etc.
    Cruisiest Spots: You can find action in the cubicles usually or at the .
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Be careful of the security guards, you can hear them before they get into the toilets and if you are in the cubicles you will be ok. And usually its never the same security guard twice.
And the consequence ?

Matt Leigh Tyler
A man who subjected a boy to what police described as a “degrading sexual attack” in the toilets of a shopping centre has been jailed.

The 13-year-old boy was assaulted at Spindles Shopping Centre in Oldham, Greater Manchester, on 17 September.
Matt Leigh Tyler, 31, from Chadderton, denied two counts of rape but admitted sexual activity with a child under 15, a plea which the court accepted.
He was jailed for three and a half years at Manchester Crown Court.

So, if you find any examples please email me:
Many thanks!

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8 responses to “We Need Your Help !

  1. Andy Barnett

    Question: is the behaviour encouraged by this site legal in such a public place? If not, then how can it be legal to advertise in this way? And if both or either of these is illegal, then shouldn’t we expect the Police to do something about it?

  2. nuggy

    how dou youknow the 2 things are linked do we know for fact that tyler had been reading that.
    whats to see the attack wouldn’t of happened anyway even if it wasn’t a cottaging spot.

  3. As a gay man, I say this;
    “Cottaging” in public toilets is an inherently demeaning practise for those who participate in it, and a disgusting public nuisance for everyone else who uses the facility and for the owners. Cottaging is an obsolete and unnecessary means of “hooking up” – one of many unhealthy behaviours that previous generations of gay men were forced to adopt, by legal & social homophobic repression of times past.
    No one needs to lurk in public bathrooms seeking an anonymous encounter with some random stranger, anymore. There are gay community centres and service organizations operating openly and publicly in every city, through which GLBT persons of all ages can socialize and develop healthy relationships. Internet forums can facilitate contact between persons who are both looking for “just sex” in a one-time encounter, without anyone making a public nuisance of themselves.
    Websites that promote cottaging in public bathrooms and publicize where people are acting out in this manner, are a disgrace to the GLBT community and should not be supported. Gay men who feel addicted to this practise, or who are so full of self-loathing that they believe cottaging is their only hope of finding a sexual partner, need to GET PROFESSIONAL HELP! and the sooner the better. And one more thing…whoever you are, whether gay or straight – get it through your head that persons under 18 whom you see anywhere in public are NOT there for you to exploit them sexually. If you are over 18, DON’T EVER make sexual overtures to minors in a public place, and DON’T EVER acknowledge or respond to what you perceive to be a sexual advance directed at you by a minor, in a public place. (Such a perception is 99% certain to be delusional anyway).

    • Thank you Justin !!!
      I’m grateful that we live in a fairer and more equal society. Equality in law means equality under the law.
      I’m grateful also that you addressed your comments to straight people as well as gay.

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