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Some of the offending clothing sold on Cafe Press

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Campaigners claim that they had complained to company about similar images over a year ago

Australian equality campaigners have called for an American online retail company to remove products that they claim promote and encourage child sexual abuse.
Café Press, an online retailer that sells clothing and homeware printed with customised slogans, currently offers baby clothes branded with messages such as a bib with “F*** like a porn star” on a baby blanket or “Awesome masturbating” written across it.
The Twitter page for the American company, which has its global headquarters in Louisville, has been flooded with messages from social media users castigating the retail giant for allowing these products to be sold.
Campaigner Caitlin Roper, of women’s rights group Collective Shout, told The Independent: “This content serves to reinforce women’s second class status, as less than men, as mere objects for men’s entertainment and gratification.”
She continued, stating Café Press’s “pro-rape ‘humour’ trivialises crimes of violence against women,” and reduces a global issue affecting millions of women every day to a “punch line of a joke”.
“I can’t believe I even have to argue that sexualised or porn-inspired imagery and slogans on baby clothes and merchandise is unacceptable,” she added.
The British version of the site currently offers 132 different baby clothing products under the category of ‘Adult Sex XXX Porn’.


The bibs are on sale for £10.50, while the blanket retails at £15.50. A baby onsie with the slogan ‘Retired XXL Porn Star’ is on sale for 313.50, down from £16.00.
The Australian version of the site offers many more different t-shirts and slogans, including a babygrow with “Porn star in training” written across it.
Yesterday, the site offered both a ‘No means Yes, Yes means Anal’ mug and t-shirt however although the items do appear on search, users can no longer purchase them and their landing page appears to have been removed by site operators overnight.
Writing on the official Twitter, the company appeared to be in process of taking the offending merchandise down.
Ms Roper contends that Café Press are repeat offenders, having previously had merchandise for sale in May last year that appeared to promote rape and sexual violence towards women and children.
When Ms Roper contacted Café Press on Twitter she claims their attitude was “staggering”.
“They suggested I redirect my energy and instead of tweeting I should fill out reports. I countered that they should exercise some corporate social responsibility and asked if they were going to pay me to do their job for them.”
Café Press did not respond to requests for comment at the time of going to print.

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