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Brothers in court charged with raping boy, 8, three times a week

COURT: Southend Magistrates' Court

COURT: Southend Magistrates’ Court

1 day ago / Chloe Chapman

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TWO brothers “systematically and repeatedly” raped an eight-year-old boy when they were teenagers, a court heard.

David Lench, 28, of Sudbury Close, Hockley, and his brother James Lench, 25, are accused of carrying out a horrific campaign of abuse between 2003 and 2005.

Southend Crown Court heard David Lench was about 16-years-old and his brother about 13 when the abuse started. Shauna Ritchie, prosecuting, said on some occasions knives were used to threaten their victim before he was raped.

She said: “This case concerns the sexual abuse of a young man. He’s now in his 20s but was eight to ten years old at the time that he was abused by these two defendants. The prosecution’s case is that the child was systematically and repeatedly abused.”

The court heard the abuse started in November 2003 and involved both brothers separately carrying out less serious sexual assaults, before progressing to rapes a few weeks later.

The alleged victim claims he was attacked up to three times a week by the brothers until December 2005, when his family moved away from the area.

The abuse claims only came to light when Essex Police started investigating the brothers and traced the man to his new home.

When asked whether there was anything he wanted to tell police, the man replied: “They raped me.”

Miss Ritchie said: “He estimates that it would happen about three times a week, every week.

“He became more resistant as time went on, in particular because it hurt him. He was told that he mustn’t tell anybody else about the abuse.

“He says that at the time he didn’t tell anyone. He recalls that a kitchen knife was used to threaten him at periods of time if he resisted being abused.”

David Lench was arrested on February 5, 2016, and denied carrying out any abuse – claiming he remembered the alleged victim was “smelly” and he did not like spending time with him.

James Lench was arrested on February 24 last year and made no comment during interview.

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