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Predatory paedophile told young girl: ‘Don’t be a wimp, it’s normal, get it over and done with’

Predatory paedophile told young girl: ‘Don’t be a wimp, it’s normal, get it over and done with’

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A ‘DISTURBED’ sex offender was declared a ‘danger to the public’ by a judge as he was jailed for more than eight years.

Scott Webb showed no remorse and has refused to apologise to his victims as they bravely faced him in Burnley Crown Court yesterday.

The 28-year-old stared at the two siblings, and their family, throughout the two-hour sentencing hearing as the court heard how he had targeted them when they were aged six and eight in 2007.

Prosecutor Amanda Johnson described how as a 16-year-old Webb, the son of the victim’s mother’s best friend, had babysat the two sisters at their own home in Salthouse Road, Barrow.

The court was told he entered their bedrooms while they were sleeping and carried out repeated sexual attacks on them.

When a then eight-year-old Liam Hallam, who has since begun the transition from female to male, tried to stop him, Webb told the youngster: “It’s normal and you might as well get it over and done with.”

When Liam, now 20, started to cry Webb pinned him down on the bed and branded him a “wimp”, the court heard.

Liam confided in his mother Bekka Higgins and in 2009 the then 10-year-old was interviewed by police but no further action was taken.

But in January 2015 Liam’s sister told her mum Webb had done the same to her at the same time.

The prosecutor said: “She had gone to bed wearing a nighty and Scott Webb went up to tuck her in.

“He lifted her nighty and assaulted her.

“She jumped out of bed and ran downstairs and hid under a table but he found her.

“Her mum came home soon afterwards.”

Webb was arrested in August 2015 but it was not until 2017 that he was charged with a string of sexual offences after the family appealed the Crown Prosecution Service’s initial decision not to charge him.

Webb pleaded guilty in February.

His barrister, Richard Bennett, said there was little he could offer by way of mitigation.

He described Webb’s ‘disturbed and dysfunctional childhood’.

He said: “While he accepts responsibility he has demonstrated limited insight into what he has done and has expressed no apparent enthusiasm to explain or deal with the reasons for his offending.”

The judge, Andrew Jefferies QC, expressed concerns about Webb’s “nonchalance” and declared him a danger to the wider public.

Webb was given a sentence of seven years and five months for the sex offences.

He was also given a 19-month sentence after pleading guilty to using coercive and controlling behaviour against his ex-partner, and the mother of his child to consecutively. The judge added an additional three-year extended licence to the sentence.

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