Quote of the Day: Jim Gamble

Jim Gamble, Britain’s most senior child protection policeman, urged internet users around the world to help the hunt for Madeleine.

He said: “Every person who does that brings us a step closer to reaching the individual who needs to see this message.”
Source: Daily Express

And then when people dotry to help find Madeleine the McCanns label bloggers,or people in forums who have spent many hours translating the police files for free, as nasty people – or they bring in Carter Ruck to silence and sue people or label them as stalkers in national newspapers and threaten to take their houses away. Charming.

I know how much I love Madeleine and I have no doubt that Madeleine knows how much, you know, I love her and I think… I mean, I know that, and I’ve just got to think, regardless of what all those people say out there; you know, those bloggers and people on the forums who obviously get some kind of kick out of being nasty. I know that, and I know Madeleine knows that, and I’ve just got to, kind of, keep hold of that, really…

(Or you could just answer the 48 questions, take part in the official police reconstruction and request the investigation is reopened as that would speed up the process. You do want the process speeded up, don’t you?)
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Another Quote of the Day by Jim Gamble who thinks ‘viewing’ paedophiles need not be jailed:

‘There are days when you cannot eat your breakfast, lunch or dinner because of what you have seen,’ says Ceop’s chief executive, Jim Gamble, 49, who used to be head of the Special Branch in Belfast running counterterrorism operations. ‘Children are being criminally abused in horrific ways which cause them severe, lasting damage.’

Source: Times Online: Catching the criminals
I expect there are days when the abused children don’t feel like eating their breakfast, lunch or dinner Jim. But this isn’t about you, is it? It’s about abused children. And what are you doing about the McCann children who are being emotionally abused which could cause them severe, lasting damage?
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