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Jim Gamble – Chief Executive CEOP
Formerly Assistant Chief Constable of the National Crime Squad (responsible for co-ordinating Operation Ore)
As a direct consequence of the statements and decisions of Jim Gamble and associated people, the innocent were incriminated, guilt was overstated, lives were endangered or lost, public morals were corrupted and justice was denied.
Jim’s done very well out of Operation Ore, he’s now CEO of the UK’s new Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP).
On 31/08/2005 Complaints to the IPCC regarding Jim Gamble’s conduct prior to and during Operation Ore were upheld. It appears that the IPCC are now unwilling to investigate the complaints as they are legally required to.
12/05/2007 For the latest on Gamble’s dishonest statements at the House Of Lords click here
01/03/2007 Jim Gamble at The House Of Lords
On Wednesday 10th of January 2007 in the House of Lords, Jim Gamble stated without any objection:
“The principal operation of Landslide was simply this: you went on; you identified what you wanted; you handed over your credit card details and you were sent a password back to your e-mail address which you had; you then went back on-line using that password which had been sent to your computer and then accessed your choice.”
Landslide was primarily an adult payment gateway and the keyz system that was at the centre of numerous allegations was not a place you would ‘identify what you wanted’ as Jim Gamble asserted, you couldn’t as there wasn’t even a menu of sites there to select from. Adult verification intermediaries like Landslide were set up to comply with US law where ownership of a credit card was deemed as proof of age. If you wanted to pay for access to an adult website on the Internet which used the Landslide payment gateway, you would be redirected to Landslide for the purposes of entering payment or access authentication, though such was the malice on the Internet, that is only how Landslide intended the system to operate. Payment systems that offer substantial payback to webmasters such as Landslide keyz were common targets for fraud.
Jim Gamble was responding to Question 219 from the Earl of Erroll who was asking in effect for comment on advice he had received that people were hounded when there was no evidence of breaking the law or evidence had been misinterpreted. Jim Gamble responded:
“It is common practice in many cases – and I have been a law enforcement officer for over 26 years – to try and discredit an operation of any type, not least this type in a new area. I would not want to associate myself with any investigation that manifested itself in the way you described, and that does not bear any resemblance, in my view, to my actual experience of this investigation.”
It would have been true to say attempts were made to discredit other operations James Gamble had involvement in, not least by relatives of the deceased and those acting out of conscience. Numerous murders in Northern Ireland including of human rights activists and solicitors were subject to several enquiries and Prime Minister Tony Blair has made a public apology following investigations into Belfast Special Branch. James Gamble and Ronnie Flanagan left for England after the truth received exposure in the mainstream media.
In question 220 on the 10th of January 2007 the Earl of Erroll asks Jim Gamble a follow up question about the Landslide website:
A very quick question then, there was no other sort of pornography on that website, it is purely child pornography? I have never visited it so I do not know.
Mr Gamble responds:
I am glad because we would have met under other circumstances perhaps! Let me be very clear here.
We will stop Mr. Gamble there as the ramble that followed was far from clear and did not answer the question. Had the Earl of Erroll been visiting the Landslide website in 1999 or subsequently via the waybackmachine he would not have been committing an offence in so doing. The Earl perhaps felt it necessary to assert his innocence by saying he had not visited the site, some would say this has the pathology of denial which is common in a witch hunt, but irrelevant in the circumstances. The point is perhaps made by inviting the Earl of Erroll to visit ‘the site‘. Contrary to evidence used by SOCA, the real home page can be viewed here.
Not being guilty of an offence does not remotely suggest one is safe from conviction; the IWF have since edited their website but it once proudly proclaimed the presumption of guilt introduced with the SOA 2003. The law also increased the age of an adult in respect of imagery from 16 to 18, rendering millions of copies of The Sun newspaper child pornography, not to mention countless computers, as even if you ask Windows to delete something you didn’t want, it doesn’t do what you say and remove it, it just takes it out of the index, and the courts have accepted you are guilty of possession even though you cannot access what you are supposed to have.
As for the Earl of Erroll, he can search through the archive of Landslide domains and sub domains as hard as he likes, but he will not be committing an offence or generating suspicion of committing an offence, rather the joke that Mr. Gamble told was on him. If he leaves Landslide intentionally or otherwise, then he is as vulnerable as anyone to the very laws his office has helped create.

Jim Gamble’s past has come back to haunt him. He worked at the heart of NI’s Special Branch.

Radio broadcast including Jim Gamble (NCS, VGT, CEOP), 7,000 names to receive a knock at the door.
‘… were turning over 1.4 million per month’ – Jim Gamble
Landslide netted more than $1 million a month between 1997 and 1999, the government said.
NCS had the accounts and this was a false statement. Compared to the US auditor, Jim Gamble had overstated the revenue by some $24 million dollars.

April 24, 2006
CEOP launched amidst more Gamble scaremongering

April 19, 2006
More of what we’ve come to expect from the self proclaimed ‘Sheriff Of The Internet’.
“The internet is not the Wild West.” – Sheriff Gamble 2006

We are very conscious that if we make this kind of allegation against you today, we cannot simply wipe the slate tomorrow if we get it wrong,” he said. (And there’s an abundance of dirty slates out there, eh Jim?. Hence the existence of this site)
Blatant lies with horrific consequences;
BBC Radio 4 (14/04/2004) broadcast statements by Jim Gamble, then Assistant Chief Constable of the National Crime Squad (responsible for co-ordinating Operation Ore);
He said those charged were suspected of involvement in the “worst kind of hands-on physical abuse”.
“As for the other people, they didn’t get on to this site by accident,” he said.
“You had to enter your credit card details, you had to go through a series of pages whereby you knew exactly where you were going and what you were going to see.”

Big Jim even blatantly lied to Parliament…
Comments to APIG (All Party Parliamentary Internet Group)
“If you consider operation Ore, in 1999 towards 7,000 people in the UK sat at their computers and accessed child abuse websites. Three or four years later, that investigation is on-going. It is because we have been able to go back, because that data was captured at the time, that we are now able to hold those suspects, where we can collect and collate evidence, to account. That, potentially, has been brought about because the data was available to us. If that data had not been available, if it had not been captured and preserved, then how would we have investigated 7,000 people who accessed hard core child abuse sites?”

APIG Communications Data Inquiry Oral Evidence (18 Dec 2002)

In the same text, Gamble said “trust me, I am a police officer”.

“Figures released today of a 400 per cent increase in this type of crime are merely reflecting the success of Operation Ore. It put a tremendous amount of pressure on forces around the country.”

“….we have learnt from Operation Ore.”

Jim Gamble – Lies, lies and more lies.
“It is easy to make a report as it’s all done online via our website– a slip of the tongue perhaps, as this comment was made by Jim Gamble of SOCA, CEOP and VGT..). The IWF is directly involved in the funding arrangements of CEOP, of which Jim Gamble is the Chief Executive.

Ore ‘list’ leaked by NCS to press (Read Article)

“We are making the internet as safe as is humanly possible for our children”

Mr Gamble said the UK used to host 18% of child porn sites but that figure has been reduced to 1%.
“This is about protecting children.”

“It will identify children who’ve already been abused. This centre will be something you’ve never seen before. When you walk in the door you’ll not be able to tell who the police officer is and who is from charity.”

“We can’t allow credit cards to become instruments of crime,”
ACC Gamble said police have “diligent procedures to double check information” so that paedophile allegations are not made on the basis of a credit card transaction alone.”

“This campaign will help empower young people with the necessary skills to stay safe online and, as a consequence, make it as difficult as possible for those people who use the Internet to commit child abuse.”

“Operation Ore is a prime example of law enforcement agencies working together with the protection of children at the forefront.”

And a selection of Jim’s career highs include….
Ian Picks killed for being a suspected Paedophile (he wasn’t)

Barry Sewell, 49 tortured to death in mistaken belief he was a paedophile (he wasn’t)

Arnold Hartley , 73 murdered paedophile

Timothy Colwell, 65, murdered outside his flat after being falsely accused of being a paedophile

William Goad, 60, attacked in his prison cell – attempted murder

Glynn Davies, 45, 2 months in intensive care after being wrongly accused of being paedophile

Matthew Murray, 39, beaten to death after rumours circulated he was a paedophile

Peter Hamilton-Harvey (convicted) parents home burnt down (injuries)

Judge appeals for attacks on jailed Paedophile’s family to stop

Mr McKenzie, gang tried to murder him after seeing pics of his own children an a wall (totally innocent)

Home of 75-year old pensioner firebombed after rumours (WRONG) he was a paedophile

Vigilante attack on flats where sex-offender lived

Partially-sighted pensioner was bludgeoned to death before trial on child abuse charges

Alf Wilkins, 67 murdered after 2 men WRONGLY believed he was a paedophile

Stephen Hunking, 20, murdered in a an orgy of violence after he was MISTAKENLY thought to be a paedophile

Richard Hughes, 29, beaten to death by “friends” after they accused him of molesting a child

Alan Green, 48, viciously attacked (confessed paedophile)

Family escape arson attack on flat where convicted paedophile once lived

Paediatrician forced to flee house after vandals confused her job title

BBC debate hears that AT LEAST 55 INNOCENT people have been attached by anti-paedophile protesters in past few years (dated Aug 2000)

John Fallen, 69 battered to death after being accused of being a paedophile

Anti-paedophile protesters in Portsmouth have driven four innocent families from their homes through fear of violence


Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

(Exploitation by name, exploitation by nature. CEOP is already inventing statistics and distributing false information to help justify it’s existence)
Although Jim Gamble is directly responsible for the deaths of innocent men through Operation Ore, he has been well rewarded for his efforts. Jim is the first chief executive of CEOP.
CEOP is conveniently exempt from the FOI Act.
‘Trust in the integrity of CEOP lays at the very heart of the way their staff, and the community they serve, view it. CEOP will protect its reputation by making full use of the Serious Organised Crime Agency Professional Standards Department (PSD) which makes clear our determination to maintain the pursuit and the prosecution of corrupt and dishonest members of staff, either current or past; and as importantly, those individuals who seek to entrap and corrupt them.’
This statement cannot be true while Gamble is employed at CEOP, he has committed criminal acts with respect to Operation Ore. He is a consummate liar.
CEOP – Who is the CEO?

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