Watch as thug batters cops as they try to arrest him outside a lawyer’s office in Glasgow

THE suspect initially appears to co-operate with the officers before he
suddenly launches his attack on the unsuspecting cops as they try to
place cuffs on him.

A SHOCKING video of a thug battling two cops on a busy Glasgow street outside a lawyer’s office has been uploaded online.
The video uploaded on August 11 shows a large crowd gathering on Saracen Street in Possilpark as officers hold a suspect next to the Standard Inn pub.
man appears to initially co-operate with the officers but as they try
to place handcuffs on them he suddenly launches his attack.
He manages to land several punches in the male PC’s face while also knocking the female officer to the ground.

The man appears to co-operate with police initially

He then wrestles his way on top of the officers before reinforcements arrive and they finally get the suspect under control.
A host of onlookers can be seen film the scene on their mobile phones.

Afterwards the man is cuffed by officers while the dazed policewoman is helped from the scene by two of her colleagues.
A Police Scotland spokeswoman confirmed the incident happened on Saturday, August 6, at around 7.30pm.

Google Maps
The incident took place beside The Standard Inn on Saracen Street in Possil
The incident took place beside The Standard Inn on Saracen Street in Possil

She added: “Two officers on mobile patrol in the Saracen area stopped a group of males believed to be in possession of drugs.
“Three men – aged 23, 24 and 25 – were arrested in connection with the incident and alleged drug offences.”

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