Boy Murdered His Mother And Sister With A Pizza Cutter

Boy Murdered His Mother And Sister With A Pizza Cutter

A 16 year old boy has killed his mother and daughter.
The two were found dead with their faces disfigured by scissors.

Police said, “The boy has used a pair of scissors, a pizza cutter and a cricket bat to murder his mother and sister.
We have recovered the murder weapons from Anjali Kumar’s home in Greater Noida. The juvenile had left the weapons at the murder spot.
He also changed his clothes before fleeing, leaving his bloodied clothes behind.”

The mother and daughter were estimated to have been killed at between 8pm and 11pm on Monday.
Police revealed the boy played crime games on his phone.

The boy took his mother’s phone before leaving the home, she had scolded him during the day over his studies.
He told police that he left the house with some money and fled in a train before he was arrested.

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