Edward Farquharson Bowen


There can now be no doubt about it.

As readers may know from previous posts, Bowen made an extraordinary outburst at my sentencing hearing on 17th February 2012 that no one present could have anticipated. After I had publicly challenged him about his concealed ten-year relationship with cited defence witness Elish Angiolini, he said something like this during his sentencing statement.

” How dare you, an Englishman, come to Scotland to tell us what to do?

We know how to run the justice system here in Scotland.”

This was spoken in a crowded open court and was being recorded by audio.

When I received a printed copy from the Crown Office a few weeks later of the speech, the two sentences above had been omitted. I asked the Court about this inaccuracy and why these remarks were missing. Having received no plausible explanation , I asked Elaine McLeod, the Sheriff Clerk at Stonehaven Court  for a copy of the audio. This was denied to me. I thus proceeded to make a formal complaint to the Judicial Office of Scotland. Eventually, Lord Eassie ordered an investigation, appointing Lady Smith to conduct it.

Lady Smith ordered that the audio be produced. A written transcript, said to be taken directly from the audio, was sent to me prior to my being interviewed by Lady Smith on 3rd July 2013. The copy not only differed significantly from the original document, but also omitted the two key sentences. It was now clear that a serious criminal offence had occurred, the falsification and tampering with of official Court records. I made this perfectly clear to her Ladyship during the course of the interview.

Afterwards, I recalled that Lady Smith`s name had appeared on a previous court document in 2010, supporting a legal action by Sheriff Graham Buchanan against me, presented by solicitor Peter Anderson, of Simpson & Marwick. I wrote to Lord Eassie to ask if this may be considered to be a possible conflict of interest and whether Lady Smith had disclosed this at the time of her appointment. So far, no response to my query has been received and no confirmation yet as to whether Lord Eassie has actually seen my letter or if it had been intercepted by a Court official. Marisa Strutt, at the Judicial Office, is so far unable to confirm whether Lord Eassie has had sight of my letter addressed to him dated 25th July 2013, referring to Lady Smith.

This could become a further issue, as Ms Strutt has told me that it would not be appropriate for His Lordship to enter into correspondence with me. It would be if I have discovered that he may have been misled. Given Lady Smith`s bizarre and illogical conclusion that effectively exonerates Edward Bowen and implies, without any reasonable justification, that I have lied, I surely have a right to know if any inappropriate behaviour on Lady Smith`s part has taken place.

Simpson and Marwick has not only represented Sheriff Buchanan in connection with the Hollie Greig case, but also Hollie`s father, Denis Charles Mackie, which I brought to Mr Anderson`s attention. Interestingly, he initially denied that this was the case, but was forced to retract when I produced a document from his firm confirming that what I said was indeed the truth.

I have now received a letter from the Judicial Office for Scotland stating that Lady Smith has decided that my complaint is “without foundation”. Lady Smith has based her conclusion on conversations with Bowen, Elaine McLeod and an audio and Crown Office documents that have clearly been fabricated in order to protect Bowen. When I made my complaint and met Lady Smith, I made it clear that a number of those present in court that day had nobly offered to provide sworn statements as to what they heard Bowen say. Lady Smith has therefore based her opinion on the two people who have every reason to lie and ignored all of those who have no logical reason to do so.

Edward Bowen has therefore not only made an offensive and discriminatory remark, has lied to Lady Smith in denying that he did so and has clearly been complicit in the falsification of Court records. He is thus a criminal.

During his tirade against me, Bowen said “By your campaign you have sought to undermine the criminal justice system and Government of Scotland as a whole”. It is conduct such as Bowen`s that has undermined the system.

There have been many examples of false convictions in Scotland, notably including that of Abdelbasset Al-Megrahi, but it seems that it falls to me to have the dubious distinction of actually being sent to prison by a criminal!

By Bowen`s actions, he has effectively exposed the false front, rot and decay that lies at the heart of the Scottish criminal justice system and the Scottish Government.

The eminent and well-respected Jock Thomson QC was absolutely right when he courageously stated publicly that the Crown Office is institutionally corrupt. If only more senior members of the legal profession, MSPs and editors possessed a similar degree of bravery, Scotland would be a much better place.


  1. Vicarious Liability? Conflict of Interest? Wilful lying?

    As the texting generation around the UK might say, OMG?

    Did this just happen in Scotland? In Scotland?

    Not Borat’s Pishmingistan but SCOTLAND?

    Like Guy Fawkes Night, Friday The 13th, Halloween and the 9/11 Destruction of the Twin Towers, we can now add the notorious 11th September 2013 to the Calendar as the day the Scottish Justice System died?

    Is there not a current Petition before the Scottish Parliament that seeks to draw attention to Scottish Judges wilfully choosing not to declare Conflict of Interests?

    Where The Lord President himself has declared that there are NO cases in Scotland where Judges fail to declare a Conflict of Interest?

    Well Conflicts of Interest in Scotland must be like a number 9 bus, as in this case they seem to have arrived in a pair? Firstly Bowen, then Smith?

    This insult to the intelligence of the Scottish Public is yet again further vindication that Scottish Judges can lie and cheat with impunity, yet be above the law and saved from the repercussions of their actions, just like the criminals who perpetrated crimes against Hollie?

    Above the law?

    You see, when a lie follows another lie to save one of their own, to allow them to continue to enrich themselves of the Public’s money under false pretences, it only injects another vial of corrupting poison into the system?

    This action has tainted the whole Scottish Justice System in order to protect a rogue element. It is the responsibility of the Public to expose these rogue elements and to ensure that the system is expunged of the poisonous elements, for we now know that Scottish Judges are wilfully choosing not to do so and are defying the law in order to protect themselves?

    Mr Green has once again acted with the utmost propriety and integrity in this matter and has bent over backwards in trusting the Scottish Judges to police themselves?

    However, Mr Green will have no option now but to report this matter to the Police, as protectors of the People and if they also refuse to follow the law, then it will confirm that there is a tripartite of criminal organisations acting against the law and against the Scottish People?

    Finally, it must be pointed out that these Scottish Judges have themselves undermined the trust the Scottish People have in the Scottish Justice System to zero and it is their own actions that are the reason, no one else’s?



    1. Ref KS observation: “Like Guy Fawkes Night, Friday The 13th, Halloween and the 9/11 Destruction of the Twin Towers, we can now add the notorious 11th September 2013 to the Calendar as the day the Scottish Justice System died?”
      Sorry KS, and not to be pedantic, but I am of the opinion that it died back in 2000 when Anne Greig first took her complaint of acts of pederast sexual abuse committed against her daughter, Hollie to the police – and ‘nothing’ was done to truly investigate this crime by named offenders – thanks to corrupt elements of the Grampian plod squad and Scotland’s corruption-ridden executive, legislative and judicial systems.

    2. Good point well made.

      Of course, you are correct…

  2. Bravo Robert – a full broadside and well deserved too.
    Not only is Bowen complicit in criminal activity but also HRH Lady Anne Mather Smith – whose dubious record regarding impartiality and conflicts of interest precedes her like a leper’s shadow.
    Now let’s have a reaction to this from Scotland’s powers that be and too their craven national media – or is the Ostrich Syndrome going to manifest yet again?
    These are the movers and shakers who need this latest post shoved under their noses.


  3. .. yes KS, and if not telling the truth would lead to long noses like Pinocchio’s, what a wonderful picture would finally appear also to those, who do not wish and want to see beyond .. behind .. and also welcome the responsibility we all have to create new as it fortunately comes to many many zeros ..

    Those people have no interest at all to change anything. They go on in their own “world” and use what ever needed, to create their view of life, government, religion, environment, education systems, medical and food business etc.

    We shall not wait for them to change ONE SINGLE THING.

    We only can change and keep upright and “feed” a truth wich can be found in this our still full of magic world. Then would not have a chance anymore.

    Please keep us posted, Robert.

    Many thanks.

    Love to us all.


  4. Do the SNP gang running Holyrood and the Crown Office not consider appeasing Elish Angiolini’s vindictive whims to sue Robert Green and continue covering up the sins of the Aberdeen paedophile ring to have become a matched set of embarrassing encumbrances and a criminal liability – skeletons in the cupboard that are fast becoming a non-stop bone-rattling annoyance – and the lot should finally be thrown to the wolves that bay for justice for the sexually-abused Hollie Greig?
    And for good measure throw in this latest travesty and include Lady Anne Smith and her crooked lying pal Sheriff Eddie Bowen. What chance has Scottish ‘justice’ got with scum like this manipulating its sacrosanct functions to suit their own corrupt – and criminal – ends?


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