For feck’s sake FREE ROBERT GREEN + jail the “Sheriff” Bowen

The thoroughly corrupt and disgusting Scottish establishment are persecuting this wonderful human being for the crime of exposing their activities.

We must not let them do it quietly. Please get involved if you can. This case has the potential to lift the stone on so much with regard to the Satanic and child abuse networks across the whole of Britain and beyond.

Shooting the Messenger: Robert Green (Imprisoned For 1 Year)


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Hollie Greig and her mother Anne

Hollie Greig and her mother Anne
This is truly an evil turn of events.
For those of you may not know, Hollie Greig  is a … Well, go to her website for the full story (
Essentially, Holly is a young girl who has been systematically abused by paedophile rings from with the State. All her attempts at publising the facts, her demands for investigation and requests for justice have been met with silence, intimidation, cover-ups and corruption at all levels.
Rather than be heard by The Parasites That Be (TPTB), Robert Green (one of her ardent supporters) is being persecuted by the courts. He is now facing a year behind bars.
TPTB wont address the real issues. They would rather cover up, silence and bury the cause.
Robert received nine months for the alleged breach of the peace, and three months for breaking bail conditions.
The UK Column is appalled by the decision of Sheriff Principle Edward Bowen to jail Robert Green today in what can only be described as a huge miscarriage of justice.
Robert has been the leading campaigner in support of justice for Hollie Greig. The legal proceedings against him came as the result of his arrest for attempting to distribute leaflets while standing as a Parliamentary candidate in Aberdeen at the last General Election. Robert had been standing on the single issue of the alleged, uninvestigated, abuse of Hollie Greig while she was a child.
Elish Angiolini

Elish Angiolini
Since his arrest, Robert has been subject to numerous breaches of his human rights, and repeated irregularities in the legal process, culminating in a trial presided over by a Sheriff with what seems to be a clear conflict if interest – the apparent friendship between Sheriff Bowen and Elish Angiolini. A complaint has already been lodged with the Judicial Office.
Robert has clearly been imprisoned to send a message to everyone campaigning for Hollie.
While we would like to express our concerns for Robert’s safety in a Scottish prison, we would also like to echo the sentiments of the Hollie Demands Justice campaign – this campaign will not be silenced through this type of blatant intimidation.

Does the freemasonic bond prove greater than the call of conscience?
Is the legal system a racket?
Is Sheriff Bowen a Freemason?

letter from Ian McFerran 
Campaign member of ‘Justice for Hollie Greig’ and ‘Free Robert Green’

to Sheriff Bowen

It is my understanding that, in the olden days, activity that caused the Masonic Order to be viewed in such a negative light, could have meant certain death to that Mason.  As you will, of course, be very aware, being as you are, a Freemason, the three main tenets of Freemasonry are: 1) Brotherly Love 2) Relief/Charity 3) Truth As such, you appear to have breached Masonic tenets 1 & 3, at least as far as the Scottish judicial system goes.

I shall, therefore, leave it up to your ‘brethren’ as to how they wish to deal with you, given you have now directly linked the Freemasons with those who knowingly and wilfully support and protect paedophiles at the expense of the victims of child abuse attacks.

With all of above in mind, I am now calling you out!  I openly and directly accuse you, Sheriff Principle Edward F Bowen QC, of being a ‘corrupt’ Freemason and unlawfully using your Masonic influence and connections to ‘pervert the course of justice’ and to knowingly and wilfully, through your actions, allow children and vulnerable adults to remain at risk of abuse, suffering and even death, in Scotland.

read on … and take action if you will!

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