Not too impressed with this ‘Anna Raccoon’, I have to say. Everybody knows I think the whole Hollie Greig story was a crock of sh*te put together by semi-professional litigant with a right-handed axe to grind (Martin Frost who put Usher and Green up to the whole thing) but Raccoon was tripping herself up left right and centre in emails we exchanged yesterday. One minute she was saying she hadn’t placed her name and email address on the St Christopher’s Old Scholars page – that someone else had – ( the next she was saying she had given permission afterall (after I’d pointed out that I’d been in touch with David Curzons who manages the Old Scholars page and he said old scholars MUST request it themselves).
She says in her ‘Intimidation and cooercion’ post that “the e-mail address given is not and has never been a genuine e-mail address.”
But if it was not a genuine email address: how could St Christophers contact her using that address to add her to the list as she told me yesterday?
She also says she never used the address after retiring in 2000 but the domain is there in the wayback archives in 2003 – under construction in France – where she lives.
Raccoon’s site is down for ‘maintenance’ at the moment so I can well imagine she is altering some of her posts as we speak in the event the Office of the Public Guardian start looking more closely at her claims.
Here’s what she says in her ‘Inexorable choices’ post:
“I worked in the Lord Chancellor’s Office the last time Labour (under Tony Blair) made one of their knee jerk attempts at reforming the constitution to suit themselves. Blair got up one morning and ‘abolished’ the Lord Chancellor. Chaos ensued.” – nb: this was 2003-2005.
And here’s what Ms Nundy says in an email to me yesterday:
“I most certainly was not working as a Visitor after 2000. I let the domain lapse. I have no idea who re-registered it. I didn’t move to France until 2005 so the fact that it was someone in France has no suspicious connections with me.”
And again, in a previous email:
“Mrs Nundy ceased to use the address in 2000 when she retired from work. What has happened to it since then is of no interest to me, nor relevance.”
Does she always talk about herself in the third person? Here’s another of Ms Nundy’s ‘out of body experiences’ (or travels in the third person narrative) – a rather flattering report she did about ‘the blogger’ Anna Raccoon. Herself by any other name.
She’s not lying exactly. She’s not telling the truth exactly. In one breath she says she retired in 2000 – and in another breath says she was working in the Lord Chancellor’s Office in 2003. That she’s been involved in this work seems certain in many respects but she seems to have lied about all the timings. Why? And how does one balance her propensity for lying with her devotion as a Quaker (anyone remember the ‘testimony of integrity’ and such like)?
Has Raccoon just been impersonating Ms Nundy? Sounds dumb, but who knows, given the lies thus far.
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