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The American model Paige Young died in mysterious circumstances.

Cosby and Hefner

Paige Young had been “passed around by Bill Cosby, Hugh Hefner and dozens of Hollywood honchos…”

Paige had been to Ireland with director and actor John Huston before her mysterious death.


Tamara Green

Tamara Green, a victim of Cosby, commented on Cosby’s control over Paige:

“Paige always seemed in a stupor, a daze, like he was controlling her.”


There is a suspicion that Paige had been mind-controlled by the CIA.

Paige Young

Tamara Green says: “Paige called me and said Bill (Cosby) was on tour and she was travelling with him.

“I remember sitting in the back of a stretched black limo with them both and Bill wanted to score some drugs…

“Paige was in to her drugs and Bill wanted to get her some…”

Paige Young was found dead on 7 April 1974 in her West Hollywood apartment.

She was lying on a blood soaked American flag on her double bed.

The website, says that Paige Young died as the result of ‘barbiturate overdose’.

Melanie Myers

Former model Melanie Myers says: “There was a large American flag draped across her bed and there was a pentagram laid out on the wooden floor…

“There were news clippings, magazine articles, everything you could think of. Written across it was something like: ‘Hugh Hefner is the devil’.”


Paige Young “often went to the Playboy Mansion… and often entered the infamous Playboy grotto, where orgies were said to prevail.”

Former Playboy Playmate Victoria Valentino says of the ‘Playboy Circuit’: ‘You’d see guys like Cosby, like Richard Pryor, like comedian Flip Wilson, singer Gary Crosby and baseball player Sandy Koufax.’

Continued here:

John Huston was “possibly an ‘as needed’ CIA asset.”


Bill Cosby and Alicia Keys.

The American TV star Bill Cosby has been accused of drugging and raping large numbers of young women.

Sexual assault allegations.

Anonymous alerted us to Cosby’s links to CIA mind-control.

Bill Cosby’s father was in the US navy.

Bill Cosby joined the navy and served at the Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland.[9]

The Bethesda Naval Hospital was the site of CIA MK ULTRA mind control programs.

The programs used mind control drugs on servicemen.

“Alicia Keys in Mind Control/MPD Trance Channeling the Great BEAST 666 Aliester Crowley.” big switch, alicia keys

Bill Cosby has made speeches attacking Black Americans for the condition they find themselves in.

Georgetown University sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson has written that Cosby is overlooking larger social factors that reinforce poverty and associated crime:

Factors such as:
Deteriorating schools, 
Stagnating wages, 
Offshoring and downsizing, 
Chronic underemployment [30]

Dyson suggested that Cosby’s comments “betray classist, elitist viewpoints rooted in generational warfare.”[29]

Bill Cosby strongly supports the state of Israel.

Black Zionists who support Israel


  1. Bethesda Naval Hospital was also the place where former Secretary of Defense James Forrestal was suicided.


  2. Celebrities bowing to their Jewish masters

    Celebrities posing with Jewish Chabad “orthodox” fanatics, wearing kippahs, posing with Israeli War Criminals…

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