1. Armed police officer to businessman: “If you don’t put that fucking phone down I’ll blow your head off”

  2. Masonic membership promoting talentless tossers to jobs above their ability?
    That’s why they join isn’t it?

  3. Police Scotland told to pay journalist £10,000 over illegal intercepts

  4. Police Scotland’s £1.1 million compensation payments to its own staff –

  5. If you want to fly an israeli flag or palestinian flag it is your right to do so, don’t let police scotland make you think otherwise
  6. Scottish Police Authority are paying consultants Deloitte £694,000 to help them draw up a “blueprint” for Police Scotland strategy. Huge sum
  7. Female Officer involved in death in custody of fit 2face criminal trial over alleged data offences

  8. More adverse publicity for Greater Police’s disgraced professional standards department

  9. Top Detective with West Yorkshire’s murder squad suspended following arrest

  10. IPCC will be conducting a criminal investigation in relation to 2 police officers involved in Dalian Atkinson death

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