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Like i hoped another update on the Demi and Nirvana child abuse affair:

Monday, June 3 2013

It remains exciting surrounding the unsavory affair in Zoetermeer and it seems the events follow up rapidly. It started today with several e-mails we received from Frides Laméris:

This was the first:

Ben And Leonie fled their home this morning at 5.00. I myself will be on my way soon to the police station Groningen to make a statement against a detective from Utrecht Mariëlle Hansen and her partner Ingrid Ouwens who during a (‘help) visit to Ben and Leonie – while Ben was asleep – erased a huge amount of files, among them several thousand incoming and outgoing mails from Ben, provided with the necessary links to files.

I also reported this 5 minutes ago to Marcel Vervloesem, who said that he was going to announce the police statement notice as soon as he is noted by me from Groningen, that i really did this statement. Gr. frides

Then the next one, directed at the police criminal investigation department in Utrecht:


Dear Mr. Roelevink,

This is an addition to my phone call to your mobile voicemail this morning. I recorded on your voicemail this morning that Mr. van den Brink made known to me that a detective from the Utrecht police, Mariëlle Hansen and her partner Ingrid Ouwens in the night of saturday to sunday July 12, during a visit to the van den Brink family at their residential home in Schoorl at the Hulstweg 11, during a sleep period of Mr. van den Brink, in various ways adapted his computer and as a result a jointly email file of about 2500 mails (in and outgoing), all relating to information about the activities of a criminal pedophile network in North And South Holland are erased from the computer.

Many mails were also provided with important attachments and files. Because Mr. van den Brink received a serious death threat last saturday, originating from the now well known criminal pedophile milieu, he left his home in Schoorl this morning together with his wife Leonie and he asked me to undertake action.

In consultation with Mr. van den Brink we decided this morning to make a statement about this serious hacking, which purpose it undoubtedly is to prevent that the known to us pedophile network will further be exposed. Because this was the most practical for me, i made a visit to the main police station at the Radermarkt Groningen several hours ago and made known there that on behalf of Mr. van den Brink i wanted to declare against this hacking with urge. Particularly because the suspicion rests on a detective from Utrecht, who is well known with the van den Brink dossier and where you – according to our information – are well known with.

I thus have explicitly stated both at the desk as well as to the attending chef Mr. Konings that i wished to make a statement against DETECTIVE POLICE UTRECHT MARIELLE HANSEN AND HER PARTNER INGRID OUWENS. In accordance to the law book i’ve met my duty by this by immediately announcing a serious punishable fact to the police, so that the police can act to investigate this case.

According to the law book a citizen can make a report like this anywhere in the country. What the Groningen police additionaly does with this report is i.m.v. not my primary responsibility. Hoping to have informed you sufficiently with this extra information, with best regards, Frides Laméris, Zuidlaren, counselor of the van den Brink family from Schoorl.

And subsequently a third e-mail:


They didn’t want to take the declaration and as so often hid under their theorem that a declaration must be done in Schoorl. Meanwhile i’m pretty well known with the bureaucratic cops in the Netherlands, and will not allow myself to be influenced by this. I announced the suspicion of the punishable fact (= fact 1) to the cops in Groningen and will now put something about it on the internet.

My mail to Roelevink from just a while ago is fact number two and nobody can go around that. And that’s how we continue again today to support the still fugitive couple. We’ll be victorious!

Greetings, Frides

So far the email messages that we received. Seeing how it yet concerns heavy allegations here towards the criminal investigation department Utrecht, we contacted the police station in Utrecht by phone today at 14.30. We were spoken to most friendly by Mrs. van de(n?) Ende and we asked her to connect us with Mariëlle Hansen and/or Ingrid Ouwens in the context of hear and rebuttal. We were indeed asked who we were, but not which case was concerned.

A while later Mrs. van de(n?) Ende returned with the announcement that it was not opportune at the moment. We requested her to ask Mariëlle Hansen if it was more opportune at a later time or that one of both ladies could maybe call us back.

Mrs. van de(n?) Ende then returned with the literal answer of Mariëlle Hansen: “No, don’t feel like it”.

We also clearly indicated that we would publish about a case where both ladies were involved with, and if then a reply comes with “No, don’t feel like it”, then that makes one think. About the social norms that are applied, anyway.

To be continued.


Dont feel like it? Dont you just love openly arrogant and corrupt officers?

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does someone mind doing a brief summary of what this is all about

i just keep seeing long posts and I’m trying to read them and just seeing a bunch of words

what is the story? think I’m having a brainfart

“My brain is only a receiver. In the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know it exists.” -Nikola Tesla
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Originally Posted by elite View Post
does someone mind doing a brief summary of what this is all about

i just keep seeing long posts and I’m trying to read them and just seeing a bunch of words

what is the story? think I’m having a brainfart

On one hand i’d like to give you a summary because i like to spread the information, on the other hand i’m like ‘dude, if you’re going to read a book (assuming you sometimes do) do you only see pages of words or is it hours of potentially good information. If you read the first post and the first article it describes exactly what it’s about, you can say it’s already summarized in the beginning. i take it you’re not too fond of reading?

But seeing how books have short summary’s too, i’ll give you a brief summary of events until now:

About a Dutch couple’s attempts to rescue their daughters from a (international) pedophile/satanic abuse ring connected to a infamous shelter home in Zoetermeer and is connected to the exposure of the ties of certain satanic incestuous family’s who abuse children for century’s and links to the royal family and DNA-matching that will soon unfold. Also involved and exposed is the involvement of corrupt pedophile police, especially a couple of officers in Zoetermeer who are part of this network and revealed to have made child pornographic video’s with several local victims. This material + the case as a whole is being investigated and noticed internationally and will lead to bigger revelations and consequences.

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Another somewhat older article going more into detail about this Erwin Lensink who threw a tealight holder at the ‘royal’ golden coach and was demanding DNA-matching in connection to the ‘royal family’ which was also mentioned in relation to the Demi and Nirvana child abuse ring:

Why Do people Believe In Fairy Tales?
April 23, 2013

It’s a well known phenomenon that people rather shut their eyes for the truth and prefer to keep believing in fairy tales. 

That is very convenient for our Royal family because if it wasn’t so, it might look very gloomy for them.

Not that someone should feel sorry for the royals, because it seems to be a extraordinary rich familie anyway, partly of course through the Billions of profit that are made by Shell, of which they own a nice amount of shares.

Alongside all these resources they have something else that’s special because they are “royal”. Now the concept is that your status is based on from which birth canal you are from, totally demented naturally. Suddenly it’s not a human anymore, but a prince, princess, king or queen. Normal rules are subsequently not applicable to them and if someone in a foolish mood throws a tealight holder towards the coach where these special creatures move around in, then he (Erwin Lensink) just disappears behind bars for almost two years.

What a lot of people don’t know is that Erwin Lensink during this period tried to prove that he threw the object at “normal” people and not at the queen. Because throwing tealight holders at “normal” people is not that bad. For that you maybe get a small penalty and a warning to never do it again, but then that’s it.

Anyway, the grounds where Erwin wanted to prove this upon can be called very interesting. As was stated by his lawyer Mariëlle van Essen that Beatrix would not have the right to call herself queen because her grandmother, Wilhelmina, would not have been a legal daughter of William III. The only way to prove this is through a DNA test, which thus has been submitted to a court. It will probably surprise nobody that that test has never come around. It shall even be so that many people think “But of course you can’t do that, ask the queen for DNA reserach?!”. It almost feels like sacrilege.

What it does show is that Erwin Lensink apparently is somebody who can reflect well. Unfortunately the Public prosecution Service has a completely different opinion. As the officer during the appeal stated last January, “At the moment that he threw the tealight holder, he was namely suffering from a delusional disorder. That’s why he has to be fired from prosecution, which means that he can go scot-free. But the Public Prosecution Service also think that L. still suffers from delusions and that he’s dangerous to himself and to others”.

That the court with pain and difficulty and by the dragging along of various cases ultimately came to a total condemnation of 150 days and that the man had been in preliminary imprisonment for as much as 675 days is once again a low in our Legal History. Of course, according to a different judge it’s a complete coincidence that Lensink was sentenced to 14 days imprisonment last week for stalking and thus is detained once again during the coronation of the whether or not legal heir.

Lensink is not the only one who thinks that the new king can’t assert any right to the throne. So one can find some very interesting information at the website BlauwBloedDNA (BlueBloodDNA) including:

“Wilhelmina is the child born out of wedlock of Emma and not the daughter of William III. Her biological father was S.M.S. de Ranitz, a adjutant of William III and Emma’s chamberlain, unless DNA research indicates otherwise. (William III was too old and infertile from syphilis during the conception in 1879)”.

“To date it has not been conclusively determined (DNA is being refused) that Juliana would be a daughter of Prince Hendrik (Duke Henry of Mecklenburg-Schwerin). This Hendrik was bisexual and there would also be a case of infertility here”.

This affair limits itself to the origin of the members of the royal family. For the moment we leave aside all the escapades of the various royals that are unacceptable and are swept silently under the rug, for decades long. The throwing of tealight holders is childs play compared to that.

And so next week, with millions of euro’s of taxmoney, a party is again being given to the only family in the Netherlands who can afford it themselves excellently and whose ”right” to the ”title” of king is not even established. Besides, according to Loonwijzer (wage indicator) Willem-Alexander will “earn” 3.316 Euro’s a day. This is 829.000 annually then and that’s still more than double of what the president of America earns. (Obama earns a sum of about 400.000 euro’s and also pays taxes).

The propaganda machine is running on full speed. Page after page there’s discussions about the new king song and next week the gross of the population are bravely waving a little flag in a country where at the moment new unemployment increases with 1000 a day. Is it really such a nice fairy tale that we so stubbornly try to keep believing in?


The most bizarre thing is when you compare the time Erwin Lensink did (almost two years without actually being sentenced) to ‘sentences’ of certain child abusers. Only a week ago a man was released from prison in the Netherlands who was convicted for abusing handicapped minors, got 6 years (!) but was released after doing three (!!) years for this. Compare this to sitting almost two years for throwing an object against a coach (where you normally don’t get detained for this long) and it has been increasing everywhere that child sex offenders get away with ridiculously low sentences and it’s the same with killers or other crimes against humanity. Think about the victims and relatives when a sick person like that is triumphantly whistling through the neighbourhood where their victims live, seeing how they love to do that. Imagine how easy it’s being made for people like this to do their crimes again seeing how small the risk is.

In a earlier post on the Jimmy Saville thread i also named the example of Ad van den Berg from the Martijn organization, and that was also around the late 80’s so this is likely going on for some time:

“In 1987 van den Berg was convicted for fornication with a 11 year old boy. He received a penalty of 1000 guilders (!) for this and a conditional prison sentence for a month. The news program Netwerk heard from van den Berg in October 2006 that he is still involved in relationships with minors. In his own words these relationships are purely platonic.”

Another example of the ridiculous low sentences for people who are known for preying on children which i go into in another post later on. 1000 Guilders is about equal to 450-480 Euro (that will teach him) These folks also have the tendency to play the victim card and (like rapists also do) say that the victim is the one who is seducing or wanted it/was asking for it. Yeah, watch out for these sensual, sly kids who are always trying to hit on ugly, dirty old men like Ad van den Berg. Also, wasn’t he for a lowering of age to 12 and yet he is ‘convicted’ for having a 11 year old? Is’nt he basically admitting that he’s in the wrong, seeing how he contradicts himself with this and his ‘platonic’ bullshit excuse?

“In March of 2011 it became known that van den Berg was apprehended in connection to the possession of child porn. On April 4th the organization announced that van den Berg hasn’t eaten and didn’t take his insulin shot in protest at the affairs. In a reaction earlier van den Berg already talked about a house search. He called the procedure discrimination for pedophiles and spoke of preventing of investigation.

“On October 4 2011, a 4 years prison sentence was demanded during a court case against van den Berg, whereof 8 months were conditional with a probation of five years. He would have 150.000 photographs and 7500 videos of child porn in his possession, 12.000 pictures where he was also visible (!!) The public prosecutor called the photopgraphs “very shocking” (what innocent people they are, ain’t they) He was subsequently sentenced to three years imprisonment, whereof six months were conditional with the demanded probation. That means that he, as planned, will be released in September 2013.

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In the post after this one, a more updated and more detailed account of the most recent events concerning the Demi and Nirvana child abuse case. Not a major update or breakthrough yet unfortunately and hopefully it will not reach a dead end, because i already feared for the attempts to cover-up and using distractions and intimidations to manipulate events. The problem is, like with all other scandals and discoveries, it can only come to a certain point and then it’s up to the masses or a significant amount of people to demand and take action because the institutions, like police or juridical system, will not help us and most will not go against their masters.

Speaking of action, i saw some statements from a while ago, allegedly coming from main researcher Frides Lameris, that if totally nothing is being done about the affairs, a call for a project-X type of action where people will storm the gate of this incest house to rescue the children will perhaps be made. I saw some statements from some people who seemed willing to be involved in a move like this, so let’s hope something like this can be set up (also perhaps internationally) to show other people physical action must be taken or at least tried, to show how crucial it is to rescue children from powerful satanic groups and that nothing will be done unless we do it. I didn’t say it would be easy, but first steps have to finally be taken and i think a good starting ground is the sick, overwhelming and predominant pedo/child abuse networks. People need to realize what kind of gruesome acts are committed by creatures we vote into power (or not).

I hope something substantial will be composed out of this idea, the people involved are passionate and determined enough in my view, and that it will attract the right kind of people and not just rebels without the cause. The goal of such an action is to take the van den Brink children out of that hell hole and not primarly to cause trouble. If some result is achieved, then at least an example has been made. Especially about our real power and good will.

I also want to emphasize that i don’t condone a provocative act like ‘project X’ (if you’ve heard of it) because to me it’s certain that events like this are orchestrated from the inside in co-operation with the infiltrated media, in order to take more freedoms away and give the ‘authorities’ like police more priveleges and opportunities to hassle people, which happened in a place called Haren in the Netherlands where many youngsters supposedly responded to a message on a facebook page from a 16 year old girl announcing her birthday party and came to Haren causing trouble (same as the police) excalating into riots. Of course this was ‘investigated’ and an announcement came in the mainstream media that events like this were bound to happen in the future and obviously part of the solution would be to ‘re-organize’ the police system and laws to prevent things like this. Sounds familiar? The reference to project X serves merely as an example to demonstrate what masses of people possibly can achieve.

To give you an example of how weird and sinister this event was, here’s a bit from (Dutch) wikipedia regarding the escalation of a relatively innocent invitation. The girl, after noticing that the invitation was taken the wrong way, removed the message from her event page on facebook, probably because of concerns and this followed:

“The removal didn’t help, others created the event again purposefully, now under the name ‘Project X Haren’, but with the name and adress of the girl included.

The newly created Facebook-event fell under the management of a 21 year old man from Christchurch (New Zealand) and a unknown person from Berlin who calls himself “Ibe Der Fuhrer”. The last person also has images of Adolf Hitler on his Facebook page. According to his own claims, the 21 year old man responded to a call from someone from the Netherlands, who asked if someone from outside of the Netherlands would like to host the event on Facebook. The girl asked the two ‘organizers’ to remove the event, but no reply was given to this.”

Will keep you informed for more.

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Free Demi And Nirvana From The Hands Of The Satanists

Updated version 8-06-2013

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Demi van den Brink and Nirvana van den Brink

Above, recent photo’s of Demi Jane (9) and Nirvana Selena van den Brink (15), daughters of Ben van den Brink and Leonie Minkema from Schoorl. Both girls are, as known now by many readers, kidnapped by false representatives from Buro Jeugdzorg (Childcare) North-Holland, with assistance from several pedolice officers and faked court documents, from the parental home in Schoorl in September 2009.

For more factual information about parents, children and this case , see also notice 3 about this on this website or check the many links about this (or google Ben van den Brink).

Below a photo from August 2010 in Zandvoort, made by father Ben van den Brink, where two satanists are depicted who, among other things, bothered his daughter Nirvana.

They’ve been recognized by the English Police as being connected to the large-scale porn-and-abuse network in Zandvoort. Nirvana later recognized these figures from the photo. After this the parents were not allowed to visit their children anymore.

Uploaded with

Fake officers in Zandvoort

Around June 2013 both girls are, together with some other children, being detained in the Wilma House, Hazewater 20 in Zoetermeer. This satanically programmed household, where the ‘entrepeneurs’ rake in 36.000 Euro a year for every child that’s placed out of it’s home, is under the supervision of Wilma Bruins and the ex-Leidschendam pedolice officer Anton Weijers, against whom numerous statements because of sexual abuse are in preparation.

In April 2013, a team of 8 persons also tried collectively to make a statement against both Wilma House-satanists at the Zoetermeer police station, but did not receive any co-operation for this from this station. Naturally, this speaks volumes about the involvement of Zoetermeer police officers with this pedo network. we thereby also point at the important publication at Klokkenluideronline about the letter to Mayor Charly Aptroot of Zoetermeer on the subject of Pedolice Gate:…pedolitie-gate

Below, two pictures where Anton Wijers and Wilma Bruin are visible in several positions (See also post on this website from May 28, 2013 about incest family’s, also consultable through for example:…%20Brink.pdf )

Uploaded with

Wilma Bruins, middle foreground

Uploaded with

Anton Wijers, above middle

All attention is now focused on the release of the two brave young ladies Demi and Nirvana, who have become the victim of horrible sexual abuse by members of a large-scale satanic-pedophile network, whose clearance is near. There’s being worked on the uncovering of this case by numerous detectives of New Scotland Yard, Europol, Child Online Protection and many hundreds of concerned citizens. Specialists of the Workgroup Morkhoven, led by the pioneer in this field Marcel Vervloesem, are involved with this action as well. ( ) What’s taking the helping, honest Dutch police so long, is the big question until present. At 4 June it turned out that even the only police officer who together with a friend, had made the impression she had put in much effort for the van den Brink family on a personal basis, is a double agent of the pedo network:…n-zijden-draad

The international attention for this shocking story is growing. An important English publication can be found here:…use-ring.html.This article is also published on the site of David Icke.

The Belgian Workgroup Morkhoven has send out a statement in November 2012 to victims/parents on the subject of the Zandvoort case to report themselves to them. It concerns thousands of victims here who have been placed from their home in North-Holland, whose photographs are on CD-Roms, that are in possession of the workgroup and since recently also have come into the hands of many other foreign researchers and organizations. See the call from Workgroup Morkhoven below:

Uploaded with

Marcel Vervloesem, figurehead of VZW Morkhoven:

Uploaded with


Because of a study in the Zandvoort case and … relations through our organization, we make the following call-up. We are looking for:

A. People with complains about Stichting Bureau Jeugdzorg (Childcare) North-Holland and Department Child Protection Alkmaar (Ned.) on the subject of the removal of their children from their home.

B. Children who stayed at the orphanage** in Zandvoort in the period between 1990 and 1998 or were placed from there in foster form.

Please, make a connection with:

Vzw Werkgroep Morkhoven, Rue faider n° 10 – St Gillis 1060 België . T.a.v. van teamleider Yves Gossens .

Or at e-mail vt

All your information will be kept discrete. ** Explanation update: It concerns the OCK Het Spalier here, used to be called het Plantinghuis (Plantation House, eerie name BTW)

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An already translated, not by me this time, very detailed summary of what happened with the van den Brink family over the last few years. Remember, the scale of abuse (satanic) and corruption is shocking. Time for action is near, the scum that take part in these things are the lowest creatures imaginable and must be wiped out if this continues and it does:

(Citizens Ministry for Child Protection)
Contact: Drs. F. Laméris, Zuidlaren: 050-4096142 –

1. 2009. Mr. Ben van den Brink discovers that his two daughters Demi and Nirvana have been, and still are being abused and mistreated by his father-in-law and friends of his. During this period his wife Leonie Minkema tells him that the same abuse was done to her by her father, other family members and friends. Ben is furious and runs to his father-in-law, who has already called the police. Arriving at the doorstep he is surrounded by 11 police cars. Here is the first sign of police helping the members of a paedophile-network.

2. September 15, 2009. Due to threatening his father-in-law, Ben is arrested while making an official complaint at the police station in Alkmaar, and he is imprisoned for 6 months. Neither investigation, nor any action takes place against Mr. Ype Minkema, his father-in-law, a man of influence in the local community of Schoorl. The police refuse the request of Ben to file a criminal complaint against the abusive behaviour of Mr. Ype Minkema.

3. September 24, 2009. While Ben is in jail, the children are taken away by Children’s Welfare Agency and brought to OCK ( OCK stands for: Remedial Education Centre Kennemerland) Het Spalier in Zandvoort, a children’s institution. Both parents are shocked by the removal of their already traumatised children. Hardly any contact with the children is allowed to the parents, while grandfather Minkema is visiting the girls regularly.

4. During this time Leonie is at home alone, where she is being raped several times by her father and four friends, one of them being a policeman from Schoorl.

5. Beginning November 2009. The physician of the OCK Spalier examines both girls and suggests possible sexual abuse.

6. March 23, 2010. Ben gets out of jail. Leonie remembers more and more supressed memories and experiences, which prove she has been abused by a paedophile ring in Schoorl where many families are involved as are the children of these families, many of them acting like this for generations. Totally shocked by this absurd abuse phenomenon and the unreasonable behaviour of Children’s Welfare Agency and police, Ben decides to start his own research.

7. Ben requests assistance of friends and media, Scotland Yard, Morkhoven Group and Europol. He interrogates several employees of 9 different children’s institutions throughout the country, and posts at various places to make observations. This shows him amongst others, that many children are sexually abused at the OCK Spalier in Zandvoort. This institution denies these allegations. Furthermore, these investigations show Ben that tremendous child abuse takes place within these child care institutions.
Links are established by researchers between pedo-networks and the structural sexual abuse of children. The question is whether child trafficking is going on in the Netherlands.

8. Structural and generational sexual abuse of babies and children is connected to satanic rituals. Unknown to many it is a subject that is now negotiable, allowing more insight to come in the how and why of child abuse.

9. August 2010. Leonie visits the family physician with Demi for the removal of a genital wart, under the supervision of an employee from the OCK Spalier. Demi panics as the doctor touches her buttocks; she’s afraid “he puts something in there”.

10. March 2011. Ben and Leonie want Nirvana to be examined by an independent physician in Haarlem as well, to prove sexual abuse. As soon as OCK Spalier finds out, both children are rushed to a secret location elsewhere in the country (Huizen). They are kept out of school for 8 days, in order to hide any trace of sexual abuse. Contact with the parents is denied, only Leonie is allowed to visit the girls once a fortnight, under supervision, for an hour and a half.

11. August 19, 2011. Demi and Nirvana are transferred again, this time to the Wilma House, a foster home in Zoetermeer. According to the behaviour of the girls Leonie knows by her own experiences the children are still being abused.

12. Sept. 20 and Oct. 19 2011. Ben is trialled twice and later finds out that these trials are not recorded in the official national register of court cases. Both trials therefore officially never took place and are illegal.

13. November 1, 2011. Unlawful and violent arrest Ben van den Brink. Ben and Leonie are brutally forced off the road by police cars. Ben is violently dragged out of his car and beaten up severely by several policemen and is taken to the hospital. Police threaten Ben and Leonie with a gun.

14. Under false pretexts, Ben is imprisoned again. Attempts are made to enforce a psychological report for longer detention, without success. Release date: November 4.

Increasing irregularities in official documents show up, as well as names and photographs of police men with double employment at Children’s Welfare Agency and a number of judges who make decisions against the official rules. The procedures are published in detail, also showing relevant documents, and are discussed by many at the website The website is forced by Children’s Welfare Agency to censor, in order to avoid juridical procedures with high penalties.

15. November, 2011. Anneke Bleeker, owner of the nationally well-known website and citizen in the area where Ben en Leonie are living, has a meeting with the mayor of Bergen Mrs. Hetty Hafkamp and head of the police Mr. Kooijman for further explanation.

16. December 9, 2011. Ben leaves with documents to Europol Germany in order to prevent unlawful imprisonment. He makes every effort needed to bring his daughters back home and more and more people start offering help.

17. December 16, 2011. Squad raid on a friend’s house elsewhere in the country in attempt to find Ben. Without success.

18. January 21, 2012. Leonie, home alone, is regularly harassed by the police and again an unlawful raid takes place. Listen to the live recording here:…van-den-brink/

Leonie decides to move to a friend to avoid intimidation and worse. Foster parents Wilmahuis ask permission for passport application for Demi and Nirvana. Ben and Leonie are fiercely against this and deny permission.

19. February 2011. To punish the parents for refusing permission, Leonie is not allowed to visit the children for a month.

20. February 22, 2012. Ben is arrested again. The obscure documents show double files, messing with time and copied stamps, and there are various other signs showing corruption and fraud of documents.

21. May 24, 2012. Ben is released by the judge’s verdict without suspension until a new hearing. The hearing is extended until July 11. Shortly before July 11 the session is cancelled as there is no probation report. This report will never come out, for Ben has, by his own will, no contact with the probation service. The case against Ben therefore remains unresolved and there is no further communication between the court and Ben for a while.

22. Grave concern too, concerning the status of children’s home Wilmahuis in Zoetermeer. According to the female owner/foster parents, she is in the service of /employed by the Hoenderloo Groep. Another website shows the Wilmahuis is a children’s home for Stichting Jeugdformaat. The Inspectorate for Youth Care, which is controlling both organizations, states neither is the case. Later on the foster parent says she is running her own business now, which is against the rules of Inspectorate for Youth Care and therefore it is illegal to take care of children for the Inspectorate. The ex-husband of the woman, regularly visiting the Wilmahuis, is an ex-policeman. He is the same officer who filed the police report on November 2, 2011, one day after the arrest of Ben.

23. July 21 – August 2012. Children are taken for a vacation to Croatia, against the wishes of the parents.

24. Fake procedures, falsified documents and a number of not officially registered lawsuits within the Court, result in researching an “inner circle” within organizations by Ben and various other people. Furthermore is clear that the documents, on which the mother is suspended from custody over the children, have been printed on forged court papers, and are not listed in the national register of court cases at the District Court in Amsterdam.

25. A new website,, appears online with one main subject, the horrific story of the Van den Brink family. The owner of the website, Frides Laméris, as a confidant of the Van den Brink family, files a complaint with the police headquarters of the city of Groningen concerning two fraudulent judges at the Court of Alkmaar, because of tampering with documents. The Court of Groningen also receives some detailed information about this.

26. On CD’s which have the attention of national and international security services, persons involved in a paedophile network have been – possibly – recognized. Connections are leading to Noord Holland (police officers included). Special attention for the police station Alkmaar.

27. 18 Sept. 2012. By mistake, Ben gets hold of a letter, probably included inadvertently in materials he receives from his (ex) lawyer Gerard van der Meer. It refers to a document which is supposed to be a ‘shadow report’ of the police. Close inspection reveals the many manipulations in this document. It is put on the internet, please see:

28. October 2012. Demi and Nirvana are still not at home, despite official documents indicating that parents have full authority over their children. Four different courts i.e. Haarlem, Amsterdam, Den Haag and Alkmaar are informed with well documented files. The police station Alkmaar has by now refused to file a criminal complaint three times. The media are approached. When all the personnel of the schools Demi and Nirvana are emailed with detailed information, etc. it turns out, a secret ICT-procedure disallows the mails to reach their destination.

29. October 7, 2012. A co-worker of OCK Het Spalier, the children’s institution where Demi and Nirvana have been in residence in 2010, makes a confession to some friends of Ben who visit them, that at least 8 colleagues have abused many children among which Demi and Nirvana. The names of these persons are known and have been published at the internet, only using their initials.

30. October 2012. Prof. Dr. Onno van der Hart of the University of Utrecht, Faculty of Social Sciences, Clinical and Health Psychology (KGP), honorary Professor Psychopathology of the chronically traumatized, and therapist for satanic ritual abuse, follows this issue closely and – in writing – gives his full support to the Van den Brink family and other families involved.

31. Stichting Alternatief Beraad (Foundation for Alternative Consultation – therapists, dedicated to helping victims of satanic ritual abuse) has contacted the Burgerministerie voor Kinderbescherming (Citizens Ministry for Child Protection) to offer support.

32. 27-11-2012 A letter is sent to the mayor of Alkmaar, Mr. Piet Bruinooge, who is also head of the local police forces. He is asked for mediation so that Ben and Leonie can file their abuse charge against Mr. Minkema and his friends, a thing they already wanted to do three years ago now. Not unexpectedly the mayor refuses to mediate using some excuses.

33. 29-11-2012: New Session at the Court Amsterdam for Ben van den Brink; continuation of the suspended hearing of 11 July 2012. A corrupted judicial call is sent to Ben to appear in court again on 29-11-2012. At the Court House in Amsterdam a chaotic session is held with corrupt judges, who try to catch Ben and put the whistle blower of the paedophile networks behind bars again. By an intelligent move Ben succeeds to escape from the court room and the session is suspended again. Around 20-25 people have witnessed this very curious and illegal court hearing. So after many ‘legal’ sessions Ben is still a free man.

34. New (illegal)court session in Amsterdam is announced at 13th of February 2013. Ben will not attend, because by now it has become totally clear that these sessions are not properly convened, as this has been confirmed by worker at the court.

35. A charge is laid with the police in Utrecht against the three judges of the last two sessions for corruption:…van-den-brink/

36. Many publications are now appearing on the website, highlighting a.o. new aspects of documentary and juridical fraud in ‘Case van den Brink’ (@casevandenbrink twitteraccount).

37. The Belgian Werkgroep Morkhoven, an organization that is famous for fighting pedocriminality, whose main activist for humanitarian rights is Mr. Marcel Vervloesem – who has been arrested by the Belgian authorities on false charges almost 50 times now – has started to publicize intensively about the horror story of the family van den Brink. One of the leading Morkhoven members describes the situation in Holland with authorities as ‘indescribable’.

38. The designation ‘indescribable’ or ‘unbelievable’ also applies of course to the so called Case Demmink, the Dutch and now ex-secretary of the ministry of Justice, who has become by now the world’s most renewed high placed pedophile, who is no longer welcome to visit the United States and who is completely exposed on the website , but the Dutch authorities up till the second week of April 2013 not launching any kind of investigation, despite increasing international pressure.

39. In the mean time the two daughters Demi and Nirvana of the family van den Brink continue suffering (and not only they) in their prison house in Zoetermeer, controlled by Child Care and Pedopolice officers.

40. As in the case of Joris Demmink, authorities seems helpless, desperate or resistant to end this cruel story and bring the children home to their parents. It seems Dutch Parliamentary Democracy has turned into a tyrannical Pedocracy, where children’s and parents rights are denied and no justice is found. Dutch citizens are becoming more and more aware that the whole Child Care system and Service has been infiltrated by some kind of Child Robbing agency for the purpose of pornographic services to pedophiles of all ranks, high and low. http://jeugdzorg-darkhorse.blogspot….amily-law.html

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Wow. This is an epidemic.
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Further details will follow but i’m proud to say that a group of people, including father Ben van den Brink and researcher/spokersperson of the family Frides Lameris, WILL go into action and try to rescue the abused girls Demi and Nirvana. It’s been officially confirmed and a letter has been sent to the Minister of Justice Ivo Opstelten which i will post later. This event will hopefully spread the good message that the people themselves will have to take initiative because NOTHING is being done to the huge abuse network, au contraire, and this might serve as an example, nationally and internationally, that people have the power to do anything about this. It has been a long road for the parents but it shows that the will to fight for your children is worth it, even though the system is so corrupt that it almost seems impossible. Together we are strong, or as David Icke puts it: They are with few, we are with many.

Of course, i shouldn’t conclude anything and this will probably be an extended event. i doubt ‘they’ will let this continue without resistance especially for the reasons i stated above. They definitely don’t want people setting an example. I believe the intention and fact that some people have the courage and heart to do this is proof that there’s still hope for humanity (even in the Netherlands) and when this continues it will hopefully result in a wave of people who will not take it anymore and finally take the right into their own hands. No better place to begin than the ultra corrupt pedophile network and save the children first.

I have no date yet, but i will keep this updated if i know anything (it could be going on now). I hope to still find out when it is, because the place Zoetermeer is a short distance from where i live. this is really exciting, to be continued of course.

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And nothing will be done by the SODs according to today’s DI headlines, these criminals are addicted to the adrenaline in the innocent children’s blood.

Only people can clean this cess pit.


The late Dr David Eder told a court of inquiry back in 1921, when he was head of the Zionist Commission: “There can be only one National Home in Palestine, and that a Jewish one, and no equality in the partnership between Jews and Arabs, but a Jewish preponderance as soon as the numbers of the race are sufficiently increased.”
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I contacted Frides via e-mail and luckily i’m on time and got the announcement concerning the initiative. I’m a bit dissapointed that it’s based on the occupy-movement and their ‘actions'(we know how that turned out) but it’s a beginning and maybe i’m too rebellious (and naive) to be wanting to kick the door in and barge right in there to finally bring these abused kids back to their mom and dad. On the positive side, this will be first action regarding child abuse and it’s one that’s coming from the people and that’s most important. We will see what follows and how much further action and exposure will be needed. hereby the announcement:

Dear people,

The form of action where we have ultimately chosen for is a peaceful action around the Wilma house, inspired by the Occupy Movement. Minister Opstelten didn’t take the letter i sent to him (dated 5 October 2013) – which you can find here for example (translation will follow)…nd&Itemid=22in– very seriously in my eyes by referring me to an employee who factually didn’t know squat concerning our case.

The go-ahead of the action will be thursday, 10 October at 12.00.

Further messages will follow,


Ben and Leonie

Frides, Zuidlaren.

I’ll be there to check it out and report eventual events and progressions. I still think that bigger action is needed than occupy but let’s start small, i don’t want to make hasty conclusions. But i think in the long term people will be dissapointed, like with the occupy movement, and realize that the only option will be full-on resistance. Difficult subject, but we’ll have to ask ourselves the question: how far are we willing to go for the freedom of our children and ourselves? Our enemy is prepared to go very far to establish the opposite and i hope people understand that when taking on this network. They will not fuck about. On the other hand i hope that enough exposure will maybe lead to some compromises and that hopefully it will cause some ruckus which the mainstream media can’t ignore and will have to report on the true reason a mob of people in Zoetermeer are demanding that something must be done.

Let’s cross our fingers for some breakthroughs, though my awareness about the people who do this lets me know that we have to be very wary about the kind of control the puppet masters perform on us and our perceptions. They know there comes a time when people will revolt one way or another and they’re prepared and already thought about that. We have to really evolve as a species and really focus on the spiritual side to be able to overcome this enemy who are in some regards in the know about things we generally don’t.

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Hereby a summary of what went down thursday at location of the planned action. Let me immediately say that the number of people who attended (including Ben and Leonie, Frides) was embarrassingly low and whas something i feared, because that way they can laugh at the intention while the intention is certainly good. It’s about children who are still being abused so we can use everyone we can to expose this and rescue more children from torture and sexual abuse like this. Also certain fractions/persons from the alternative media should show more active effort, because writing alone is not enough.
That being said, this is not over and there are more things on the agenda and we will keep pushing, giving up now after many accomplishments by Ben van den Brink (regardless of the restless life and constant intimidation and bullying) would be foolish and illogical.

The event was supposed to start at 12.00. I was there, the quarter called Meerzicht in Zoetermeer, at about 11.45 because i left early to be able to find the precise spot of the infamous horror shelter. Naturally, because i was early, no one was present so i stalled my bike and decided to scout the environment a bit. It’s very secluded from the rest of Zoetermeer, with narrow little streets and the whole of the quarter/district is surrounded by green and water (actually very pretty). You could say it’s a bit impervious and you got to know where you are going or else you will get lost. I could see that the environment could indeed be a proper place to conduct activities like this. The Wilma House is practically hidden in the middle.

Now it could be the placebo effect, because i’m aware that there are dark things going on, but i must say that there was a weird atmosphere where i couldn’t immediately put my finger on what it was. If i saw people on the streets, they seemed to look strange at me like they knew i was a outsider (this could also be just the mentality aspect of small towners but still…). Couldn’t feel comfortable there and then i remembered that the district Meerzicht is also supposed to be this breeding ground of incestuous families and specifically designed for this purpose, so there could be more to my intuitive feelings.

after walking around i went to the meeting spot at 12.05. When i approached the street (Hazewater) i saw a motorcycle cop approaching a small group of whom i assumed that they were the concerned party. I was not surprised to already see police (also other police vehicles driving through the neighbourhood all day to check). When i arrived at the small group i introduced myself and recognized Ben van den Brink who was now talking with the motorcycle officer and explaining why we were here. You could see that Mr. van den Brink has been battling non-stop and the toll it must take, but you could still see the determined energy at display in his speaking and manners. The officer was reasonable enough and probably ok. You could notice the possible reaction people have when confronted with stories like these, because when Ben mentioned that his daughters were also anally raped (that’s not even one of the harder and disturbed details) the officer made the recognizable reaction like “yes, please spare me the details”. On one hand i understand it but he’s a freaking cop! It’s time to face reality and do your job.

Leonie, Ben’s partner and also abuse victim, introduced herself to me and we talked for a little bit. When Ben was done talking to the police officer i greeted him too and gave him my best wishes for the whole case. After reading and writing so much about this case and knowing the people involved a bit, it’s very hard not to feel involved and i must say that they are wonderfull people who deserve the escape from this hell along with their children.

It was a small group, people with a good heart and we talked about several things fow a while. There were a few people from smaller alternative media platforms and one of them went to the Wilma house to try to get a reaction from someone and Wilma herself, the ‘hostess’ of this abuse home you could say, opened the door but refused to give comments. this is already strange, because they know why we’re there so you could at least try to defend yourself or argue the findings that are presented all the time. But of course, “no comment” means the code of silence can’t be broken. It also works this way in politics.

There was another incident when we walked as a group towards the garden and front door to make ourselves more known (and i bet, although the attendance level was laughable, they get very nervous from any exposure but especially when people know how to find your house with dirty secrets) and at one point the door opened and for the first time i could see this lady and recognized her from the photographs. In a very fake and acting way she said something like “I thought i heard the door bell? No?” and later closed the door again while we just looked at her and i said in general “we were not even close to the doorbell”. It came across as a provocation or tactic to show us she’s not scared (which i doubt).

Later on Frides Lameris, spokesperson and fellow combatant of the van den Brink’s, also arrived. Of course the main reason we were there was for the poor abused girls. Both were at school, but Ben and Leonie knew that the younger one, Demi, was supposed to be picked up by Anton Wijers, the ex-cop and supposed child rapist/killer. This fact + the way this house is protected because of the cover-up is one reason why kicking the door in and barging in there would be unwise at this time, these people WILL kill to protect the secret. Entering the house means finding the torture chambers and possible other items that can completely destroy a whole network. Just like with the Joris Demmink case, the lid is desperately kept on for a very good reason. The exposure has never been so big and it will take only a few fuck-ups to get the whole wagon rolling.

At one point, Anton Wijers came from the back and entered a big black car with blinded windows and Leonie knew that he was going to pick up Demi from school. Somebody took a photograph of him. All the while he was ignoring us and looking down, once again they know why we’re here. Then he took off and we waited untill he came back. Not surprisingly, i know how these people think, he returned with her school bag and probably dumped the girl somewhere else (probably to be abused, that’s how sick they are) and probably could see that Demi catching a glimpse of a group involved with her parents meant things were moving in a more favorable direction and that would at least be a small victory. Nirvana, the 15 year old daughter, i think was supposed to come home on her own but they prevented that one way or another, once again not to our surprise.

Leonie also told that at one time they also wanted to approach him (Anton Wijers) and he locked himself in the car, acting nervous. This shows they know they’re guilty of something.

Ben at one point also talked with a neighbour, one good strategy could be to spread flyers in the neighbourhood because good people mostly don’t know the things going on in their own backyard so to speak, and she said she knows that there’s a shelter home in this street but always found it odd that she never saw children playing outside (there’s a good reason for that). He also spoke with someone from the neighbourhood who turned out to be a Zoetermeer cop (crooked pedo or not, we don’t know of course) and Ben told him the story to spread more awareness about the huge corruption within police in general but especially Zoetermeer.

Leonie, from own experience, also told that these sick bastards inject little girls who they abuse with anabolics so that they grow bigger breasts and (in their own words) because it’s “easier to take them”. It basically comes down to the altering of the body so that she can be easier gangbanged by 5 men, 5 seems to be an important number in their circles and the theme of 5 men raping little girls seems to keep popping up.

At one point Ben and Leonie left, probably trying to find out if they could find out where the daughters where, he apologized himzelf but i said: Ben, the only thing that matters is that your daughters get out of that house, that’s what i want to see. Others left sporadically and around 16.00 there were 4 of us, including Frides, talking for a bit. we also waited for eventual mainstream press, a few said they would look into it and check out the action, but even though they might, higher powers probably prevented it. TV West, a regional station, even had an item about the pier/jetty of Scheveningen being closed and they announced this with a uppercase headline and that even a few people chained themselves to this commercial monstrosity that was supposed to dissapear some time ago because of lack of interest and the wrong exploiters. Seems like taking the piss and it’s good for certain powers that there’s so much nonsensical distraction.

I left for diner at around 5.00. We would hear about further extensive actions and Ben also has a more ‘assertive’ plan b where i naturally can’t say much about. We’ll keep going with the exposure and pressure as long as it takes.

Must say i met some wonderful, warm and compassionate people and i know when groups of people like us get together, magic can happen.

The plan was also to post 24/7 though the police demanded that people must be off the street around 19.00. The plan was to park a camper or van there but i’ll have to find out what came of this.

Once i know more about constructive actions, i’ll let it be known.

I will post some more later on, including exclusive information from the research and investigation Ben conducted with others (including the Werkgroep Morkhoven who blew the lid of the Dutroux-case) which hasn’t been properly put in an article yet. Not everything is completely verifiable, but a lot of the findings completely establish the satanic underground networks worldwide and this one in The Netherlands is like the spider in the web. It all comes down to Satanic ritual abuse and programming/MK-ultra like affairs. True Nazi practices, be warned if you’re an abuse victim yourself because i don’t want anyone to be triggered by certain words or themes.

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The letter as it was sent to the Minster of Justice:

Dear Mr. Opstelten,

As councelor of the van den Brink family from Schoorl i inform you, on behalf of Ben van den Brink and his partner Leonie Minkema, that they, on the basis of important and affirmative information they received today from Inspection Childcare in Utrecht, wish to notify you about the following.

At short notice – meaning within a few days – they will, accompanied by a large group of supporting fellow citizens (that was the idea anyway), collect their daughters Demi and Nirvana van den Brink who have been sexually abused in a horrible during a long time from the so called “Wilma House”, Hazewater 20 in Zoetermeer, so that they are able to return to their parental home in Schoorl.

Inspection Childcare has confirmed today that these 2 children (and many ther children with them) have been illegaly placed from their home for years without valid indication decisions. This is even more poignant because a group of reserachers headed by father van den Brink, have established that his daughters have been ‘collected’ into a totally dark pedophile circuit since September 2009 and have been mistreated and sexually abused in a sadistic way.

The details of this horrible and shocking case are easy to find on the internet if u type in “van den Brink Case” in google. Important information about this case is also mentioned on my website

I hereby mention yet one more detail that the ‘management’ of the Wilma-‘households’ is in the hands of the ex-police officer from Leidschendam Anton Weijers and his ex-wife Wilma Bruins, who thus have to be adressed and tried as the primarily responsible of this abuse in the Wilma House.

In a ‘normal’ situation we would call upon the Zoetermeer police to accompany the parents and citizens to retrieve their kids. However, because our investigation has established that a couple of police officers from Zotermeer themselves are under suspicion of being involved with the covering up of these illegal placements and also involved with the abuse of the underaged children in the Wilma House, we will therefore NOT do that.

The press will also be informed about this action. An action that shall end this large scandal that will cause the necesarry commotion in the Netherlands and abroad.

During the 4 years in this case all laws of decency with respect to both underaged girls and their loving parents have been violated in such a vulgar way, that we now count on all cooperation from the Ministry of Safety Justice to bring this scandalous and illegal abduction from the parental home and the interconnected abuse to an end as soon as possible.

We are all obligated to the Rule of Law to effectively tackle the pedophile networks in the Netherlands who organize these kinds of affairs and to judge the guilty ones.

I hereby count on your full cooperation and hope to receive a early reaction to this message,

With kind regards,

Frides Laméris, Zuidlaren, Sr Alumnus Theologie Rijksuniversiteit Groningen en vertrouwenspersoon van de familie Van den Brink.

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Quote/citations from Ben van den Brink, remember, may be shocking:

“Dear people, this is the book that this RK (Roman Catholic) Pedo sect uses for dozens of years to frighten children before the sexual abuse, Mens, wat akelig (Man, how nasty) by Leonard de Vries, Horror stories of old, now pay attention to the police stories. The stories in this book are the things that will happen to you if you talk to the police. They teach the little children that all police is involved in this (which is not true), but is introduced on purpose. This is why they use a blue mask so often, Police = blue.”

I tried to find more info about this concerning book and could not find much information about these stories, only that the book is for sale on multiple e-bay like sites. I did found the cover and an illustration from this book and it tells us a lot.

Uploaded with

Would you show this to children, let alone tell them stories from it?

Uploaded with

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One of the most recent comments from Ben vd Brink concerning the progress, which is growing more rapidly than i thought:

“Later today an extensive report of the recent developments on the subject of the satanic abuse crew in Meerzicht Zoetermeer. A police officer himself has hit the last nails into the pedo abuse skulls of these pedo officers who tried to cover up the kidnapping and abuse of our daughters in a scummy way.

After following the case for months on our facebook pages this honest cop came with the links that were still missing regarding a few persons in Zoetermeer. These filthy abusing bastards,together with pedo police and youth defenders, take kids who have been placed with them to Eastern Bloc countries to make child porn movies. Different parents of small children will go completely crazy after they have been informed about the abuse of their children during the hours in school by pedo officers and a teacher. Various young children even suffered anal and vaginal warts from this, in the meantime all names of the abused children are already in our possession and have been spread around widely.

An hour ago i informed Marcel Vervloesem about the recent shocking facts and new revelations from the last 48 hours and he was very impressed about this and i’ll go further into this with Werkgroep Morkhoven later this evening. The workgroup is now also up to date about another abusing bastard who pretended to be a whistleblower of satanic abuse while he himself is a filthy piece of shit connected to the abuse crew from Zoetermeer.

Several well-known Dutch artists emerged in images of a gangbang in a disco in Zoetermeer where Sander V, killer of Milly Boele (Another horrific abuse/murder case where a psychotic (pedo) policeman was involved and is heavily underplayed in my opinion), was working. Trauma based mind control where victims totally suppress what happens to them because of earlier abuse and purposefully caused trauma’s. Sander V, family and made a perpetrator by these lunatics in Meerzicht Zoetermeer who sacrificed multiple very young children over all the years, hence the several trips afterwards to Rome.

Uploaded with
Sander V, abuser and killer of 12 year old Milly Boele, connected to Zoetermeer as well

The English police is beginning to insist for the arrest of these abusing pedo officers who even murdered children, so it’s even easier afterwards to place kids from home. The Girl Savanna de Jong in the hands of Stichting Bureau Misbruik Noord-Holland (Foundation Bureau Abuse North-Holland), but horribly murdered in Zuid-Holland by crazies who have been made totally sick by ritual abuse in their own youth. The other pedo police officer, the son of filth Anton Weijers, ex-detective Leidschendam/Voorburg, who had started the Wilmahouse at the Chamber of Office on 22-03-2011 only to cover up the illegal appearance of the placement of Demi and Nirvana and who were placed in the abuse home several months after that.

This Mattias Weijers himself married a DE JONG just a few weeks ago, the same family name as the murdered girl Savanna de Jong. She is also pregnant and that might be the true reason for the marriage with her because Mattias likes young boys. We suddenly also found names in the files containing friends of these ritual child abusers who we know from the
Ritual Incest case in Den Helder years ago. Our daughters find themselves in the hands of child killers who are totally sick in their abused impure heads and they have to be rescued from this insane hell directly.

Of course these weirdos have to be held or make an example of them otherwise. Not a single child is safe in Meerzicht Zoetermeer and it has been like this for many years. Evidence in abundance on this, on top of that yet another 8 children in the hands of these unclean freaks who have to be rescued from the WILMA HOUSE abuse hell NOW. Ecclesiastical ritual horror abuse maintained by pedo and corrupt officers and child protecters.

Alex, dear friend, i ask you to carry the task on you to inform Georgina Verbaan (Very well-known Dutch (soap) actress who grew up in the Meerzicht district in Zoetermeer) that the English and Danish police are in the possession of a gangbang movie with her in the lead, indeed she also comes from this ritual abuse circuit in Zoetermeer. Maybe this is the reason for the poor contact between her and her mother seeing how there are several years she can’t remember anything about, as there are more showbizz ladies who have the same. Gerard ‘child abuse’ Joling (Dutch gay entertainer/’singer’) also abused children from the schools in Zoetermeer for a long time, the victims made a police statement but the pedolice in Zoetermeer commits default in the fight against horror abuse much more often.

There’s much, much more but first i want to have a thorough consultation with Workgroup Morkhoven before i continue.”

This case, along with the Saville-case in your country, has major implications if the lid is fully blown.

Uploaded with
Georgina Verbaan, Dutch celeb who grew up in the infamous Meerzicht area in Zoetermeer and is likely a serious abuse victim

Uploaded with
Georgina when she was young

Uploaded with
Gerard Joling, strong indications that he’s in some way involved with pedophilia and child abuse

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To my regret i must say that the notion of the continuation of the action went past me because it was posted on the facebook page of Frides Lameris site and i thought i would get a notification through e-mail or the website itself, i rarely check out facebook. So i wasn’t there yesterday and will be alert in the future. Naturally, that doesn’t mean there ain’t some drastic turns and other people on the scene who were a witness.

First a part of the message that announces the event:

The moment is near that the monsters of Zoetermeer, and particularly the pedo (ex) police-monster Anton Weijers, will be publicly exposed. Anton Wijers, this large-scale child rapist who in line with the (pseudo) talmudic baby-child rapists transports kids to ‘clients’ in his blinded van day and night. Comparable to for example Robert M. who did this with Connexion (Dutch motorbus/transport company) buses and delivered minors to thousands of clients in and around Amsterdam, including babies, for abuse.

Uploaded with
Robert M. ‘illustruous’ predecessor of Anton W.

The events surrounding the nurseries in Amsterdam was already announced two years ago to the Dutch authorities by the Workgroup Morkhoven, but they wished to do nothing with it. It was the United States who forced the Netherlands to tackle Robert M.

Many European countries were not satisfied with the Dutch approach of Robert M. Too much of the network was kept out of range and notably no investigation was done into those who got the kids offered to them for abuse, including many ‘notables’. The abuse continued and therefore still continues through comparable ways at other places with the help of other ‘suppliers’.

With the impending rescue of Demi (9) and Nirvana (15) van den Brink from the hands of pedophile satanists and child traders, the Netherlands will take a historic step to the unmasking of criminal pedophile networks that were covered up until present time by representatives at the top of the Dutch Ministry of Justice.

Uploaded with
Anton Wijers (above in the middle)

Important escalated event coming in a short while. Father Ben van den Brink has been arrested!

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During the second round of the peaceful presence of a couple of people at the Wilmahouse in Zoetermeer, in the company of Ben van den Brink and Leonie Minkema, parents of the kidnapped daughters Demi and Nirvana van den Brink, a provocation-incident occurred from the side of the staffing of the Wilma house.

Daughter Demi van den Brink was harshly grabbed in the neck by her accompanist Ditty Scholten, working for the Wilma house, when returning from school and then wanted to greet her parents. When Ben reacted to that, and wanted to address Demi’s abuser on this, the well-known technique was deployed by trying to make a police statement against Ben.

The infamous Zoetermeer pedo monster, ex-cop from Leidschendam Anton Weijers, who has no bussiness at all in a childcare shelter and from who it’s still unknown for what reason he got fired from the Leidschendam police, was obviously the driving force behind all the police machinations which followed. Around 16.00 ben was brought to the police station in Zoetermeer by a few officers … and we shall see when he’ll be released.

It doesn’t seem very useful to give much attention to the formal reason the police made up to arrest Ben. The non-integrity of this police station is at this time nationally known. I hereby refer to my mail exchange between the mayor of Zoetermeer Charly Aptroot from 13 May 2013 concerning the finding of shocking hardcore child pornography which was made in Zoetermeer by police officers from Zoetermeer and this was was handed over to foreign authorities.

We will await how it went with Ben at the pedolice station in Zoetermeer for a while.

The criminal pedo circuit in Zoetermeer is faltering. The pressure to tackle the van den Brink case will also increase from abroad, where the Zandvoort files-scandal are concerned as well. Nobody will be able to stop the further revelations.

So, New Scotland Yard and Workgroup Morkhoven follow this case closely. because of the total corruption of the Dutch justice system it’s a very precise operation and it turned out to be a long-term case until today. Like Morkhoven main activist Marcel Vervloesem recently expressed: The situation in the Netherlands is indescribable.

To be continued

Please circulate this message on facebook pages – later this evening Leonie will give a exact reporting about the incident. She was a eyewitness and not me.

Frides Laméris

Also a more detailled report from someone who was at the scene later on.

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Ben called Leonie from The Hague. The fake arrest in Zoetermeer has led to closure of the (non)-case. That was to be expected. Retaining someone for 6 hours on a policestation is of course more than crazy enough. Ben was transported from Zoetermeer to The Hague as well.

Now they demand 378 Euro from him for his release because of a old false penalty that was imposed on him at that time at a court trial in the illegal circuit in connection to the false statement against him from his ‘father-in-law’ Ype Minkema. This is the figure who started the whole drama of the van den Brink family in 2009. This Ype Minkema abused Ben and Leonie’s daughters Demi and Nirvana with his family buddies and also abused his own stepdaughter (namely Leonie). When Ben wanted to confront his father-in-law he send a threatening phone message to Leonie, that if she didn’t come to speak with him on her own directly, things would go badly concerning her family (!)

The Minkema family is one of the most prominent families from which a illegal family-incest line has been created that is connected to the incest abuse family Bruins at the Wilma house in Zoetermeer.

One sees how the pedo circuit within the police wish to keep on playing these games with Ben until present. I won’t go into further detail about the many intimidations, at different levels, which have been released on Ben and Leonie the last couple of months. These brave whistleblowers, loving parents of their horribly abused and mistreated daughters, deserve to retrieve their daughters immediately, accompanied by a very large financial compensation for all the unprecedented suffering that has affected this family, under the watchful eye of various totally corrupt government organizations.

This message was a few hours older and i’m happy to say that the 378 euro has been paid by Frides through a sponsor and Ben has now been released and meanwhile back home. The next planned action will be next friday, the list of people receiving a notion about this via the e-mail is growing and i see a few more ‘prominent’ names like Micha Kat (frontman and whistleblower against Joris Demmink for many years) and Marcel Vervloesem (Werkgroep Morkhoven, Dutroux files). More to follow, i almost can’t keep up.

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Latest update from

The latest news was that Ben was arrested and transported to the police station in Zoetermeer. After that he was even transferred to the Hague and was detained for 24 hours in total. Because of a form error, including names that did not match, the case was shelved by the judge.

Ben has thus been released and last monday a second meeting followed in front of the Wilmahouse Zoetermeer (The incident which caused Ben to be arrested was actually during this event on monday). There was even the chance for Ben to hug one of his daughters firmly. At a unguarded moment she took a run and jumped into her fathers arms. Needless to say that the emotions were huge with both of them.

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

The girl’s parents try to increase pressure in a peaceful way and attempting to retrieve Demi and Nirvana from the hands of these people who are suspected of pedophilia and related crimes.

Ben and Leonie are hugely concerned about the well-being of their two daughters. Particularly this upcoming night because there will be afull moon then. These nights are known for their ritual and occult value. The parents fear for the lives of the two girls.

Tomorrow from 14.00 there´ll be another peaceful occupy meeting in front of the Wilma house, Hazewater in Zoetermeer. The more people accompanying them tomorrow, the bigger the chance it will have a positive affect. Come all!


Yes, well, I was there until 14:20 and the organizing of this leaves a lot to be desired. I contacted Frides through e-mail explaining the importance of proper organisation for events like this and he contacted me immediately through the phone. It turned out Ben, who would be there; frides couldn´t make it, was an hour later and it was only announced on a his facebook page and not at the official update spot or via mail. I pointed out that incidents like this put people off and turns us into the laughing stock of the elite.

I also talked to Ben on the phone and i understand that it´s energy consuming but an event that´s so pressing, especially concerning children, needs to be handled with care. Multiple people were apparently confused by the double points of time. Tomorrow is another chance and i hope they took some of my points because this is hurting THEIR case. There were only 4 people present monday, which i couldn´t attent because of said flawed communication, and THEY are laughing their ass off. Don´t know how many were present today but i suspect more people were dissapointed.

On a positive note, this case is turning in a positive direction and Workgroup Morkhoven is already present and investigating the files. International Investigation Services (Scotland Yard, Interpol) are prepared to take action, so it seems.

As a movement that´s supposed to set an example and spread a positive vibe, we´re a long way removed from that. We need ORGANIZATION! (I saw that a few people from the alternative media had received a notion and it´s easy to imagine them being put off by this and possibly restricting their contributions).

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