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Shelter –
Des Wilson (born 5 March 1941) is a New Zealand born campaigner, political activist, businessman, sports administrator, author and poker layer. Des was one of the founders of the British homelessness charity Shelter and was for a while an activist in, and President of, the Liberal Party.
From a working-class family in New Zealand, Wilson attended Waitaki Boys’ High School, leaving at 15 to become a reporter on the local newspaper. After periods working for the Otago Daily Times and the Evening Star in Dunedin and the Melbourne Star in Australia, Wilson moved to the UK in 1960 at the age of 19.
Over the next few years Des took a range of jobs before becoming a journalist. He became the founding Director of Shelter in 1966 and then became a columnist for ‘The Observer’. Des also spent two years as Director of Public Affairs for the Royal Shakespeare Company. Des Wilson edited the magazine Social Work Today for the British Association of Social Workers. He then returned to campaigning, running Friends of the Earth and the Campaign for Freedom of Information and CLEAR, the Campaign for Lead Free Air.

Des Wilson in 1987 as President of the Liberal Party, holding as symbol of his office a copy of John Milton‘s Areopagitica

Wilson joined the Liberals in order to stand in the 1973 Hove by-election. Although he wasn’t elected for Hove, Wilson remained in the Liberal Party and in 1986 became its President, a position which allowed him to act as its Campaign Director in the 1987 General Election, the General Election that both the Windbag and Dr Death thought that they would win, particularly as both of them had colluded with the Gang’s Cunning Plan in the run-up to that General Election to have me fitted up for a serious criminal offence and imprisoned shortly after the General Election. See eg.’Workers Play Time’, ‘Security, Security’ and ‘Hey, Hey, DAJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?’.

Thanks Dafydd, Tebbs couldn’t believe his luck, especially because Peter Morrison was a Gov’t Minister at the time!
Apart from Thatch, the other Lucky Winner in 1987 was Ieuan Wyn Jones, who won Anglesey for Plaid.
Ieuan was a solicitor who was born in Denbigh, where his dad was a Methodist Minister; Ieuan’s wife was an Angel who grew up in Prion, just outside Denbigh! Ieuan was friends with Alwyn Jones, the Bangor-based solicitor who was acting for me at the time. Alwyn lived on Anglesey, where he had grown up and was married to a solicitor who worked for Gwynedd County Council, who also employed the bent lawyer Ron Evans who was one of those who masterminded the Cunning Plan. Ron lived on Anglesey as well.
When the Cunning Plan imploded just after Ieuan had been elected to the House, Brown asked Alwyn if we could prosecute those involved for perjury or at least wasting police time, as we had documentary evidence of both. Alwyn told us that would not be possible. It was at that point that Dafydd phoned me and told me that if I dropped my complaints about him he would get me a place at Liverpool Medical School. I told Alwyn about it and told him that I would from then on record all telephone calls between Dafydd and me. Alwyn told me that if ever Dafydd said anything like that again to take the recording to the police. I presume that Alwyn warned everyone that I was going to record Dafydd… Dafydd never tried another bribe over the phone although he said many other highly incriminating things.
Brown heard the conversation in which Dafydd tried to bribe me and wrote to Gwynedd Health Authority about the matter. Twice. He received no reply.
Ieuan went to Liverpool Poly (now Liverpool John Moores University). One of the Governors of Liverpool Poly was John Hamilton, the Leader of Liverpool City Council, 1983-86, while Degsy Hatton was Deputy Leader and at war with the Windbag. Hamilton was a Bachelor who had not been blessed with children and who held many responsible roles in Liverpool re education and children/youth services. John Hamilton nearly died in a house fire in Jan 2000. He was recovering from his near fatal injuries in Feb 2000 when the Waterhouse Report was published. John Hamilton eventually died on 14 Dec 2006.
John Hamilton was a high profile Quaker. Lucille Hughes’s henchman in Gwynedd Social Services, Gethin Evans, was active in the Quakers in Bangor, as was Dr Paul Nickson, one of the GPs in Bethesda who colluded with organised abuse and the framing of targets/complainants. Paul Nickson eventually left Bethesda to practice as a Top Doc in Liverpool.
One high profile Quaker family are the Frys, based in the West Country. Jeremy Fry was one of the Swingers who was a good mate of Lord Snowdon and Ma’am Darling. Jeremy was prevented from being Lord S’s best man because he had recently been convicted of opportuning for immoral purposes. Jeremy Fry and his wife lived in Bath and hosted interesting parties. Lord Snowdon was the biological father of Polly Fry, who was brought up as Jeremy’s daughter. Polly was conceived at about the time of Lord S’s engagement to Ma’am Darling. Jeremy Fry was a good mate of Mr Thrope and Roger Gilliatt, the Top Doc who trained at the Middlesex Hospital just after Gwynne and who knew Gwynne and Dafydd and served as Lord S’s best man when the not so private lives of Jeremy Fry and Mr Thrope were deemed too risky to warrant their inclusion in the wedding pics. Although how Lord S and Ma’am Darling passed that particular test themselves I can’t work out. See previous posts…
Ieuan’s wife Eirian Llwyd worked as an Angel in Liverpool, 1969-73 and after that worked as a midwife at St Asaph. Eirian knew about the abducted babies and dangerous illegal abortions that resulted from the scams run by the Top Docs of north Wales. See eg. ‘It’s Bachman Turner Overdrive – Not Arf!’ During the 1970s and 80s, Eirian worked with Rhyl Women’s Aid. Eirian campaigned with Cymdeithas yr Iaith in the 1960s and 70s. Saunders Lewis’s Feb 1962 radio broadcast ‘Tynged yr Iaith’ led to the establishment of Cymdeithas. Dafydd was the mate of Saunders’ who recorded the lecture. The Chair of Cymdeithas in the mid-1980s was Meri Huws aka the Crack of Doom, a Gwynedd social worker who’s patch included the children’s homes in Bangor, including Ty’r Felin, from where kids were trafficked, including to Dolphin Square. See previous posts eg. ‘People With Energy’.
Dafydd Iwan was a leading light in Cymdeithas; Dafydd Iwan grew up near Bala, where his dad was a Methodist Minister. J.E. Daniel, the father of the Gang’s mate corrupt judge Huw Daniel, was (like Huw) a mate of Dafydd and Gwynne, an early activist in Plaid, a lecturer at the Bala-Bangor (Methodist) Theological College and a Schools Inspector. See eg. ‘Tan yn Llyn’.
Huw Daniel and J.E. Daniel were educated at Friars School in Bangor and then Jesus College, Oxford, as was Harold Wilson. Harold’s wife Mary was the daughter of a Nonconformist Minister and the Wilsons were well-networked with Methodists. The Westminster molester George Thomas was for decades during the middle of the 20th century, the most famous Methodist in Britain. See eg. ‘There’s Methodism In This Madness’ and ‘Come Friendly Bombs’ for info on Methodists and the Gang and Mary Wilson.
Ieuan Wyn Jones moved around Wales as a boy, because Methodist Ministers like Ieuan’s dad often moved frequently, but for some time Ieuan went to Bala School. Dafydd Iwan became Leader of Gwynedd County Council; his brother Alun Ffred, a school teacher who then worked as a journo for HTV and as an executive for S4C, also served as a Gwynedd County Councillor before serving as the Plaid AM for Caernarfon, May 2003-May 2007 and for Arfon, May 2007-April 2016.
Alun Ffred’s mate Len, a Plaid Councillor from Deiniolen when I was at Bangor University doing my PhD, 2003-05 – Len worked for the University estates dept – knew about Empowered Service Users being abused in homes in Gwynedd and on Anglesey, some of those homes being owned by Dafydd Alun Jones. I discussed it with Len and he told me that Alun Ffred knew and ‘was very worried’ about it. It’ll be why Alun Ffred said and did nothing…
Eirian Llwyd forgot about being an Angel and a Wimmin’s Aid champ in 2001 after the Waterhouse Report was published and became an Artist instead. Eirian died in Jan 2014 in Ysbyty Gwynedd of cancer at the age of 63.
Ieuan still preaches and holds a role as a chapel elder.
GMC HERE – Lord John Walton, President of the GMC, 1982-89; President of the BMA, 1980-82:
See the source image
Ieuan first stood as a Plaid candidate for Denbigh in Oct 1974 (Paul Flynn was the Labour candidate, but Geraint Morgan QC held the seat safely for the Tories, 1959-83) and Ieuan had another go in Denbigh in 1979.

I have been told that Tony Francis was the link to the politicians during the 1987 Cunning Plan. MI5 recorded the whole lot – I have been sent transcripts -but no-one was warned about Francis. Francis used to speak highly of Dafydd Wigley, describing him as ‘splendid’. Francis lived on Anglesey.
It was Sgt Morgan at Bangor Police Station who buggered up the Cunning Plan by not telling as many lies as he was supposed to; my suspicion is that the conspiracy was so substantial that Sgt Morgan got cold feet. Some time afterwards, Sgt Morgan was arrested, charged and convicted of indecent assault on a teenaged girl in custody. Jeff Crowther, the Nursing Officer from Ysbyty Gwynedd who also didn’t tell as many lies as required, knew that Sgt Morgan would be found guilty weeks before his trial had opened. The Denbigh Angels had known (and liked) Sgt Morgan as a police officer who was ‘so good with the patients, a lovely man…’
See the source image
Sgt Morgan’s name appears on the internet as one of those who was abusing kids in care in north Wales…
Will Edwards, who grew up on Anglesey, the son of a tenant farmer and worked as a solicitor in Bala after studying law at Liverpool University, served as the Labour MP for Merioneth (the constituency contained Bertrand Russell and Sir Clough Williams-Ellis at Cwm Croesor), 1966-Feb 74, was struck off by the Law Society in 1987 for embezzling clients’ money. I have been told that the Gang went after Will Edwards for other reasons and that, as with the pursuit of Sgt Morgan by his fellow criminals, it was something to do with my case. See previous posts.
See the source image
Lord Maelor aka Thomas Jones, the Labour MP who held the seat (1951-66) before Will Edwards, spontaneously combusted at his home in Nov 1984. Lord Maelor’s brother Idwal Jones was the Labour MP for Wrexham, 1955-70. Lord Maelor was a school teacher who trained at the Normal College in Bangor and dressed in ladies clothes when he was off-duty. See previous posts.
Anne killed in april 1986 See post ‘A Trail Of Blood’
wood yelling at me three weeks later
me – hammersmith Sept 1986 – Bentall key link H smith-Bangor See post ‘Interesting Facts’.
F – fitted up and imprisoned in 1986
DAWKINS – the blind watchmaker – 1986
ollie brooke – jailed on 18 Dec 1986 – See post eg. ‘Oliver!’
On 13/14 Dec 1986, days before Ollie appeared in Court and pleaded guilty, Dafydd and Superintendent Roberts at Bangor Police Station conspired to wrongfully arrest and unlawfully imprison me in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. Details of the conspiracy were recorded in my medical notes by an Angel, Wendy Gough Hughes, who also recorded her extreme reluctance to have anything to do with the ‘deal’ between Dafydd and Supt Roberts. Dr Neil Davies, one of Dafydd’s consultant colleagues, told Wendy that it wasn’t her breaking the law, it was Dafydd and Supt Roberts and all she had to do was to refuse to let me out (I was being held in Bryn Golau, the locked ward aka ‘medium secure unit’). See previous posts.
Wendy later left Denbigh and ended up working in Manchester in a senior mental health nursing role. She told her teenaged children years later that before they were born she had worked ‘in a really terrible hospital in Denbigh’, so bad that she just got out of there.
In Jan 1987 Sir William Mars-Jones presided over the much-publicised trial at Mold Crown Court concerning the abuse of two boys in the care of Clwyd Social Services. The trial ended on 16 Jan 1987 with convictions and sentencing. David Gillison, who was employed at the time of the offences by Clwyd Social Services as a social worker for the physically handicapped, pleaded guilty to two offences of indecency against a boy in care ‘G’, a resident of Bersham Hall, a children’s home near Wrexham. Gillison received 3 years and 3 months imprisonment and Gillison’s co-accused, William Gerry, received two years imprisonment for buggery with G and four offences of gross indecency with G and another boy in care, ‘S’. William Gerry had never been employed by Clwyd Social Services; he was 20 at the time of the offences and had been in care himself, in Bryn Estyn. Gerry’s status as a former kid in care in Bryn Estyn alone throws up many worrying questions about this whole scenario and how much of the official account can be believed.
On the day of sentencing, Mars-Jones requested that an investigation be carried out by Clwyd Social Services into the circumstances whereby David Gillison and one of his colleagues, Jacqueline Thomas, had come to occupy their positions. Jacqueline was a member of staff at Chevet Hey, a children’s home at Wrexham. It was matters involving Jacqueline that led to the Jan 1987 trial at Mold.
Day of sentencing – the day of or just days after I’d been suddenly released from Denbigh – CHECK DATE – driven to a railway station by Angels, told to ‘shut your mouth about DA’ and that if I ever came back to north Wales I’d be arrested, and then physically put on a train to London by the Angels.
Mars-Jones’s demand for an investigation received much publicity and was taken as evidence that the No Nonsense Judge wasn’t going to put up with that sort of thing happening to children in care. The background to the trial and the action behind the scenes that was not mentioned by the No Nonsense Judge or indeed anyone else tells a different story.

See the source image
The case that resulted in Mars-Jones sentencing Gillison and Gerry in Jan 1987 stemmed from an allegation that on 24 Dec 1985 Gillison stayed at Jacqueline’s flat in the company of G, S and William Gerry, that homosexual activity took place between Gillison, Gerry, G and S and that Jacqueline had been present and had participated in group sex with Gerry, G and S.
Jacqueline maintained that she had been on duty at Chevet Hey on 24 Dec 1985 and had slept the night there. The Waterhouse Report states that Ronnie and the Inquiry panel saw evidence that Jacqueline had been absent for a substantial period of time and earlier in the day had been visited by Gillison and G at Chevet Hey. The prosecution case did not proceed against Jacqueline re the allegations of group sex on 24 Dec 1985. Jacqueline however pleaded guilty at Wrexham Maelor Magistrates Court on 5 Aug 1986 to indecent assault on S, ‘a male under 16’, a lesser charge relating to ‘more limited group sex’ involving Jacqueline, G and S at her flat in Aug 1985. Jacqueline received a suspended prison sentence of three months. It was the allegations of boy G – still in care but 17 at the time – that led to Jacqueline’s trial; G stated that Jacqueline and he were in a sexual relationship and an investigation into Jacqueline by Clwyd Social Services began.
On the same date as Jacqueline admitted indecent assault at Wrexham Maelor Magistrates Court, 5 Aug 1986, at the same Court, Gillison and Gerry were charged with, respectively, gross indecency and buggery, and gross indecency. They were later committed for trial, which was how they found themselves in front of Mars-Jones in Jan 1987.
The first occasion on which I was unlawfully detained by Jackie Brandt of Gwynedd Social Services – after Alun Davies told me that if I arrived at Ysbyty Gwynedd once more to complain, I’d be sectioned – was during August 1986, when I arrived at Ysbyty Gwynedd trying to pursue my complaint.
So Jaqueline Thomas’s problems with Clwyd Social Services that ended in her appearance in Court seem to have mirrored my difficulties with the Gang with regard to timing. William Mars-Jones is the common theme as we shall see…
See the source image
Jacqueline Thomas was a bottom feeder in the hierarchy of Clwyd Social Services. She began work at Chevet Hey on 1 March 1979 at the age of 20, with six CSEs and two O levels. Jacqueline undertook in-service training at Cartrefle College during 1982/83 and Clwyd County Council maintained that there were ‘no problems’ re Thomas until the events of Aug and Dec 1985. However the Waterhouse Report mentions that a complaint about Jacqueline that was made after the 1985 events referred to an incident in 1979 and alleged that Jacqueline had behaved indecently with girls in care. Yet when they defended themselves after the 1986 Court appearances, Clwyd County Council stated that there was ‘no evidence’ that Jacqueline or Gillison might have been abusers before they were employed by Clwyd.
Another member of Clwyd Social Services staff was involved re the Jacqueline/Gillison/Gerry sexual misconduct case, Leslie Wilson. It is stated in the Waterhouse Report that a ‘warning note’ was sounded re Leslie Wilson by Matt Arnold, the Head of Bryn Estyn. In view of what Matt Arnold presided over at Bryn Estyn, I’m not sure that any warning notes sounded by him should be taken seriously; Arnold died from an ‘unidentified blood disease’ on 9 June 1994. On 13 June 1994, the trial of Arnold’s colleague and friend since the mid-1960s, Peter Howarth, for the serial sex abuse of boys in care in north Wales opened at Chester Crown Court. Howarth was found guilty in July 1994, just before Miranda became Labour Party Leader. Howarth was sentenced to 10 years; he died in HMP Wakefield in March 1997, ‘from a heart attack’, during the short time that the Waterhouse Inquiry was suddenly suspended when Ronnie declared himself in need of holiday. Ronnie nipped across to Hong Kong and while he was there he bumped into Derry Irvine and they met for a meal, knowing that in a few weeks Derry would be Lord Chancellor…

Anyway, Matt Arnold sounded the warning note after which Leslie Wilson ‘confessed himself to two staff members’ after an ‘absconder’ from Bryn Estyn was found in his flat at Little Acton near Wrexham. This refers to events when Leslie Wilson worked at Bryn Estyn. When Bryn Estyn closed down in 1984, five members of staff and some residents were transferred to Chevet Hey. Of all the children’s homes in north Wales, Bryn Estyn and the Bryn Alyn Community, both near Wrexham, had the worst reputations for sexual abuse and brutality, with Ty’r Felin in Bangor coming a close third. Not that any of the children’s homes in north Wales at the time were even adequate, let alone good, so the bar was set very low indeed…
The Waterhouse Report also tells us that Jacqueline Thomas was ‘unmasked’ as an abuser after G, resident at Bersham Hall, ‘made admissions’ re his relationship with her, after a bracelet belonging to Jacqueline was found ‘in his possession’. Ronnie also states that some staff at Chevet Hey and ‘possibly’ some staff at Bersham Hall, had ‘warned Jacqueline with regard to her developing a relationship with boy G’, but she had ‘ignored the warnings’.
Now it may have been that Jacqueline, Gillison and Gerry were guilty as charged; what was happening in those children’s homes was so excessive that the activities alleged would not have been unusual. Yet once more, three people who were convicted of very serious offences and subjected to maximum publicity were damned on the allegations of two boys in care who had been ‘interviewed’ by people who were facilitating a huge sex abuse ring, had been doing so for years and were far more senior, well-educated and well-connected than the three convicted. As for the staff who claimed to have ‘warned’ Jacqueline, they were known to have seriously abused children themselves, over a period of years. According to Clwyd County Council’s own records and statements, there were no problems with Jacqueline or Gillison until the orgies of 1985 were revealed.
My documents alone demonstrate that the Gang forged documents, lied and lied and lied, bribed and/or threatened other people into lying, made serious allegations which had no basis at all and they also set innocent people up as a result of huge conspiracies and sometimes prepared the ground for that literally years in advance. The Gang did ANYTHING, anything at all. Their targets were always either whistleblowers/complainants or members of the Gang who had refused to play ball or pissed the Gang off in some way.
It is possible that Jacqueline Thomas, David Gillison and William Gerry had never conducted themselves as accused. Or they may have on other occasions but not those alleged. Or they may have been guilty as charged or have committed even more serious offences and got off lightly. There is no way of knowing. It is the Gang. According to the Gang, I have tried to murder people on a number of occasions, I have tried to strangle and stab people, I have sexually assaulted a psychiatrist, I broke into Dafydd’s consulting room and ‘threatened him such’ that he ‘believed that he would be killed immediately’, I have thrown a brick through the glass door of Dafydd’s house at 2 am one night, I planned to kidnap the pet dog of a social worker and injure it to upset her, I have thumped people on numerous occasions, I have held an Angel hostage, I have been in prison for attacking someone with a knife, I have set fire to the Hergest Unit, I routinely scream and yell abuse at strangers with no provocation, I am a thief, I accuse other people of serious offences on the grounds of no evidence at all, I ‘have a problem with’ women, ‘elderly men’, black people and Asian people, I make hoax 999 calls, I am a risk to children and nothing that I say can be believed. I have a number of serious mental illnesses and have had for decades but I am also ‘not mentally ill’ and have been 100% responsible for all of my crimes at all times. This is all documented in my files, alongside letters from the Gang’s own legal advisers telling the Gang that they do not have the evidence for any of these allegations. After writing those letters, the same legal advisers prepared affidavits detailing those activities of mine that they know I did not commit.
Now were Jacqueline, David and William guilty or not?
Only the Viz magazine academic Professor Bernard Fuck could ever know. ‘Who knows? Fuck knows.’
Gillison and Jacqueline were suspended by Clwyd County Council on 3 Jan 1986; Jacqueline resigned on 6 Aug 1986 and Gillison was dismissed on 19 Jan 1987. The Waterhouse Report discusses Jacqueline as being in a dreadful state at the time, ‘near to a nervous breakdown’, who just wanted to get out of the mess and thus she resigned. Gillison was a longtime family friend of Jacqueline’s.
In 1979, Gillison was suspended on full pay from his job at Bryn Estyn after he came out as gay. Gillison was a prominent member of the Chester branch of CHE (Campaign for Homosexual Equality). A number of people left that branch of CHE, alleging that it was a front for paedophilia.
William Gerry ‘committed suicide’ on 1 Dec 1997, at the very end of the first year of the Waterhouse Inquiry, after former kids in care gave evidence as to the horrors that they had endured in north Wales, while everyone called them liars. Gerry had been in a kid in care himself at Bryn Estyn…
Some three months before William Gerry ‘committed suicide’, an accident happened:
See the source image
Another factor driving events was Alison Taylor, the Gwynedd social worker who blew the whistle on the abuse of kids in care and never stopped raising concerns.
In Feb 1986 Alison Taylor took her allegations re the abuse of kids in care in north Wales to Wrexham Councillor Keith?/ Marshall. Marshall on police authority as well??
In Dec 1986 Alison was informally suspended by Lucille Hughes; on 13 Jan 1987 Alison was officially suspended (just about as I was suddenly released from Denbigh or a few days previously??) CHECK -.
William Mars-Jones’s song and dance in Mold Crown Court took place three days after Alison was suspended by Lucille.
On 17 Jan 1987, the day after Mars-Jones and his comments at the trial re the abuse of kids in care in north Wales received so much publicity, Alison wrote to Thatch stating that she had witnessed the abuse of kids in care in north Wales.
Ollie Brooke’s sentence was reduced on appeal in May 1987 by Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane after Lane received ‘hundreds’ of letters from Top Docs in support of Ollie. Ollie was released days later. See ‘Oliver!’.
See the source image
Tuppence – July 1987 libel case – The star – Tuppence won £500k damages – that letter I wrote to Gwynedd Health Authority making innocuous comment about a witness who gave evidence against Tuppence – underlined by unknown hand.
Tuppence was subsequently convicted on 19 July 2001 for perjuring himself in July 1987. Monica Coghlan, the sex worker due to give evidence against Tuppence at the trial, had died on 27 April 2001, from injuries incurred the day before after a drug addict in a stolen car crashed into her. Tuppence’s trial opened one month after Monica died.
By April/May 1987 the Gang’s Cunning Plan to get me up to north Wales immediately after the June General Election ‘to discuss my complaint with Dafydd’ (by refusing to discuss it with me under any other circumstances or with any other person or to answer questions of mine by letter) and then fit me up was well-advanced; it is all detailed on my documents. The Mental Health Act Commission was on board, so was Risley Remand Centre as was the Home Office under Home Secretary Douglas Hurd. Douglas Hurd was the nephew of Prof Edred Corner, the Cambridge botanist who knew Prof Greig-Smith of the Dept of Plant Biology at UCNW. Greig-Smith worked with Dr D.G.E. Wood’s wife as well as the many other friends and relatives of the Gang who worked in that Dept as well as in the wider institution. See ‘Additional Security Measures’. Greig-Smith was unpopular, he was a very unpleasant man, but he was the biggest name in the Dept of Plant Biology at UCNW; Greig-Smith invented the discipline of quantitative ecology, he was revered. See previous posts.
In July 1987 when the Gang tried to fit me up for ‘attempting to stab a doctor’ the story fell apart hours later after I’d been arrested because the witness statements were all so inconsistent. Then Angels from Denbigh began ringing Sgt Morgan at Bangor Police Station claiming to have been threatened by me. Sgt Morgan refused to take their statements over the phone as they were suggesting he should.  Tony Francis then rang the police station and stated that I had ‘paranoid schizophrenia’, was ‘very dangerous’ and that he’d send a Top Doc over to section me. Sgt Morgan told Francis that he would not let the Doc into the police station and hung up on Francis. Then D.G.E. Wood arrived at the police station and demanded to see me. Sgt Morgan refused to let him in. However Sgt Morgan didn’t let me go although I hadn’t been charged with any offence.
Dafydd subsequently crashed into police station at gone midnight, got past Sgt Morgan, asked me if I’d ‘passed’ my MSc (I’d received the results a few days earlier), I said yes and Dafydd responded with ‘I think ewe should be in prrrissson’ and crashed out again.
Alwyn Jones, my solicitor from Bangor, arrived at about 1 am and told me that Dafydd was only demanding my imprisonment because ‘you’ve complained about him’. Still nobody let me out of the police station.
A local GP also visited me that night in his capacity as a ‘police surgeon’; he testified to the police that I was sane and should not be sectioned. This Top Doc wasn’t unpleasant or threatening but I strongly suspected that was because he realised that things would get very difficult if I made a complaint about him under the circumstances. I don’t know who he was, he was an South Asian Top Doc but had obviously worked in north Wales for a long time and knew everyone involved; he made a few quips about Dafydd being ‘a little eccentric’ and flying planes to the destinations of his clinics.
I was charged with a minor public order offence the next day, appeared at Bangor Magistrates Court immediately and was bailed to live at Leicester with Brown (I’d moved in with Brown in May 1987 after completing my MSc at Hammersmith) until my next Court appearance before Bangor Magistrates.
Days later I starred in the ‘Bangor and Anglesey Mail’ under the headline ‘Banned From Bangor’.
I wrote to MIND, the GMC and made a formal complaint to the NHS…
Shortly after all this, in Aug 1987 Dafydd told me over the phone that if I withdrew my complaint against him he’d get me a place at Liverpool Medical School. Brown listened into the telephone conversation and wrote to Gwynedd Health Authority about the matter but received no replies. That was when Brown asked Alwyn Jones if we could prosecute those we know and love for perjury or wasting police time… Ooh no not possible.
On 3 Nov 1987 Alison Taylor was formally dismissed by Gwynedd County Council.
NUPE refused to represent Alison although she was fully paid up member of that union.
The General Secretary of NUPE in Nov 1987 was that public sector and NHS favourite, Rodney Bickerstaffe:
RodneyBickerstaffe - taken on Sunday 25 January 2015 in Russell Square, London.jpg
See the source image
Thanks Rodney Who Loved Angels, Thatch and Tebbs couldn’t have done it without you!
Sir Peter Morrison – in Nov 1987 Minister of State for Energy with responsibility for Oil – in anticipation of a visit to Bryn Estyn perhaps:

Rodney Bickerstaffe
RodneyBickerstaffe - taken on Sunday 25 January 2015 in Russell Square, London.jpg

Bickerstaffe at Russell SquareLondon, in 2015
2nd President of the National Pensioners Convention
In office
Preceded by Jack Jones
Succeeded by Frank Cooper
2nd General Secretary of UNISON
In office
Preceded by Alan Jinkinson
Succeeded by Dave Prentis
General Secretary of the National Union of Public Employees
In office
Preceded by Alan Fisher
Succeeded by organisation abolished
President of the Trades Union Congress
In office
General Secretary Norman Willis
Preceded by Alec Smith
Succeeded by Alan Tuffin
Personal details
Born 6 April 1945
Died 3 October 2017 (aged 72)
Alma mater Rutherford College of Technology
Occupation Trade unionist

Rodney Kevan Bickerstaffe was General Secretary of NUPE, 1982–93 and UNISON, 1996–2001 and President of the UK National Pensioners Convention (2001-05).
Born on 6 April 1945 in Hammersmith, Bickerstaffe’s mother was unmarried when he was born. The two lived for three years in east London in a home for unmarried mothers. Bickerstaffe then moved to Doncaster among his extended family. He was educated at Doncaster Grammar School and studied sociology at Rutherford College of Technology, now Northumbria University.
Doncaster is on site of the big ring in Yorkshire that was linked to the Gang in north Wales. Savile’s crime empire spread across Yorkshire and Savile had begun building that by the early 1950s.
Bickerstaffe became an organiser for NUPE in 1966 in Yorkshire, rising to be Divisional Officer of the northern division. He then became National Officer responsible for members working in local government, universities and the water industry and in 1981 was appointed General Secretary of NUPE.
David Williams, who Trained as an Assistant to Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist, became COHSE Regional Rep for Yorkshire in 1955. Williams rapidly climbed the COHSE ladder, becoming a National Officer in 1962 -by which time Dafydd was stoking the party on David Williams’s old stomping ground and the Profumo Affair was snowballing, a matter that Dafydd and Gwynne knew a great deal about. Williams became Assistant General Secretary of COHSE in 1974 and then served as General Secretary, 1983-87.
David Williams grew up in Gwynedd, attended Brynrefail School (which was firmly under the control of the Gang for generations), trained as an Angel at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh where he became active in COHSE and was also active in the Labour Party, his high point PR-wise being photographed with Nye Bevan. Williams served on the Labour Party NEC, 1981-83. David Williams was appointed to the General Council of the TUC in 1983. For further info re David Williams’s career see previous posts, including ‘A Very COHSE Relationship With Some Very Nasty People’.
Funnywoman Jo Brand had a well-publicised career as a psychiatric nurse before she became a Strong Woman and her early comedy moments inevitably included an anecdote from Jo about her having to Sit On A Dangerous Nutter while they waited for the Top Doc to arrive with The Injection. How Brand ever convinced anyone that she was On The Side Of The Oppressed and PC I do not know. Brand was a COHSE rep herself, when she worked as an Angel with Dafydd’s mates at the Maudsley. Jo performed fund-raising gigs for COHSE when she first became famous. Jo knew David the Assistant Royal Lobotomist. Jo also worked as an Angel at Cefn Coed Hospital, Swansea, another institution facilitating abuse that was packed with Dafydd’s mates. Previous posts discuss Funnywoman Jo and her career and that period of time when Jo began receiving Big Breaks. Around 1986/87. Think Ollie, Alison Taylor, Brown, me and the BBC and its network who of course Didn’t Know About Savile. Savile who had the NHS unions, particularly in Yorkshire, eating out of his hand and even boasted to Grocer Heath that if he told the NHS workers in Leeds to strike, they would and what would the Grocer do then? See previous posts.
Thatch’s Health Minister Trumpers appointed Savile to the Broadmoor general management task force in 1987. Within months Savile had been appointed General Manager of Broadmoor and his mate Alan Franey, an NHS senior manager from Leeds, had been appointed CEO of Broadmoor. See eg. ‘Socio-Political Context Of The North Wales Mental Health Services In The 1980s’ and ‘A Pretty Classy Piece Of Operation’.
It was in 1983 that Gren Kershaw – who was clearly by the 1990s one of the biggest disasters in NHS senior management in north Wales – arrived in north Wales as a middle ranking NHS manager, having begun his career in Yorkshire, with a stint in Leeds. See previous posts.
When NUPE, COHSE and NALGO merged to create UNISON in July 1993, Rodney Bickerstaffe became Associate General Secretary of UNISON. He was elected General Secretary in November 1995, taking office on 28 February 1996.
The Jillings Report into the abuse of children in the care of Clwyd County Council from 1974 to 1993 was presented to Clwyd County Council on Feb 22 1996. The contents were so damning that the Council’s insurers Municipal Mutual completely suppressed – and later pulped – the Report on the advice of Michael Beloff QC. See ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’
Michael Beloff was a colleague of Cherie, a friend of Cherie and Miranda’s and the son of Lord Max Beloff, a friend of Ioan Bowen Rees, Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council, 1980-91. See ‘I Know Nuzzing…’
Lord Max was from a big family and his siblings included: Nora, a journo for Reuters and ‘The Observer’; Ann, a biochemist who married Nobel laureate Sir Ernst Chain; John, a rather whacky psychologist; and Renee, a Liberal Party activist. All were networked to the Gang in many ways. See previous posts.
Lord Max was a pal of Thatch and was the mover and shaker behind the private University of Buckingham, of which Thatch became Chancellor. Lady Ann Beloff-Chain was appointed to a senior post at the University of Buckingham, that particular post being bank-rolled by the Clore Foundation. Dame Vivien Duffield is the Chair of the Clore Foundation (now called the Duffield Foundation). Dame Viv’s husband was the son of a Top Doc who knew Dafydd and Gwynne, and Dame Viv’s long-term bedfellow was Sir Jocelyn Stevens, owner of the Express newspaper and much else as well. Dame Viv’s dad, Sir Charles Clore, the ‘philanthropist’ who established the Clore Foundation, was a client of Christine Keeler, one of the central figures in the Profumo Affair. One of the biggest recipients of Dame Viv’s charidee was the Royal Shakespeare Company until they had a dust-up with each other. See previous posts.
Municipal Mutual were also the insurers of the North Wales Police. Between them, Clwyd County Council and the North Wales Police ensured that mountains of documentation re the kids in care were not handed over to the Jillings investigation team.
Rodney Bickerstaffe retired from UNISON in 2001 and succeeded Jack Jones – as in Lord Jack Jones, a mate of Maltese PM Dom Mintoff, who was also a Maltese Mafia boss, Jack Jones, like Richard Crossman, holidaying at Dom’s place in Malta (see previous posts) – as President of the National Pensioners Convention in April 2001. Bickerstaffe stood down in 2005 – the year that I finished my PhD and Brown and I began publishing about matters north Wales – to ‘focus on his international commitments’. Rodney Chaired the Global Network that works with organisations in Asia, Africa and Latin America and was President of War on Want. Rodney also Chaired the Ken Gill Memorial Fund, a non-charitable trust established to commemorate his late friend, the British trade unionist and internationalist Ken Gill.
brief refresh re Ken HERE. See previous posts.
Rodney was involved in fighting discrimination of all kinds and was a Patron of the Dalit Solidarity Network, an organisation in London (UK) for opposition to the oppression of India’s caste system.
Rodney was not so pro-active with regard to fighting discrimination and the caste system in north Wales:

Bickerstaffe was awarded honorary doctorates from Keele University, the University of Hertfordshire and Sheffield Hallam University as well as the Freedom of the Borough from Doncaster Metropolitan Borough.

By the time that Alison Taylor had been sacked by Gwynedd County Council, Dr James Earp, a forensic psychiatrist from Towers Hospital Leicester, had been asked for his Expert Opinion re me (although the offence with which I had been charged at Bangor Police Station was very minor). Earp decided that he needed to see me over a period of several months to make up his mind. He tried to persuade me to enter his unit as an in-patient; I refused. I had no idea at the time that there was a ring in Leicester linked to Dafydd’s Gang, that Earp and his colleagues – including the big wigs at Leicester Medical School – were facilitating it and that Earp was almost certainly trying to get me into the hands of the Leicester gang as Dafydd’s little law-breaking ways were now backfiring on them all so spectacularly.
For years the Dean of Leicester Medical School was Sir – later Lord – Robert Kilpatrick. Prior to that Kilpatrick had served as Dean of Sheffield Medical School, on Jimmy Savile’s turf. Kilpatrick was Scottish and grew up in a mining community in Fife and had also held senior roles at Edinburgh University. Kilpatrick had excellent contacts across the social spectrum, presenting himself as a Top Doc Of The Common People who Was With The Mining Communities, while being an insufferable elitist who hung out with, and did favours for, the grandest.
Kilpatrick left Leicester University in 1989 when he was headhunted by the GMC to become their President/Chair to replace Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate Lord John Walton, as Alison Taylor and I refused to keep quiet about the criminality in north Wales and the police investigation into the ring in Leicester gathered pace.
For details of Kilpatrick’s toadying to the Grandiose and Corrupt until the end of his life, see eg. ‘Remember Girls – Never Get Into A Car With A Stranger!’.
Earp wrote his final Expert Report about me months after I’d been charged and declared that he thought that I was seriously mentally ill, that I had complained about the Gang in north Wales to conceal this by discrediting them, but he had no evidence that I was mentally ill and therefore could make no recommendation to the Court. It was all rather Dafydd-esque but without Earp being obviously completely mad a la Dafydd. See previous posts including ‘An Expert From England…’
In Aug 1993 James Earp, at that time the Director of the Trent Regional Forensic Service, became headline news when he found himself at the centre of a scandal re an Escaped Murderer, James Rudman, who in Nov 1991 had stabbed his wife more than 20 times killing thus her, used Expert Testimony from Top Docs to enter Earp’s secure unit rather than prison, subsequently escaped from Earp’s care, fled the country and very nearly succeeded in using a loophole in the Mental Health Act to remain a free man for the rest of his days. The family of Rudman’s dead wife claimed that he was a callous domestic abuser who had formulated a Cunning Plan, feigning illness…
Reading the media reports it is hard to not conclude that the Cunning Murderer had a great deal of help from a number of corrupt Top Docs who testified re his Mental Illness, as well as from some helpful corrupt lawyers and perhaps a corrupt judge as well. The Murderer also had inside help re the escape from Earp’s secure unit.
When interviewed on TV while Rudman was on the run, Earp seemed remarkably unconcerned about what had happened and commented that if Rudman had escaped and was still a free man and alive and well after so many weeks on the run, he clearly didn’t need to be in hospital, so why all this fuss? See post ‘Gwlad y Menig Gwynion’.
In Aug 1993 when Mr Rudman was on the run, the Dept of Health admitted that the Mental Health Act loophole would mean that if he wasn’t caught within days no-one would have the power to return him to hospital or prison. Ian Bynoe, by then Legal Director of MIND commented on the case in the media, as did Ian McCartney, then Labour’s Spokesman of Mental Health.
Before I saw James Earp in 1987, I had a meeting with the then Legal Director of MIND, William Bingley. I had no idea that Bingley – and his mum, Lady Juliet – were longstanding mates of Dafydd and had been colluding with him for years. Bingley told me that Dafydd was a ‘charming psychopath’, that his attempts to blackmail and then bribe me ‘are characteristic of the man’, that Dafydd ran a big Sex Therapy practice on the north Wales coast and used the information that he gained from this to blackmail/threaten people, that he was completely out of control and that I should simply not return to north Wales because I would be arrested if I did. Bingley did not act on any of the info that I gave him re Dafydd and the Gang’s criminal conduct towards me. Bingley probably phoned Dafydd as soon as I left his office…
Bingley did tell me that James Earp was a completely different type of Top Doc from Dafydd, ‘a good conservative psychiatrist’ and that none of the psychiatrists in Leicester were a problem. The 1992 Kirkwood Report into Frank Beck’s offending and the ring in Leicester was highly critical of the psychiatrists in Leicestershire… See previous posts.
William Bingley did add that ‘no-one is like DA Jones’. Before I met William Bingley, I had a discussion with the man in Leicester MIND. He had heard of the chaos in north Wales, told me that ‘there’s a psychiatrist who’s been up there for years and he’s got everything sewn up for himself’ and that ‘it’s all supposed to be tied up with Freemasonry’. The man in Leicester MIND assured me that Earp and his colleagues were not radicals, but I’d have no problems with them, it was all OK in Leicester.
My discussions with Bingley and the man in Leicester MIND took place in the late summer of 1987 after the Cunning Plan to frame and imprison me imploded. It was the man in Leicester MIND who told me to go to MIND HQ in London and take advice from Bingley.
The police investigation into Leicestershire social worker Frank Beck, Greville Janner MP and organised abuse in Leicestershire began in 1986. It was the biggest child abuse scandal that the UK had hosted, although it was subsequently beaten by the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Beck was arrested on 14 April 1990 and convicted of the abuse of over 100 children on 29 Nov 1991.
Beck died ‘from a heart attack’ in HMP Whitemoor on 31 May 1994. The Labour Leader John Smith had died at Bart’s on 12 May 1994 after they were ‘unable to revive him’ following a heart attack. See eg. ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – The Scottish Play’. A great deal was happening in north Wales in Spring 1994 as we shall see later in this post.
Greville Janner was interviewed by the police in the presence of his solicitor Sir David Napley in 1990. Napley was so sure that Janner would be charged that he had George Carman QC at the ready. The CPS subsequently admitted that there was sufficient evidence to charge Janner and they have never explained why he wasn’t charged.
Like Ronnie Waterhouse, Greville was a member of Middle Temple, joining Middle Temple at a very similar date to Ronnie.
The DPP when the CPS inexplicably decided not to prosecute Greville was  Sir Allan Green who resigned in late 1991 after he was caught ‘kerb crawling’ at King’s Cross. Dame Babs Mills succeeded him as DPP. Sir Allan’s estranged wife Lady Eva Green was found dead at her home on 30 Jan 1993 – ‘suicide’ – although much about Lady Eva’s death suggested that it might not have been suicide. See previous posts eg. ‘A Future Leader Of The Labour Party’.
In 1990, William Bingley was appointed Chief Exec of the Mental Health Act Commission, when it became clear that Frank Beck was in a great deal of trouble and just in time for James Rudman to murder his wife and benefit from James Earp and colleagues.
Bingley left MIND as the crap hit the fan re the allegations of a paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire and as the desperate efforts throughout 1990 to imprison me began…
David Cresswell CHECK name – the man at the helm of the MHAC’s Liverpool branch, had been on board with the Cunning Plan in 1987 to frame and imprison me, as indeed was the Home Office under Douglas Hurd. Cresswell jumped the gun rather by writing a letter to Clwyd Health Authority telling them that he understood that I was now in Risley Remand Centre and thus he would now be sending his reply to my complaint re Dafydd and the Gang to my home in Leicester (!), although the Cunning Plan had fallen apart. Whether Cresswell sent the letter in advance of the attempt to frame me or whether no-one told him that it all unravelled in Bangor Police Station I don’t know.
Ian Bynoe, William Bingley and Ian McCartney never muttered a word about the ring in Leicester or organised abuse facilitated by Earp or any other Top Docs.
Ian Bynoe was a busy bee though. Before he Spoke Out re James Rudman, in Dec 1992, Bynoe Spoke Out about Dr Kyprus Loucas at Broadmoor, who it transpired had been Breaching The Mental Act Legislation for at least seven years; Loucas had even subjected some patients to treatment unlawfully. Bynoe Demanded Answers, as did the then Labour Spokesman of Health, one David Blunkett. Blunkett wanted the Secretary of State for Health Virginia Bottomley to Make A Statement About Kyprus Loucas. The name ‘Jimmy Savile’ wasn’t mentioned at any point and neither were the patients at Broadmoor who had been sexually assaulted by Savile. Blunkett’s political domain had been, for his entire career, Sheffield, on the turf of Jimmy Savile’s crime empire. See ‘The Big Questions’.
In Dec 1992, just look at what was happening in north Wales…
William Bingley’s dad – Lady Juliet’s husband – was of course Admiral Sir Alec Bingley, Fifth Sea Lord and appointed NATO Commander in Chief of the Mediterranean Fleet in 1959 and then Commander in Chief of Portsmouth and the Channel in 1961 . Sir Alec retired in 1963, as the nation’s leaders smarted under the shame of the Profumo Affair. Sir Alec knew all about John Vassall and the Gay Spies in the Admiralty and he knew of matters Lord Mountbatten, the extent of which are only now becoming public knowledge. See eg. ‘The Defence Of The Realm’.
Lord Denning wrote the Report into the Profumo Affair, widely viewed as a rather inadequate cover-up, which Denning presented on 24 Oct 1963. Lord Denning’s brother Sir Norman spent his career in Naval Intelligence and was Director of Naval Planning, 1945-56, Director of Naval Intelligence, 1960-64 and Deputy Chief of Defence Staff for Intelligence, 1964-65. See previous posts eg. ‘Theatre of the Absurd’ for info on the Dennings.
Lady Juliet has featured in many posts previously. She was the daughter of Harley Street Top Doc and Bart’s surgeon Reginald Vick, a difficult man who ruled the roost at Bart’s for decades, including when Lord Snowdon’s father was one of the Governors there and Vick knew about the organised abuse facilitated by Bart’s. Lady Juliet trained as a social worker at the LSE when Westminster Swinger Richard Crossman’s mates ran and staffed the LSE; Juliet’s social work placement as a student was undertaken in Liverpool, with Liverpool Personal Services. Dafydd’s Gang ran that organisation; Juliet trained with them either just before Dafydd began studying at Liverpool Medical School or when he was at the beginning of his degree there. Juliet subsequently worked as an almoner (social worker) at Bart’s, married a Posh Man and became his Posh Wife.
During the course of her Posh Husband’s career, Lady Juliet lived in Malta, 1958-61 and became friends with Dom Mintoff, who served as Malta’s PM twice and was also a senior figure in the Maltese Mafia. Richard Crossman and the trade unionist Jack Jones were also good mates with Dom and both enjoyed free holidays at Dom’s place in Malta. Harold Wilson concealed Crossman’s stay at Dom’s house, because he knew that a political scandal would follow if it became public knowledge. Lady Juliet’s obituaries all discussed her charidee work re Malta and her establishing of social services and building of hospitals in Malta. See previous posts.
When Richard Crossman was Secretary of State for the DHSS, 1968-70, he commissioned architects with whom he was mates eg. Richard Llewelyn Davies, to build NHS hospitals. Llewelyn Davies was Prof at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, 1960-69 and the held a Chair at the LSE. Lord Llewelyn-Davies is most famous for designing Milton Keynes, his company Llewelyn-Davies, Weeks, Forestier-Walker and Bor bagging the contract.
Richard Llewelyn-Davies’s wife Patricia aka Annie, was a Labour peer who took an interest in the NHS and Social Services. Lord and Lady Lewellyn-Davies were a couple who had many interesting powerful friends across the political spectrum. See previous posts.
Here’s Richard L-D, having a think about what to build next after the triumph that was Milton Keynes:
See the source image
Here’s Annie; the NHS was ship-shape when feisty women like her Sat On The Board, We Did Not Have ANY Of These Complaints:

See the source image
Brown has wondered what Harold Wilson’s Gov’t did in return for the Maltese Mafia as a result of the cosy friendships enjoyed with Mintoff. I’m wondering what the British security services were up to being mates with the Maltese Mafia. Lord Mountbatten was one of the high ranking Navy figures who hung out in Malta.
Lady Juliet became a Lady when her husband became a Sir in 1959; Lady Juliet then bagged an MBE in the New Years Honours of 1991, the year in which my career in medical research was destroyed and the careers of at least three other witnesses to Dafydd and the Gang who knew me were wrecked as well. Peter Morrison was knighted in Feb 1991…
I was told last year that Malta is a centre of organised crime. After Operation Pallial reopened the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, some defendants were living in Malta. One such man who had retired to Malta was Bryan Davies, who was extradited from the Maltese Island of Gozo in 2017. Bryan Davies was the former Deputy Principal of Ystrad Hall, near Llangollen. Ystrad Hall was an independent school for ‘handicapped’ children run by a company called Care Concern; Ystrad Hall was in operation between 1974 and 1981. After that date it became another facility for young people run by a company called ‘Prospects’. ‘Prospects’ Cared For ‘mentally ill children’ between the ages of eight and 18.
North Wales just heaved with mentally ill and handicapped kids who all Told Lies To Get Compensation. Surely this syndrome was worthy of inclusion in DSM and a few international conferences with good food and wine?
See the source image
After Bryan Davies was extradited from Gozo, he was brought back to north Wales and charged with 38 sexual offences, carried out in north Wales between 1975 and 1978 (Davies lived in Wrexham at the time) and Sussex between 2007 and 2013. In 1978 Davies had been convicted of three offences of indecent assault on two Ystrad Hall pupils, for which he was put on probation for 12 months, a condition of which was hospital treatment and ordered to carry out 160 hours of community service.
On 28 May 2018 at Mold Crown Court, with Judge Huw Rees presiding, Bryan Davies was found guilty of 29 of the offences with which he was charged. Davies was not in Court for the verdict because he had made a serious suicide attempt days previously and was under police guard in King’s College Hospital, London. See previous posts.
Care Concern – Paul Hett?? CHECK.
After Sir Alec died on 23 Sept 1972, Lady Juliet unleashed her inner social worker once more and ‘got involved’ with MIND, who in those days were mates with Gwynne as well as Dafydd. Lady Juliet subsequently became Chairman of MIND and then her solicitor son William joined the merry ship and soon became MIND’s Legal Director.
I always presumed that William was the rather hopeless son of Posh People who happened to be a solicitor and thus mum bagged him a job at MIND. I now realise that it is just as likely that William was steered towards being a solicitor to enable him to join MIND as its Legal Director what with Dafydd and the Gang tripping over Mary Wynch who had a penchant for legal action AND exposing corruption in legal circles in north Wales… It might explain why William’s first degree was undertaken in the elite environs of Queen’s College, Cambridge yet for his Legal Training William slummed it at the City of London Poly (now London Met University). William was also known to misrepresent himself as a barrister.
William Bingley replaced the US activist Larry Gostin as Legal Director of MIND. Gostin also served as General Secretary of the NCCL, 1983-84. He subsequently returned to the US and is now a Professor of Law, having advised Hillary Clinton on her Health policy. See ‘Theatre of the Absurd’.
Sir Ian McCartney has appeared on this blog before.

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