15 September 2014

Police hunt thieves who targeted MP Anne Begg

Anne Begg
Anne Begg
Police are investigating after thieves ripped eight-foot election signs from the garden of a north-east MP.
Dame Anne Begg was at home when the night-time prowlers targeted her Aberdeen property on two separate occasions.
The first No sign was taken on August 30 around midnight.
Within 12 hours of replacing the sign, two others were also taken.
The thieves even ripped one of the stakes from a bush, which broke during the attack.
Labour MP Miss Begg – who uses a wheelchair – said she heard rustling and banging outside.
But by the time she made it to the window, both the thieves and the signs had vanished.
Police were at her home yesterday taking a statement to help catch the culprits.
She said that although it was not the “crime of the century”, no one should be fearful of expressing their opinion during one of the most important elections in Scottish history.
She said she was also worried that someone had been watching her house, waiting for more signs to go up.
“It is the first time my home has been targeted in 30 years of putting up election posters,” she said.
“This is not a common thing to happen in Aberdeen.
“Then again, this has been a campaign run on high emotions, and things have been happening which don’t normally happen in a normal election.
“At the heart of this should be freedom of speech and the ability to express your views – not worrying that your property will be targeted.”
Anyone with information should contact Police Scotland on 101.

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