Lawyers dealing with 75 claims

By Nottingham Post  |  Posted: July 13, 2013
CHRIS Ratcliffe, of Uppal Taylor solicitors, West Bridgford, is representing 75 claimants in a civil action and said he was aware of four more people pursuing civil cases.
He said: “I think we are about five per cent through the whole case. There is so much involved.
“It has really increased over the last year or so.
“Claims of abuse have not just been about Beechwood – they are across a lot of other homes.”
He said media coverage of the initial investigation in 2011 had prompted scores of other people to come forward.
He said: “We literally had people ringing us up saying ‘I’d forgotten about this place’.
“They had not thought about it for 40 years and all the memories had come flooding back.
“All went to Beechwood – that’s what they have in common, but some people are saying ‘I also went to another home and was abused there’.”

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