* The lady has a 10 year old autistic son who attended Beechwood (now called Mile End) until June 2010
* He began to exhibit behavioural problems from 2007 onwards. This co-incided with the the departure of deputy head Sheila MacLean and him starting to spend considerable time in Drew Young (DY)’s office.
* He has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by a child psychiatrist and from August 2010 began attending a new school, Hazelwood. He is enjoying the new school and is not displaying any behavioural problems (the child psychiatrist can vouch for this).
* He simply refused to attend Beechwood School and was terrified of “Mr Young’s gang”.
* He has been talking a great deal about sex.
* He talk in great detail about a friend of Mr Young called “Mark” whom he says is Irish and visits the school. He says Mark “likes toodles” (his word for his private parts) and is “bio” (bisexual ?)
* The mother feels threatened by DY.
* He has frequently been left alone with DY both in his car and in his office including on one specific occasion when the rest of the school were out on a trip and on another occasion he was locked in a cleaning cupboard with DY.
* DY has admitted cuddling the child when he was naked in the swimming pool changing rooms.
* He has twice received holiday postcards from DY. A copy of one is attached.
* On one occasion a teacher noticed a mark on the child’s backside on the police were informed. The child’s father was held for 6 hours but not charged. A social worker called Marion Malcolm attempted to coax the child into blaming his father.


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