The sad tale of Robert Green

By Alexander Baron

Feb 20, 2012 in Crime
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Stonehaven – Anti-abuse campaigner Robert Green has been gaoled for a year for handing out leaflets, at least that is what his supporters say. As usual, the truth isn’t that simple.

If the identity of one of Robert Green’s most prominent supporters is revealed as David Icke, all will become clear. For those not in the know, this article includes a sanitised, anonymised summary of the story up until last September.

For those who have the time and desire to research it in detail, there are many videos on YouTube and rants all over the web, but the prosaic truth can be found on the Hollie Greig website. In the words of the sheriff who sentenced Green on Friday: “it is sad to see someone of your age indulging in such completely unacceptable activity, with no regard for the rule of law, accusing innocent people of paedophile behaviour and murder! and taking it upon yourself to administer the law. You are a person obsessed with your own importance”.

The sentence of 9 months and 3 months may sound harsh but he has had more than fair warning; to brand innocent people child abusers is a very serious matter, and to make these sort of allegations against half the legal establishment in Scotland on the uncorroborated testimony of a mentally retarded woman and her schizophrenic mother is asking for trouble.

The problem though is that rather than shutting him and his equally obsessive supporters up, this sentence will simply convince them that the establishment conspiracy of serial abuse and murder is even more deeply entrenched than they had originally conceived. Robert Green sounds extremely plausible and rational, but neither his plausibility nor his apparent rationality should allow him to deceive us.

We should though be grateful that the boot is not on the other foot, because when the state is the accuser rather than the victim, we see truly shocking injustices and abuses of power, as in the McMartin pre-school case, which led to the unwarranted persecution of a group of totally innocent people at the hands of prosecuting lawyers who like Robert Green, were too obsessive and self-important to admit they were wrong.

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  • Philip Dawson · Top Commenter · University of Huddersfield

    I would like to point out that my comments to this article has started an all out attack on my person by John Gormley. He has taken the stance of the defender of Alexander Baron by not only insults but now has a HATE page to my detriment, also on his facebook has made defamatory remarks regarding among other things my education level.
    I have stated that there is a smattering of truth in this article (here) but the reporting lacks the investigative information. I support the right to freely report FACTS, but speculation (RE Anne and Hollies mental state) took this article in to the realms of speculation. It is a known fact that the authorities DO question the mentality of those that oppose their rules, however this does not make them mentally deranged.

    There is a concerted effort by John Gormley to start a HATE campaign against me and I would LIKE this to be known publicly. The idea of freedom of speech is to be able to constructively say whatever one wishes without being ganged up on to MAKE someone change their mind.

    Alexander has NOT personally contacted me to answer my questions and I do not have a problem with that. There are others that think the same way as I do, and have made it clear in their comments. I touched a button with John but my BEEF was NOT with him. However Please notice that in almost every negative comments John as used ONE article as his evidence. And is persistent in ONLY that ONE article.

    The TRUTH be known neither myself John or Alexander have the first idea as to what really happened but we have taken opposing sides. The only thing that will settle the matter would be for the WHOLE case, not just parts of it, as HAS happened, to go to court in front of a jury of their peers and the JURY make a decision.

    I will not be holding my breath on this, as I have witnessed first hand the injustices of the courts we have in this country. AND YES John there are as of today many many judges who have recently been convicted of having or sharing pictures of child pornography. Did they LIE before they were caught , YES, AND the amount of RAPE cases and child molestation, by the POLICE, is growing bigger by the day -REPORTED IN THE MSM – and kept on record by my friends ALL available if you wish to check them out.

    Anyone wishing to join John in his HATE campaign against me. Who is convince that I am the MONSTER that he says I am and his co-conspirator who says I am SICK, CRETIN and uses the Pr!** (as in derogatory male member) Here is the place to go :

    I encourage you NOT to make this uncomfortable for me, I am in the same position as you. However if it is in your heart to HATE someone I will be willing to have you give me your energy through your hatred. I will turn it into positive power and direct it where it is needed. At your mercy.

    Namaste, rev phil;.See More

    • John Gormley · · Top Commenter


      Get a real life Philip.

    • Philip Dawson · Top Commenter · University of Huddersfield

      John You have insulted me and called me a liar regarding my abuse as a child. and NOW state that I should GET A LIFE. I may point out to you that it was YOUR response that started this WHOLE campaign. And NEVER, NEVER call me Philip.My name is phil; if you know me at all you would KNOW how to address me phil; or rev; BUT NEVER Philip that is YET another insult. The comments you have destroyed destroy the WHOLE episode – CONVENIENT OR WHAT John. Like I say it shows the measure of MAN you are.
    • Hollie Greig Justice

      Well said Gormley is suspect as much as Baron.

      Robert Green sounds extremely plausible and rational, but neither his plausibility nor his apparent rationality should allow him to deceive us.

      How did he manage to deceive the Criminal injuries compensation Board,he didn’t ,he wasn’t involved when they paid Hollie for being raped .

  • Philip Dawson · Top Commenter · University of Huddersfield

    In my humble opinion and having met Robert, Anne and Hollie this article is utter nonsense. What if anything has David Icke got to do with it? I am a supporter of Hollie and her plight, and I have said things that may be construed as defamatory but they are my opinion and as such protected by freedom of speech.
    In one of the comments, stated, RIGHTLY that this article is wholly lacking in any sort of investigation. Freedom of the press is important but we see very little of it today. The IDEA of FREEDOM of the press (lacking here) is to REPORT without BIAS what is known, by way of investigation. From what I know, first hand, there IS a smattering of truth in this article but it is designed for the reader to come to a conclusion that the whole article is correct. AND IT ISN’T. This is irresponsible reporting and brings this RAG to the depth of gutter press.
    WHO if anyone was INTERVIEWED for this article or did you just cherry PICK what your mentality can understand?
    Alexander this is disgraceful reporting and insults ALL downs suffers, NOT least is the attack on an individuals RIGHT to choice. In future if you are going to report something, TRY to be UNBIASED. and I mean by this, this article IS BIASED.

    Namaste, rev;

    • Enegiss Fmotld Otcom · CEO & Founder at

      i posted it, in response to this. Brian Gerrish
      The British Constitution group and the UK Column are warning that Kenn
      d’Oudney and democracy defined are controlled opposition.

      Please read the email below where Kenn is identified as a brilliant

      The reality is as a ‘brilliant academic’ d’Oudney is attacking the
      British Constitution Group and UK Column and all those good people who
      have chosen to operate under peaceful Lawful Rebellion.

      Britain is now very very close to a police state. The politicians,
      judiciary and courts are corrupted, people are arrested, tried in secret
      courts and imprisoned with public and press excluded. Our ‘security’ is
      run by private corporations such as G4S and SERCO. Children are now
      stolen by the state, and as of this morning, for crimes of supporting
      the wrong lawful organisations.

      In contrast to the academic pontification of d’Oudney, the British
      Constitution Group has acted to actually do something. In a peaceful way
      we are helping to fight back peacefully – we have brought the subversion
      of the British Constitution to millions of people and are giving them
      the means to fight the attack on their family friends and freedom. Just
      google Roger Hayes Arrest.

      Academics on a battlefield are dangerous people as they believe by their
      intellect they understand the situation and can do what is needed. In
      fact on a battlefield common sense, courage and determination are much
      more crucial.

      Does d’Oudney even live in England? It would appear not. Like many
      academics he appears to have deserted his country for France, leaving us
      to do what is necessary in our own Country. Indie bands would appear
      more important.

      Meanwhile the cowardly d’Oudney attacks Roger Hayes the Chairman of the
      British Constitution Group who has been imprisoned by a corrupt and
      unlawful court process in a secret court.

      Please circulate widely and research.

      Kind Regards Brian Gerrish UK Column
      View post · 7 hours ago ·See More

    • Enegiss Fmotld Otcom · CEO & Founder at

      as there was a comment from kenn D,Oudney on it P. he seems a good guy to me,
    • Enegiss Fmotld Otcom · CEO & Founder at

      Kenn d’Oudney commented on
      22 February at 13:16 ·
  • Patrick Cullinane

    FAO: Alexander Baron – Did Robert Green have due process in a court of law? Did Mr Green have a trial by his peers – Trial by Jury?

    Trial by Jury is democracy and Trial by Judge is TREASON.

    Mr Baron did Mr Green have A Fair Hearing?

    The corruption in the UK is systemic. But, I hear you saying nothing about Rupert Murdoch who has wallowed in this corruption now for 40 years: –

    What is the point of voting in the UK with Murdoch at the helm for 40 years?

    Mr Baron, the following is what Summary Justice did to me. By the way, I was on PAYE on an Emergency Tax Code, where HMRC owed me thousands of £s in tax rebates. And they still do to this day: –

    Rupert Murdoch and his lieutenants never gave the victims of Summary Justice, like myself, a voice, because they promoted Summary Justice for their own ends. Murdoch and his employees corrupted the Police with bribes and, unless you could afford to pay the Police they would NOT look at a corruption case like mine. Notwithstanding that my case has cost the taxpayer millions of £s to date.

    Report by Phillip Inman of The Guardian, Financial Section, Monday 25 August 2008.
    “Evidence put to the high court shows that Cullinane, far from owing tax, was due a rebate.”.

    The police have told me on VIDEO that the robbery of my home and possessions is a civil matter: –

    Again, I want to know, did Robert Green get A Fair Hearing by his PEERS Mr Baron?See More

  • Sabine K McNeill · Top Commenter · Technische Universität Darmstadt

    Dear Alexander Baron.

    What is greater injustice to label Hollie’s mother as ‘schizophrenic’ or to call those who have abused Hollie ‘paedophiles’? It so happens that people with Down Syndrome have exceptionally good memories. Hence Hollie’s accounts are distinctly more believable than your labels!

    Do you really think a rational man like Robert Green would risk imprisonment, if he didn’t have all the evidence he needs for the Rule of Law to set him free? The trouble is that the Rule of Law is NOT complied with, that crimes of public figures and institutions are never admitted, and that everybody covers each other up.

    Go and visit to see how many people complain about white collar crimes being committed by the very people who are supposed to give justice to their victims.

    Dig deeper, please! And if in doubt, be on the side of victims. There are far too many of them, and they are by far too little heard and represented, let alone compensated for the damages they have suffered: emotionally, legally and financially.

    Sabine K McNeill.
    Independent web publisher.

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