One girl under 15 is married every seven seconds, new Save the Children research says

One girl under 18 is married every two seconds

Every seven seconds a girl under the age of 15 is married, according to new research by Save the Children.

The ‘Every Last Girl’ report from the charity shows that girls as
young as 10 years old are being forced to marry men, often much older
than themselves, which exposes them to domestic violence, abuse and

The report has created a new index ranking countries according to the levels of child marriage, schooling, teen pregnancy, maternal deaths and the number of female MPs.

The report found that when the levels of underage marriage are raised
to include girls under the age of 18, the frequency of these ceremonies
jump to every two seconds, with girls often forced to marry older men
in countries such as Afghanistan, Yemen, India and Somalia.

India has been named as the country with the highest number of child
marriages globally, with nearly half of all girls – around 24.6 million –
married before they reach the age of 18. The report also recognises
that these high numbers are partly to do with the population size in the

Those from poor families are more likely to be married at a young
age, with 40 per cent of the poorest girls in Nigeria found to be
married by the age of 15, compared to only three per cent of the
country’s richest girls.

The report also found that girls suffer the most during crises and
are disproportionately affected during conflict. In Lebanon, many Syrian
refugee girls have been married off by their families as a safety or
coping mechanism, while in Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak the
shutting down of schools led to around 14,000 teen pregnancies.

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Child bride break down in tears

The charity highlighted the case of a 14-year-old Syrian girl named
Sahar, which is not her real name, whom it supports in Lebanon. Sahar
was married at the age of 13 to a 20-year-old man and is currently two
months pregnant.

She said: “The wedding day, I was imagining it would be a great day
but it wasn’t. It was all misery. It was full of sadness. Many girls who
get married at a young age get illnesses and suffer from bleeding.
Thank God it didn’t happen to me.

“I feel really blessed that I am having a baby. But I am a child raising a child.”

Save the Children CEO Kevin Watkins called child marriage a “form of violence” which robs girls of their freedom.

“Forcing girls to marry much older men robs them of their freedom and
amounts to sexual slavery. Instead of being in school, married girls
face domestic violence, abuse and rape. They fall pregnant and are
exposed to STIs including HIV. Bearing children before their bodies are
ready means girls suffer complicated deliveries and even death,” he

The charity, which runs a range of programmes to support
disadvantaged girls around the globe, is calling for governments to help
bring an end to child marriage. Despite the current pledge by the
international community to end child marriage by 2030, the charity
estimates that if the practice follows the current trend, the number of
child brides will increase from 700 million today to an estimated 930
million by 2030 and 1.2 billion by 2050.



1 day ago
Under 15 makes the practise seem almost acceptable 

It is good to remember that under 15 is ‘well under 15 and usually at the onset of menstruation so maybe 11 or 12 
1 day ago
course it’s a form of violence, a manifestation of control and abuse of
female children. It’s disgusting — but we can’t really talk about
that, can we? We can’t actually speak directly about or to those groups
who may bear the greatest responsibility for this abhorrent cultural
phenomenon because it violates the sensibilities of far too many liberal
social justice warriors and flouts the currently popular liberal left
agenda embraced by mainstream media.

At least I’ll be able to
tell my grandkids that I’m old enough to remember when it was worth
something to say what you really thought without worrying about sending
folks running for safe spaces or “triggering” some socially maladjusted
cretin into palpitations.

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