Bail refused – where do we go from here?

Well, this is all getting a bit too much from the human/human rights point of view but it also smacks of desperation and as my colleague who broke the bad news to me suggested, the campaign (for a proper investigation of Hollie’s allegations, as has not yet happened) now needs to be ratcheted up. I entirely agree.
How can the Scottish Independence ‘Yes’ campaign 2014 – HQ Aberdeen – (First Minister Alex Salmond’s constituency of Inverurie is adjacent to Aberdeen) claim to be a ‘moral’ campaign, as inferred by Scottish participants in BBC R4’s Today & Question Time programmes last week, while this draconian action continues to be taken north of the border against someone who quite rightly says over and over again, child-rape is wrong and those who perpetrate this crime should be locked away, in other words that this type of crime urgently needs investigating just like any other type of crime. Why is it that in Scotland a person standing up for one such underage rape-victim and by extrapolation for all underage rape victims is being treated as some kind of common criminal or as being mentally-ill?
Let’s make this absolutely, completely and cardinally crystal-clear – the invasion of one person’s body of another person’s body WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT is the worst of all crimes on this planet and the gravity of this crime is multiplied 1000% when the victim is a pre-pubescent child, still worse a disabled child, even less able to defend him or herself from abuse by adults yet still feeling all the pain and wrongness of that. Why is this not recognised in Scotland – why is such a crime dismissed as unimportant while anyone who says it is important and it needs to be properly investigated is flung into jail?
If a referendum were to be held tomorrow as to the Scottish public’s wishes in this matter, that people trying to get rape-crime investigated should be locked up while the rapists go free, how would they vote?
Do Scots want to live in an independent Scotland where children are not going to be protected from rapists, full stop and this time no pestering Sassannachs will be allowed over the border to try to put things right and get locked up in the process, it’ll be you Scots on your own from now on…
These are the questions arising from this situation and ask them we must, louder and louder until we get answers, this is the least we can do for Robert. Bear in mind that throughout 2013 Robert repeatedly tried to get out of Sir Stephen House, newly appointed Chief Commissioner for Police Scotland, Scotland’s new centralised police-force, an answer to the question as to what constitutes a minimal investigation of rape in Scotland? and note, he didn’t even predicate the word ‘child’ before ‘rape’.
No answer from House – to 3 letters from Robert and 1 from me.
As for the people feeling ‘alarmed & distressed’ or ‘harassed’ by being publicly identified with the crimes committed against Hollie they are only making the situation worse by not calling like us for a full investigation at this stage. On the street last month they asked me why isn’t Anne bringing prosecutions? To which I asked them why weren’t they bringing a class-action against Anne and Hollie? considering how alarmed and distressed they all are – there are certainly enough of them to be able to afford to do that. “Oh we can’t really be bothered,” was the odd reply. So then I asked “so why if you ‘can’t be bothered’ are you constantly turning up at court when Robert or any of us are there?”
I also asked Rachel (“GCHQ Rachel” as I’ve dubbed her as she lives in Cheltenham and has a manner very like a cop) why she keeps asking me have I read the police transcripts (of the interviews of Hollie in 2000 & 2009)? “I may have done, I don’t remember” I answered vaguely the last time she fired that question at me. But hang about, these would not be public documents so how come this Rachel seems to know what is in those police reports?” So the next time I met her I asked her how come she’d seen the transcripts?” and her extraordinary reply was that she’d been sent them. “Who sent them?” “I don’t know,” was her answer.
These people are really quite fishy and their behaviour has a powerful smell.
Now – what can we do to help Robert – plenty of things! Letters in all directions please! But start by writing for the nth time to your MP and tell him or her about the latest development in the saga and ask him or her to get onto to the Minister for Scotland who is now Alistair Carmichael to convey your very strong concerns.
And this time ‘ratchet up’ what you think about Salmond & Co’s bid for Scottish independence if this is how the rule of law operates in Scotland. Robert is very insistent that all the MPs need to know that Salmond himself has broken the law in relation to Freedom of Information and that they all need to read the following 2 articles from The Firm legal magazine so please include the links or send copies in your mailing.

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  1. Ref the question posed to Police Scotland’s CC Stephen House viz the ‘minimum’ plod squad investigative action required in a rape complaint north of the border, Robert and Rusty fired off simultaneous letters to House, with Rusty’s copied to Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill and Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland.
    While House and Mulholland have never replied to the inquiry, MacAskill’s secretary did acknowledge receipt of such and indicated a reply would be forthcoming – but failed to mention in which year.

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