BAD NEWS FOR QUINN AND KEELAN :Government Persecution Of Satanic Ritual Abuse Escapees. Fraud And Theft

Government Persecution Of Satanic Ritual Abuse Escapees. Fraud And Theft

2nd September 2016

I have had nothing but serious problems trying to live a simple
peaceful life since my Carer; Michael Mathews helped me to finally
escape from the satanic occult networks nearly 12 years ago.

I first tried to rent a small house on a farm in Victoria but I was harassed very quickly by several occult operatives.

My Carer and I them camped in a tent for months a couple of hundred
kilometers away and we eventually managed to buy a second hand caravan.

We then travelled up the east coast of Australia and I came across
places that I recognized from memories I was taken to as a child for
abuse and satanic rituals.

Ultimately we went to my Carer’s property in far north Queensland
called; Cow Bay which is north of the Daintree River in the Cairns/Port
Douglas region.

My Carer had previously purchased 2 lovely rural residential of
blocks of land over 1 hectare each (over 5 acres) in 1988. But my Carer
had to abandon these properties after carrying out substantial building
work etc, because the Local Council in conjunction with the Queensland
State Government stopped the completion of the electricity supply to the
residential area.

This blog post describes the disastrous situation that occurred when I
tried to help my Carer and other land owners to have their electricity
supply completed. My Carer had said to me that we could help one another
and I could finally find a peaceful place to live far away from my

Over the course of the events of trying to pursue justice for
ourselves and many other people the Australian Federal Attorney General;
Richard Drefuss, The Environment Minister; Peter Garrett and the
Minister for Infrastructure; Anthony Albanese all recognised the
criminal manner in which we and all other victims had been treated and
they all referred the matters to the Queensland Attorney General, but no
Queensland Attorney General has ever responded.

Numerous police officers being; Sergeants, Constables and Detectives
agreed that the matters are criminal and the Australian Federal Police
also formally recognized the criminal matters, but no action has ever
been taken.

We have suffered nonstop since these matters began and have been
homeless on many occasions. We are now caught under another fraud matter
in Queensland since taking refuge from corruption in New South Wales as
my blog describes. We have found that forged or falsified documents are
commonly used in defrauding many Australians and tampering with mail,
certified mail, emails and phones is also a very common tactic. The
operatives of criminal networks and often also marketing and sales in
Australia are known to be trained to believe Australians in general are
regarded as weak and rather stupid. This is part of their training in
how to manipulate and very easily defraud people using trickery and

Please note: My original name was Maureen Marshall (nee Farthing) but
after finally escaping from the occult networks I did not want to still
have the same Christian and Surname given to me by my satanic family,
as this name was used countless times in dedication to satan and in
their “Book of death”. As the reader will see in the following documents
my name is now: Renée Emmanuel.



pleas to authorities

Evidence Exhibits

The Evidence Exhibits are for the matters in the Form-46-Affidavit-UCPR

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