Dominatrix in bid to keep Stockport sex fetish club open promises it will be closed on Sundays and bank holidays

Lorraine White wants permission for ‘mild fetish play’ in Reddish

Lorraine White

A dominatrix has asked a council for planning permission to allow her sex fetish club to remain open.
Lorraine White has submitted an application to Stockport Council asking for a change of use for her unit on the Vauxhall Industrial Estate, Reddish, from a warehouse to a place of ‘photography and mild fetish play’.
She was previously using the unit without planning permission but following a complaint has submitted a retrospective application.
If the application is approved, Miss White, who beats, restrains and humiliates men for their pleasure, will be allowed to open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11pm to 7am each day.
But the application states she is intending to close the premises on Sundays and Bank Holidays.
Neighbours, who have long known about the club, say they do not object to it as long as Miss White, or ‘Princess Lucina’ as she is known on her Twitter profile, remains discreet.
The fetish club was discovered when the fire service was called to an incident at the industrial estate in October 2012 and were unable to get inside Miss White’s premises.
Stockport magistrates court heard how firemen finally gained access and found a trove of handcuffs, chains and other restraining devices in the basement.
Miss White was fined £5,000 with £3,000 costs for breaching safety laws by the magistrates earlier this year.
Neighbour Jason Morris, 44, of Greg Street, said he wouldn’t object to the change of use planning application.
He said: “I don’t care as long as everyone is consenting.
“I wouldn’t have known it was there (but for press coverage), as long as it stays that way I’m not bothered.”
Jacqui Wood, from Arc arts group, based in the same building, said: “If it’s legal and the landlord is OK with it then that’s their business.”
A complaint following the court case prompted a council investigation.
This decided that the club needed planning permission.
A council spokesman said: “The council is satisfied the unit is currently being used for purposes connected to the adult entertainment industry.
“Should the application be refused then the matter will be reviewed again and the council will decide on the appropriate next course of action

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