Many people have questioned the conduct and sentencing comments at my trial by the above sheriff.

It may be a good time to remind readers of some of the points he made in order to justify sentencing me to one year`s imprisonment. He described my conduct as “completely despicable.”

Hollie Greig, as mentioned previously, has unquestionably been the victim of criminal sexual abuse, based on expert medical and state evidence, including that of Grampian Police and its forensic medical officer. Hollie, also agreed by the experts to be a competent and truthful witness, described her alleged attackers and locations on 8th September 2009 to DC Lisa Evans of Grampian Police, in my presence. There can be no rational or credible reason to disbelieve Hollie. The experts certainly believed her. Therefore, someone must be responsible for committing crimes against her. It was established in court that not one of those named had even been questioned by the police, let alone have their computers examined, standard practice in this type of alleged crime. Moreover, given the nature of the crimes, it is reasonable to suppose that such crimes are likely to be repeated, with the resultant danger to the community.

My actions, which the sheriff found so despicable, were to highlight the failures of the police and other authorities to carry out their duties to protect citizens, especially vulnerable ones and to alert the citizens of the risk to public safety as the result of such failures.

Everyone is, of course, entitled to their opinion about my actions, but even if one was minded to consider the sheriff“s view, could it possibly be more despicable than convicted but influential sex offenders Liam Gibson (50,000 child pornography images), Douglas Haggarty QC, boss of the Scottish legal Aid Board (found having sex with a boy prostitute in a busy Glasgow store) or senior Procurator Fiscal Stuart MacFarlane (found having sex with a female prostitute in a public place in central Glasgow and then attacking and injuring the two police officers who arrested him)?

I was given a year`s jail sentence. The actual sex offenders all walked free.

The sheriff also stated that “the law is on the side of the innocent” – not if you happen to be Hollie Greig, one might reasonably suggest!

He also said that I had sought to undermine the criminal justice system and the Government of Scotland as a whole and had criticised the prosecuting authorities without justification. This was said in the full knowledge that I had provided documentation relating to senior figures justifying my stance entirely and that I, along with 76,000 others, suffered because I was denied legal representation on arrest, in direct contravention of Scotland`s own commitment to the European Convention on Human Rights. Lord Hope,of the Supreme Court, severely admonished the Scottish legal establishment after its ruling against Scotland in the famous Peter Cadder case.

It is not just Lord Hope, amongst eminent Scottish lawyers and judges, who has publicly reprimanded the justice system or its leading practitioners and politicians. Included in making condemnations are such figures as Jock Thomson QC, Chief Justice Arthur Hamilton QC, Anne Ritchie QC (Vice President of the Glasgow Bar Association), Professor Robert Black QC, senior advocate Iain Hamilton QC and Professor Alistair Bonnington, former law professor at Glasgow University and senior legal advisor to the BBC.

In fact, as reported on BBC News on 29th August, the professor described the current SNP government of doing more damage to Scots law than Westminster has achieved in 300 years and that long-held beliefs on the right to a fair trial had been dumped.He went on to criticise MSPs for passing legislation to create criminal offences which have been illegal under the protection of Common Law since the Middle Ages. He concluded that such actions were worthy of those of a totalitarian state.

Finally, returning to Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen, he denied my defence team the opportunity of questioning, on oath, two key cited defence witness who refused to face the Court and concealed from the defence his own ten-year relationship with one of them. It should also be noted that the Crown had earlier arbitrarily amended the charges to deny me the the right of trial by jury that I had sought.

Perhaps, therefore, the sheriff was a little hasty in his criticisms of me. It may also be said that he was less than impartial and honest with me. We shall see.


  1. Robert green i met you more than once i can say without really knowing you that the fight for hollie comes from the heart and not a part of any financial gain also you are of sound mind and a true gentleman.

    i know what hollie greig has gone through from a personal level my wife was systamatically sexually abused within the scottish establishment glasgow city council also the scottish goverment agents who stole my children in highland council social services all these scottish links proves those in power in scotland has no real care in the world for people only in those individual pockets cash or their sexual pleasures satin is not real satanatic abuse in scotland is real goverment cover ups is real return my kids scotland and i will keep quiet or expect me every day every week of every year.

    hollie greig demands justice and so do we all scotland alex salmond wake up.

    andrew peacher 07827731060


  2. The lack of action by any member of the ‘Establishment’ must mean that their ‘Controllers’ have such a convincing argument that even the most consciencious person would ‘come onboard’.
    Take for example LibDem MP Nick Harvey. He was ousted from his MOD position in the last ‘reshuffle’, and received a Knighthood three days later. Compare these MSM articles.

    “He said he was sorry to be leaving, but was looking forward to spending more time with his family.” (Heard that once or twice before !!)

    What the hell are they hiding?


  4. Robert as you know I went to your trial every day and was forced to go to my daughters trial which was a cover-up , I did try to tell you how Bowen would conduct your trial and with out a doubt he sure as Hell did crap on you as I said he would .

    Forever I will hold these memories as they torture my very soul knowing there was sweet f all I could do unless I broke the LAW .

    This Bowen is the most evil minded * that I have met face to face apart from former Sheriff Kieran McLernan they are of the creed of the devil .

    Thankyou for everything you have done for Hollie and other children like my daughter .

    Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy



    1. Malcolm, there are indeed many evil *s out there. Most importantly we must not let them win over our lives. You may well have been harmed by them, but they will never win over you. Stay strong and focused to what is right. God bless you, and all others, be they good or bad.

  5. What you have done Robert is of the highest order. How many of us have the courage to do, what you have done?. Sadly you now know the real world. Because exposure of these crimes are classed as national security, i can imagine how difficult your life has become.I thought the authorities were there to protect us.Take heart, we will get there together one day.Thankyou.


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