Was the baby remains discovery part of a Satanist stash…

IS the reason that VolderMare was brought in to cover-up the no
baby ashes scandal was because of the likelihood of a Satanic link.

It is too easy to say that the reason there were no ashes because they added the baby’s body in with another body.

What proof is there that this is what was happening…

Or were these Crematorium’s passing on an easy supply of baby body parts to Satanists…




Terrified kids find baby in bag in Stobhill hospital break-in horror

9 hrs ago

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This is the moment kids who allegedly broke into a hospital scream in
terror — after finding what appears to be a dead baby in a bag.

The youngsters filmed themselves wandering around a mothballed
hospital unit and coming across the bag and its chilling contents on
Sunday afternoon. 

It appears to contain an infant with its umbilical cord still attached and a large amount of dirty liquid sitting beneath it. 

But experts say the bag’s contents could be a doll which was once used for training purposes. 

The video begins as the boys pick up the curious looking bag, before one of them says: “That’s an actual f***ing baby”. 

Another boy turns the bag around towards the camera to give everyone a full view. 

The boy who is holding the bag then says: “Nah, I’m putting that down. That’s heavy sad. 

He then lowers the bag to the ground. 

Another boy makes a mock noise as if he’s about to throw up. 

They then enter a different dark room with one of the boys screaming “What the f***?!” 

The video then cuts to black. 

Police said four youths have since been charged with alleged
housebreaking and stealing at the former Stobhill Hospital in Glasgow. 

A parent of one of the children close to the incident said he came
across the footage on his son’s group chat before raising the alarm. 

He said: “Me and my wife noticed the video in a group chat on Monday
morning. We check up on his Facebook regularly because he’s only 13. 

“The whole building at Stobhill has been broken into for several weeks
by curious kids during the summer holidays with nothing to do. My boy
seems quite traumatised.” 

A spokeswoman for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: “A building
within the Stobhill Hospital site was broken into at the weekend and the
matter is subject to an ongoing criminal investigation by Police

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland added: “Four male youths, two aged
13 and two aged 14, were arrested on Wednesday 17 August in relation to
alleged theft by housebreaking at Stobhill Hospital. 

“A report will be sent to the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration.” 

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