avrentiy Beria—Sexual Predator

avrentiy Beria—Sexual Predator

Photo via Wikimedia

Besides orchestrating several mass executions, Lavrentiy Beria was also a noted rapist and sexual predator who used his powerful position to assault an untold number of women and girls. During his trial in the 1950s, many NKVD officers came forward to testify that Beria regularly used his Packard limousine to snatch up young women in Moscow. These same testimonies claimed that Beria would feed his captives wine and food before raping them in his soundproof office.

A later inspection of Beria’s office in Moscow revealed that the NKVD official kept female underwear, sex toys, pornographic pictures, and torture implements in his office desk. Even famous actresses and breastfeeding mothers were not safe from his sexual depravity.[9]

For these crimes and many others, Beria was put on trial by the Soviet authorities in 1953. He was eventually found guilty of several offenses, including treason (Beria was accused of maintaining relations with foreign intelligence services), anti-Soviet activity (he briefly worked for the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, a breakaway democracy that lasted from 1918 until 1920), and terrorism for the great purge of the Red Army in 1941 that killed several generals and displaced many others after the Soviet army performed poorly in Finland.

It is telling that not a single individual came to Beria’s defense during his trial.

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