ATTENTION!! Nort east Police are using murder suspects DNA sample as an excuse in concidering a DNA screening collection of the public. . .

Watch: DNA evidence discovered in Brian McKandie murder investigation

Watch: DNA evidence discovered in Brian McKandie murder investigation

Posted on Wednesday 7 September 2016

Police investigating the murder of an Aberdeenshire pensioner have made a breakthrough in the case.

They’ve found DNA profiles close to an address in Rothienorman.

While they remain unidentified, police are hopeful that they can catch the killer of 67-year-old Brian McKandie.

Mr McKandie was found beaten to death at his home on Saturday 12th March 2016.

Officers believe a heavy weapon was used to kill him, which they are still searching for.

DCI Iain Smith, who is leading the investigation, made the announcement earlier today.

On Monday 12th September, it will mark the six month anniversary of Brian’s death.

Shortly after a murder investigation was launched, his brother Bill McKandie made a heartfelt plea for information.

He’s spoken publicly for the second time.

DCI Iain Smith said that they will be checking samples found against UK and Europe wide criminal databases.

They are also considering a mass DNA screening exercise in the Aberdeenshire area.

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