Jill Dando warned me of ‘pervy’ Jimmy Savile, says BBC’s Sally Jones

BBC journalist Sally Jones has said that
Jill Dando warned her of
Jimmy Savile’s ‘perverted’ ways while comforting her after he made advances.
Ms Jones told how she had a ‘close encounter’ with the DJ after getting into a lift with him.

Jill Dando warned me of ‘pervy’ Jimmy Savile, says BBC’s Sally Jones
The late Jill Dando was apparently aware of Jimmy Savile’s ‘perverted’ ways (Pic: Getty Images)

Writing in the Mail, the journalist said that she was acquainted with Savile when in her early thirties, but found him to be ‘a weird, self-conscious attention-seeker, even creepier than the rest of his fellow DJs’.
After finding herself alone in a lift with him, she reveals how he asked for a kiss before forcing his tongue into her mouth.
‘The acrid taste of cigar smoke almost made me retch and I froze, cringing, as he ran one hand up from my waist and fumbled for my breast,’ she said.
Ms Jones pushed him away and later confided what had happened in her friend Ms Dando, herself a new journalist at the BBC.
She recalls how Ms Dando said: ‘Of course you didn’t ask for it.’
‘He’s just a dirty old perv – half the DJs are like that.’
The TV presenter recalls how she decided to keep the incident to herself for the sake of her career, explaining that Savile was then one of the biggest names in showbiz.
‘I regarded myself as a serious reporter and I certainly didn’t want to be stereotyped as casting-couch fodder or a namby victim who could not stand up for herself,’ she said.

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